BBC at the Gloryhole

About 20 years ago, when I was visiting Atlanta, I was feeling quite horny one night and visited an Adult Toy Shop with an Arcade. Got change and went into the back. As I walked down the long dimly lit hallway I made eye contact with a tall muscular, professional looking , black man. I then ducked into a booth. I fed the video machine its money and got totally naked. Soon, I heard a knock on the door and I unlatched the door. The black man that I had made eye contact walked in. He looked me up and down and smiled his approval. He was 6-4 and muscular, cleanly shaven head and short mustache and beard surrounding his mouth. He turned away and stepped out of his slacks, shoes, and Jockys. The guy was cut. When he turned around, I saw his semi-hard cock. WOW! My eyes popped out of my head. He was already 8 inches, cut and thick.

I got on my knees and started to stroke him. His cock continued to swell in my hand. Boy he was thick. He turned around and told me to lick his black asshole. I eagerly did, giving it a nice warm wet licking and even tongued inside his hole a bit which made him groan. When he turned around his dick at full mast, 10 inches and over 2 1/2” in diameter with a huge head – my hands could not fit around the base! I opened as wide as I could. His cock barely fit into my mouth. My lips were stretched tight around his cock head as it pushed into my mouth. I licked what I could of the head and then pulled him out. I licked all up and down the shaft, and around his head. I squeezed his shaft and huge bubble of precum came to the tip. I tasted the sweet pre-cum.

I could tell he wanted more of my mouth. I wrapped my lips tight around my teeth and open wide and descended on his monster black cock. I got the head and little of the shaft in this time. But rocked back on forth on it. He took his strong hands and put them on my head with his thumbs positioned at the joint of my jaw. He massaged my jaw muscles causing me to relax my jaw more. And when I looked up at him more of his massive dick slid deeper into my mouth. I was taking nearly half of that wonderful dick in my mouth.

He seemed to like what was happening. I was looking at him and he was looking at my mouth and lips stretched to their limits. He physically could not push his dick deep enough to get to my gag reflex, so I let his hands and hips controlled the BJ. I was along for the ride.

As I looked up I realized he was in his own world enjoying my mouth. I felt his hands stiffen their grip and his breathing increased. The pace quicken just a touch and then he grunted. The first squirt hit the back of my mouth hard, and I felt a second hard squirt. I felt cum fill my mouth as he pushed deep and held still. I tried to move my tongue to pleasure him more but there was so little room for it to move.

His orgasm finally subsided and as he pulled out I swallowed but still most of that cum came out of my mouth. My chin was coated and it dripped onto my chest and floor. He squeezed the last bit of cum from his dick and rubbed it on my cheek. I grabbed a few paper towels to clean up. My jaw ached and lips were sore from stretching and being pressed hard against my teeth.

He got dressed and before he left he grabbed my naked ass cheek. Then he asked, as he rubbed a finger across my asshole, if I wanted to go back to his hotel room at the Ritz. I was nervous as hell, since I knew what he wanted, but I looked at him submissively and shook my head yes. More in part 2.

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2 months ago
waiting for part 2
7 months ago
wow I'd go to his hotel too