The Basement

I have a guy friend, Brent, that I see regularly when I visit Atlanta. He is strictly a dominate top and I of course like taking the submissive role. This time when I visited Atlanta, Brent had me meet him at home that was for sale. Brent was a real-estate agent so he was able to let us in. As we walked in, Brent was caring a bag and I could not help to wonder what was in the bag. He let me to the basement which was unfinished and a bit musky. Bob told me to strip naked and positioned me on my knees around a pole. He pulled out some rope from the bag.

He then commanded me to position my feet and hands around the metal pole so that my back was up against the pole. Whoa, the metal was very cold on my back. He then blind folded me. I felt him walk behind me and then I felt rope being wrapped around first my left wrist then my right wrist and then each ankle.

I heard Brent move around me rustle in the bag. He commanded me to spread my knees then I felt him place a block of wood between my knees. A rope encircled my legs and was pulled tight so my knees were about a foot and half apart, but pushed solidly against the wood.
I was getting used to the metal pole as a warm hand grasped my balls and I felt a small rope wrapped around my scrotum. It was pulled uncomfortably tight and then wrapped a few more times around my balls assuring my scrotum was pulled tight around by testicles.

Brent’s hand started to stroke my shaft. My cock got hard in his hand and he had me let him know when I was getting close. When I felt the beginnings of deep in me of orgasm, I told Brent and he stopped. He tied by dick back to my stomach.

Brent then started rubbing something on my leg. “Do you know what that is?” I said “no sir” Brent continued, “it’s a small flat wood spatula”. With that I felt him remove it then smack, he hit my tight balls with the spatula. I jumped from surprise and the stinging sensation than radiated from my balls throughout my body. The next hit was even harder! I grunted loudly as my body tensed from the painful hit. I lifted up but was restrained by the ropes around my ankles and wrists, and my knees contracted against the wooded block. He continued for about 20 hits, each time pain would shoot through me and I could pull against the ropes and push against the wooded block. My balls were fucking sore and throbbing when he stopped. I heard him unzip and tell me to open wide.

His dick pushed into my mouth. He was semi-hard and as he thrusted 3 inches or so in, but quickly pulled out. I felt his ass push against my face and he said “lick my asshole bitch”, he commanded. I licked his pungent hole and soon he was moaning his approval. Brent then reached back and spread his cheeks and commanded I tongue fuck his asshole. I felt so submissive from the ball spanking I willingly did it. Shoving my tongue in as far in as possible. He told me I was doing a good job. After a minute he pulled away and I felt his dick push against my lips.
Brent was rock hard and he pushed the head of his 8” dick into my mouth. Other than a little bobbing and using my tongue I had little control. Brent kept on pushing deeper with each stroke. As he started to push in over half way, I started gagging. He then fucked my mouth deeply, I tried not to gag, but every once in a while he would just thrust a bit too deep. He kept on fucking my mouth and I could hear his breathing quicken as he approached orgasm. He grabbed my head and pushed deep as he came in my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could as Brent grunted and cum filled my mouth. I swallowed what I could but some leaked out. Soon, Brent pulled back and was breathing hard to recover from the pleasure I gave him.

After about two minutes, Brent said he would return the favor. Brent would only give me handjobs, they were wonderful. He squirted some lube on my dick and started to jerk me off. His tight muscular hand felt wonderful squeezing and stroking my cock. He teased me as he had me try to thrust in and out of his hand. I am sure he was enjoying me struggling with my restraints just to get a little pressure from his hand. He was having me count and let him know when I was close. Each time I would get to 8 he would stop. Let me calm down and then he would start stroking of my rock hard cock. My desire to cum built each time he edged me. Finally, he said he would let me cum. I felt the orgasm build as his hand stroked my dick. This time when I was closed he kept on stroking, my body tensed up. All of sudden he stopped and removed his hand. “ No, no,” I screamed as I strained against my ropes to rub my dick against something. I tried to hold it back, but I couldn’t. Cum shot from dick, one unsatisfying squirt after another. Finally, my cock stopped squirting. I felt so unsatisfied but I am sure Brent got a fantastic show from me straining to get some little bit of relief.

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wow what you wish for you get