More than one surprise after long day at work

It had been a long day ... 14 hours at the office. My temper had been running short and I wanted to just finish up and go home. Fortunately, one of my attractive co-workers stayed with me to the end to wrap up this particular project.
Catherine is much younger than myself, a 25-year-old brunette who is a little on the plump side. She has magnificent breasts and I've caught myself checking them out for just a second too long on many occasions. I think she knows I enjoy watching her move around my office ... long, black hair ... full, massive tits ... round, plump ass ... and perfect cock-sucking lips.
Still, Catherine had a boyfriend at home and besides, we worked together and office romances have never worked out in my experience.
On this night, the hours ran long as we worked hard to beat a tough deadline. Finally, we finished and looked at one another in exhaustion. I was happy that she had helped me. She could've clocked out and gone home at any time.
We headed over to a local bar to enjoy an after-work beer while discussing our work day. But the place was very quiet when we arrived and appeared to be closing. They allowed us to have a couple of beers but it was obvious that they wanted us to leave and lock the doors. We downed our Corona's and headed for the door.
We weren't ready to end the evening. I invited her over to my place for another brew and she readily accepted. My heart began to beat faster and faster as she took a seat next to me on the couch. I wanted to touch her, kiss her, fuck her ... but damn, she had a boyfriend and worked closely with me at the office. I just didn't want to make a move in a situation that could turn into a nightmare.
As it turned out, I didn't have to make that decision because she made a move on me.
"Mark, do you like my tits?"
"Um ... yeah, yeah, of course I do. You have a great figure."
"I've noticed you looking at them from time to time at the office and I just wanted you to know, I approve."
Well, I wasn't sure how to respond but just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.
"Cool, very cool. I've always enjoyed a great set of tits. Plus, you have that long, black hair which just drives me crazy."
"Really, you like my hair?"
"Oh yeah, it's one of my fetishes, I guess you could say. The perfect woman in my mind has long black hair, a great set of tits and a shaves her pussy."
"Well, two out of three ain't bad," she replied.
At that moment, she leaned into me and we started to kiss. I moved in to feel one of those awesome tits and she moaned her approval. Suddenly, she hopped up off the couch and pulled her sweater off up and over her head. She then unhooked her bra and those perfect breasts bounced into view. She grabbed my face and buried it in her chest.
I enjoyed the moment and took a stiff nipple into my mouth before moving on to the other. I started to get a raging hard-on that actually hurt against the confines of my jeans.
"Looks like we need to do something about that," Catherine laughed as she rubbed my cock through my pants.
"I think you're right," I replied.
And with that comment, she got on her knees in front of the couch and unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly. My seven-inch cock almost hit her in the face as it sprung free. She immediately went down on it and stuffed as much as possible into her mouth.
This moment of excitement after working with this beauty for two years had an immediate impact on my cock. She sucked me for only a couple of minutes before I realized that I was close to cumming. She sensed this as well.
"Are you going to cum?" ... "Do you want to cum in my mouth?"
"Wherever you want me to," I said.
"Cum in my mouth, baby. I want to taste you."
Those words pushed me over the edge and as the spurts of cum filled her mouth, I suddenly pleaded with her.
"Don't swallow it. Keep it in your mouth and let me kiss you."
I was a little shocked that I had said this aloud but it was too late now. My fantasy of kissing a woman with a mouth full of cum had gone public.
Catherine couldn't really say anything at the moment but she flashed me an angelic smile as cum leaked out of the corner of her mouth.
"Is that cool?" I asked.
She nodded her approval and immediately sat in my lap with her face inches from my own. Then she planted a French kiss on me and pushed a significant amount of cum into my mouth. The taste seemed a bit odd – perhaps a little bleachy if you know what I mean. But it tasted good and was very warm.
"Oh my God, that is so sexy," she said after finishing our little sperm transfer. "I can't believe you want to taste your own cum."
I grabbed her by the face and continued to kiss her. The cum was transferred between us a few more times before we each swallowed some.
Suddenly, Catherine got a text message from her boyfriend.
After reading it and clicking the phone closed, she shocked me with a strange question.
"Would you like to suck my boyfriend's cock?"
After gathering my senses, I asked her why she thought I would want to do such a thing.
"Because you like the taste of cum and I know Jorge has been sucked off by a guy before so he wouldn't really mind."
My head was spinning at the possibility. I had kept my bisexuality a secret in this small town and office. If anyone knew that I secretly enjoyed men as much as women, they would run me out of town. But it was true, I loved cocksucking and getting fucked in the ass.
"I'm going to ask him," she said after a few minutes of silence. "Excuse me."
Catherine disappeared into the bathroom where I heard her chatting on the phone. I couldn't quite make out what she was saying but assumed that she was getting his approval for a sexual encounter with her co-worker.
"He's into it," she said after emerging from the bathroom. "He'll be here in a few minutes."
Jorge arrived about 15 minutes later and didn't seem to think it was strange that his girlfriend had been spending time with me in my own house. Maybe he didn't care.
"Yo, what's up," he said. "Catherine says you like to blow guys."
I told him that I really didn't know, I was new to the experience and considered myself only bi-curious.
"But do you want to blow me?" he asked.
Catherine crawled off the couch and kneeled in front of her boyfriend. In a matter of seconds, she had his growing cock in her mouth and motioned for me to join her.
Again, my heartbeat quickened in my chest as the realization hit that I was about to suck a huge, hispanic cock. And it was awesome, a few inches bigger than my own, and it was getting thicker and harder by the second.
"Jesus, I need to suck your cock," I said quietly.
"Go for it," he replied.
Catherine and I then shared his cock for several minutes. We took turns blowing him and we would get caught up in our own kiss from time to time. Jorge didn't seem to mind, which confused me a little, but I guess they have a pretty open relationship.
"I want to watch you get fucked," Catherine said.
"Nice, I'd love to feel your dick in my ass," I said. "But I want to lay on my back."
Jorge surprisingly pulled out some lube and worked it onto his massive rod. He then inserted his cock inch by inch into my ass. The feeling was incredible and I felt my own orgasm getting close.
"Fuck him, sweetie. He likes it long and hard."
Jorge fucked me for about five minutes when I splattered come all over my own chest. Catherine surprised me a little by licking it up and then kissing me right in front of her boyfriend. She knew what I liked and was letting me taste some of my own cum again.
Jorge announced that he was close to cumming and quickly asked where to shoot his load - in my ass, on my crack, on my face.
"I'm close, where do you want it?" he cried out.
"On Catherine's tits," I replied.
Jorge pulled out and Catherine got herself into position. Her boyfriend coated her massive tits with a fairly large load of cum. It was too much for me to bear and I quickly started licking it off. It was so hot to be licking his thick semen off her beautiful breasts.
We all collapsed at that point and the secret of my bisexuality had been revealed. We repeated our threesome from time to time and every once in a while, Catherine and I would sneak off on our own. One evening, she even showed up at my door with a creampie for me to eat – Jorge had just pumped a load into her pussy.
But I had the best of both worlds. Besides my trysts with Catherine, I also enjoyed periodic encounters with Jorge. His cock was perfect and I always welcomed the opportunity to suck him off or take it up my ass. He even blew me on one occasion but decided that wasn't for him.
In addition, with the fetish I have for long hair, one of my favorite activities with Jorge is to wear a wig. It's a wig of long, black hair, of course, and he runs his finger through it while I suck his rock-hard cock.
God, it feels so great when he blasts a big load of cum into my mouth.
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3 months ago
7 months ago
i was hard...
2 years ago
excellent story! So true if we just let go and tried things.
3 years ago
i love the bi sexual atory......... great sexy fun
4 years ago
This story is fiction but then, I showed it to the woman who works for me and we've been fucking ever since. We're headed out of town this weekend to share a cock. I'll write about that in the future.
4 years ago
Another amazing post!! I can honestly say that I am extremely jealous (and hoping that all these are true) Would so love to be in your shoes!
4 years ago
I love reading this one. I was flattered when you showed it to me!
4 years ago
Awesome story been a bi blk male with a fetish for bbw's plump women really got me turned on
4 years ago
So nice!!
4 years ago
Thanks all for the kind comments.
4 years ago
I luved This Story Good Job Keep Writiing One Day You Should Publish A Book Or SOmething!!!! Awsome Keep Up The Work
4 years ago
Awesome story I had to jerk off to it
4 years ago
It started off ordinary but turned great thanks really hot
4 years ago
so hot