BBC at the Gloryhole - Later That Night

As we left the arcade the strapping black man, introduced himself as Reggie. We headed to the Ritz and all the way I was admiring Reggie’s was 6-4 and muscular frame as well as wondering how I was going to take his huge cock in my tight asshole. How much would it hurt? Would it fit? Would he tear my ass at all? Were questions filling my head as we headed to the Ritz.
After we had a drink at the bar, we went up to his suite. It was awesome view seeing Buckhead lit up at night. He turned on the TV and selected a porn video. We stripped and got on the couch to watch the video. Soon, he and I were making out (something I rarely do with a guy) and rubbing each other all over. Reggie slid down on his knees and took my 6” cock into his warm mouth. I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of his strong tongue, mouth, and lips. He definitely loved sucking cock and after a few minutes he sensed my increasing arousal. He let my dick slip from his mouth and got up. He went into the other room and came back with a bottle of lube in his hand.

He knelt before me and I felt his hands pull my cheeks apart. He put a finger at my opening and dripped a little lube on his finger. Mmmmm, he started to slowly work his finger in me, gradually working it back and forth. He kept reapplying the lube and then inserted a second finger. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I let him further loosen me up. When his fingers were sliding in and out pretty easily, he got up and had me stand, then lean over the arm of the couch. My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking as I positioned myself. I looked over and saw that Reggie’s cock was at a very full and intimating mast.

Reggie rubbed that wonderful cock in my crack as I nervously reached back to spread my cheeks. A wave of submissive feelings filled my body as I reached back and spread my cheeks and officially offering my asshole to Reggie. Reggie positioned his huge cock head at my tight small opening. My body was tense with anticipation of the unknown, I tried to relax. Then I felt his huge head start to push in. Even before he reached the tight inner ring of muscles, I felt discomfort. Reggie, reached my resistance of my sensitive inner ring, but he kept pushing. I had nowhere to escape since I was pinned against the arm of the sofa and Reggie. I felt the pain start to intensify in my anus, when all of a sudden my asshole gave way to his huge cock head. Pop! It slid in. Pain like I never felt before came from my fully stretched anus. “Fuck” I screamed as

I tried to get up on my hands and move into a position his assault would not feel so bad. Reggie, had little mercy, pushing in 4-5 inches until he met resistance from my inner rectum, and then he pistonning in and out. Fucking my ass slowly and picking up the pace. The pain in my ass subsided a little but it was still intense under Reggie’s continual fuckign. I could really feel his rock hard dick and cock head in me as he slid back and forth in my tight asshole. Each time he would push in I just grunted. It was all I could do was grunt and try to move to make my ass feel just a little better.

Reggie asked if I needed a break, I said yes. He pulled out and then we moved to the floor. I put my face in a pillow and my ass in the air as Reggie positioned behind me. I reached back with one hand and spread my cheek and Reggie spread the other cheek of mine.

I exhaled as he pushed in again. Shit, it still hurt like hell. My sore anus was stretched as Reggie pushed his cock head in me. I felt Reggie pushed deeper this time and as I grunted he told me I had half of his cock in my ass. It was pushing up against something in me preventing me from taking more. I got up on my elbows and Reggie was able to push in some more. The pain inside was gone and when he asked if I wanted it all. I shook my head yes and mumbled something and then Reggie pushed in a bit more, then pulled out and then on the next stroke as he went balls deep. His cock was even wider at the base and further stretched my asshole to where I thought it was going to break. He pulled almost all the way out, and I felt him add some lube to his dick then pushed it back in. My ass was starting to adjust. Inside as he fucked me it was feeling good, but very intense. That huge head of his I could really feel in my rectum. There was no doubt how deep he was. My asshole still hurt, but either I was getting used to the assault or it was getting numb.

He then started to pick up the pace and I grunted loudly. He would push balls deep and out would come a grunt from me. Right as I was getting used to his fucking me with that big cock, he pulled out and told me to get on the bed. I dreaded another entry as I laid on my back. Reggie applied more lube to his cock. I held my ass cheeks open and he pushed my legs back as he took aim at my sore butt hole. This time he entered with a little more intent, again, stretching my ass. But now it was tolerable pain. We had to try different positions with my legs before I was able to take him balls deep again. I could not believe it, he felt even bigger this way in me!

He started to fuck me deep. Then he told me to grab my legs and I did. This freed his hands which then were placed on my cock. He worked me deep as he stroked my rock hard cock. I loved the feel of his firm strong well lubricated hand gliding up and down my cock. I somehow relaxed enough to let the pleasure take over. Soon, an orgasm was building deep within me. Stroke, stroke, Reggie relentlessly stroked my cock as he fucked my tight ass. My orgasm built and built, I tried to hold back but I let out a scream as my whole body spasm-ed in delight. I shot and shot cum up my stomach and chest. It was the longest and most intense orgasm I ever had.

As my pleasure subsided, I felt this urge to push Reggie out, like I had to p*o. But I knew Reggie was going nowhere. Actually he started to fuck my poor sore ass quite hard. First really long, deep and hard. He said that my white ass was his. He started to pull all the way out and pushed in about 5 inches before pulling out again. My asshole was really taking a work out going from fully stretched to empty to stretched again. Each time getting sorer and sorer. I was looking at Reggies face as he fucked me with intensity. His orgasm was building and then he pushed all the way in and grunted. Cum filled the deepest part of my ass. As Reggie just moved back and forth balls deep and grunting. Soon, the orgasm came to a end. And he said “that was fucking awesome”. He then pulled out and I pulled my legs up. He got a mirror and showed me my gaped ass. When he pulled the cheeks apart, it must have been nearly 2 inches across. I stood up, but when I did all his cum ran out of me down my leg. There was so much of it. Reggie was feeling a bit kinky, so he took a hand and ran it up my leg catch a good quantity of his cum. He then brought his hand to my mouth and I ate the cum from his hand.

I spent the night. In the morning when I got up I and gave Reggie a hand job in the morning and he gave me a bj. My ass was sore for more than a week and took some time before it got back to normal.

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6 months ago
Yes after a cock session like that it take my asspussy about a week to get back to normal but it is always worth it because when I cum its to fantastic