First BJ I Gave (M2M)

Between my junior and senior year, I worked residential construction with a neighbor. He had a small team, and I was hired on to do handy type work. One day he and I went to measure/estimate a master bathroom remodel. While we were there the owners left, telling us to lock up when we finished.

Part of the remodel involved redoing the closet to create an entrance into the bathroom. In the closet we came across a huge stash of porn magazines. My boss said lets check out how kinky these guys are, and we started to page through different magazines. My 6” dick was rock hard when he said “check out this one.”

He came up behind me and put the magazine in front of me on. He was very close and as I started to page through it, he reached around and started to rub my cock through my jeans. It startled me at first, but felt so good. My heart was pounding, but I went with it. I kept on paging and then he said I like this section, and it was a younger girl on his knees sucking an older guy. He squeezed my cock as he whispered in my ear that he wanted to be that guy. He paused, then said, “I want you to be that girl”.

My face flushed with sexual excitement and I was scared but felt horny. He undressed me saying he wanted to see my sexy body. Soon, I was standing naked before my boss and he was fondling my cock and balls. Then he said “wow, your dick is so hard, I guess the idea of you sucking my dick really turned you on.” I did not know what to do, so I just shaked my head yes, even though I was really turned on by the porn.

With that he pushed me to my knees and started to unbuckle. His dick popped free and wow it looked huge from my angle, a little longer and thicker than mine. He told me to touch it and stroke him like he did to me. I did as told. It was very erotic touching another man and the whole time he said how good it felt. He said “look at me and keep eye contact with me” with that he started to rub his cock at my lips, and commanded “open your mouth and let me put it in”. I kept eye contact as I open wide and felt his dick enter my virgin mouth. As I looked at him I saw his eyes roll back and the pleasure feel his face. I gagged a little at first, but soon was taking about half of it in my mouth. My boss would then tell me to lick his head, suck his balls or take his dick deep.

I soon tasted some salty precum. Not knowing, any better I asked if he just came. He laughed and said no, but there will be no question when I cum. “Also, when I do cum, keep your mouth on my cock until I finish, “ he said sternly. With that he put his hands on my head and started to thrust deeply. I was resisting him going deep and it was quite intense as his orgasm built.

His breathing increased and I knew I was in for a wild finish. I felt his cock head get even bigger in my mouth and all of a sudden I heard a loud grunt and felt a stream of cum hit the back of my tongue. Soon, cum filled my mouth as waves of please convulsed through my bosses body.
Soon, his orgasm subsided, and cum dripped from my mouth and chin. As he pulled out more cum escaped my mouth and he pushed my head back to look at my cum drippy face. He told me to swallow and I ingested my first mouthful of cum.

He told me to stand, walked me in the bathroom and had me look at myself. Keep looking! He then grabbed my cock and stroked me. He made a comment that “wow, you must have loved that because you stayed hard the entire time.” I gazed at my cum covered face then down at my dick, soon I was convulsing and shooting tons of cum in the sink.
We then washed up and left, both with huge smiles on our faces.

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6 months ago
theres got to be more stories...
6 months ago
that was one fantastic erotic story made me cum so hard
6 months ago
good boy
6 months ago
Amazing story! Thanks for sharing.