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Last night I found my mark. The person who I was taking home with me and fucking all night long. I love a challenge and am most often successful. Luckily tonight, it's a woman. I've had too much dick this week and have been dying to taste some pussy. Standing at the end of the bar in a dress, I found out later that she made, was "D." She had several visible tattoes, long white legs, and the most plump bottom lip I almost instantly sucked. It didn't take long to get her into the bathroom. Needed some more information before I wasted my time; like can she use that bottom lip to kiss me right, is she hot enough under that dress, and was she ready for a freaky night. All of the above and then it began. Our walk to my house was swift and full of anticipation. I wanted to pull her legs apart and sink my tongue into her pussy in the bathroom but waited. Immediately inside the door she turns and throws me on the stairs, Wow, I like how this woman thinks. Before I knew it I was naked and her fingers were deep inside me and her lips sucking my clit. Not fair, I was dying to taste her. I let her continue for a while before I picked her up and took her to my bed. My turn now. I fucked her with my fingers while she screamed and smacked my back. She was loving that, but she loved it when I pulled out a dildo and started thrusting that into her wet pussy. I asked if I could put my strap on and really fuck her and her amazing response was only if I could fuck you afterwards. Sweet. We took turns fucking each other with my cute purple strap on until I ripped it off her and sunk my face back between her legs. The taste of pussy is unlike anything else. I absolutely love it. She then grabs my ass and pulls it towards her face. 69. Another absolute love of mine. This is where it ends and we both finally cum. Amazingly good night. It's good to be me. Wonder what adventures tonight may hold.....
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4 years ago
i can fuck you more than 1hour non-stop with my hung muscled hard cock like wild stud bull....mmmmm
4 years ago
Good stuff!