Cindy at the hole

Cindy was a good friend of mine and a great fuck buddy. She would try anything and usually would come back for more. I never have been with a woman as pretty and slutty as she was. Cindy was a model type with 5-10 tall knock out body, about 120lbs, and nice and very firm 34C tits. She had shoulder length sandy blonde hair and wonderful blue eyes. At the time this story happened, she was 24 and I was 32. Cindy and I had been going out for a 3 months.

One night we were at an adult toy store and she asked why guys were going into the back. I told her about the arcade and explained what went on back there. She got a devilish look and asked if women go back there, I and I told her yes, and guys love it when they do. I then took her hand and started to the arcade.

As we headed back, it seemed like the whole place was watching and following us. We quickly went into a booth and locked the door. I put a $20 in the video machine and told her to strip naked. I love looking at her naked body, she was stunning in the dim video light of the arcade booth. My dick was hard as a rock and I started to kiss her, fondle her breasts, and finger her already soaking cunt. I whispered into her ear to look down at the wall on her right. She whispered “fuck there is someone watching us through that hole. “ I said it’s not just one, look at the other wall. Realizing she was on display just turned her on more. I had her lean forward and put her hand up against the right wall and I started to finger her pussy real deep and rub her clit. Soon a hand came through the wall and reached up and started to feel her sexy tits. Cindy was in heaven.

I could feel her orgasm start to build as she tensed up, then she jumped. “Yeow”, she said. “The stranger pinched my nipple really hard.” But the smile told me she liked it. I told the stranger to pinch it some more. As I fingered her every once in a while she would jump. I picked up the pace and felt her body tense up. “Oh shit” she said, “I am going to cum”. I said “don’t hold back, let everyone know you are cumming”. Cindy screamed with ecstasy as her body twitched in wave after wave of pleasure. Soon she stood pulling away from the stranger’s hand. I held her tightly letting her enjoy the post orgasm glow for a few minutes. I was turned on immensely by the sexy display that Cindy put on. And asked her if she was ready for act 2. “Off course, honey” she said.
With that I pushed her to the floor on her knees and pulled out my cock. She instantly started to give me a great passionate BJ. She was so good that I was getting close and I had to pull away from that delightful mouth. “I have other plans” I told her. She smiled and stood up.
I moved her over to the gloryhole and quietly asked the stranger if he wanted to finger Cindy. Not a second past before our strangers hand came through the wall. Cindy turned and bent over facing me as the stranger now fingered her hole. I caressed her breasts as the stranger finger fucked my girlfriend. Cindy was cooing with pleasure. I then told the stranger to finger her ass and he immediately moved his middle finger to her sensitive brown hole and pushed it in. Cindy leaned on me as the strangers thick finger entered her ass. I could tell it was a little uncomfortable for Cindy, but she loved it anyway. As the stranger moved his finger in an out of her tight ass, Cindy started to meet his trusts. I pulled Cindy away from the gloryhole until the stranger’s hand was free of her tight ass. The hand disappeared, and I said “we need your hand back!” It reappeared and I commanded Cindy to suck his fingers.

Cindy now stood and I had her face the gloryhole. I told the guy to finger her pussy deep until she cums. Our stranger did not need to be told twice. Cindy rubbed her clit as the stranger deeply explored her inner sex with his thick finger. I reached around and caressed her firm tits as she quickly reach a second climax. She screamed again, albeit not quite as loud, but loud enough there was no doubt what was happening.

As soon as she calmed down, I pushed her to her knees and put my dick into her willing mouth. There was no holding back. My orgasm built and right as I was ready to cum, I pulled out and jerked, letting huge ropes of cum squirt over Cindy’s pretty face. I grunted as I continued to unload in a long intense orgasms. As my orgasm subsided we heard a grunt from the other side of the wall as our friend was obviously letting loose. I took Cindy’s panties and cleaned up her face. Then I gave the panties to our friend and we left the booth.

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5 months ago
Hot story
7 months ago
Great story!!!! We need to hear more about Cindy!!!
7 months ago
Awesome story!