Cathy & Brett Go to a Gay Bar

Nervous with anticipation about what he hoped would occur that night, 39-year-old Brett opened the front door of his house to see Cathy standing there in a hot party dress.
Brett and Cathy worked with one another and had developed a special, secret relationship. They were fuck buddies but also very good friends. They shared fantasies with one another and got excited at the thought of seeing them fulfilled.
For many weeks, the couple had planned a trip to Seattle to hit the gay bar scene. Brett and Cathy enjoyed one another very much but they each had a yearning for the same sex. Brett wanted to go down on a well-hung guy and hopefully get topped. Cathy loved having a few drinks before picking up a pretty girl to get hot and horny with.
On this particular day, Cathy was focused on getting Brett laid. He had fantasized about getting himself some cock for many years. It had been too long without the feeling of a big, hard cock in his mouth and ass. Cathy knew the gay scene well and they were ready to venture into the big city.
"Are you ready for some fun?" Cathy asked playfully while showing off her dress. She knew Brett loved it when she wore her cute dresses to work. She would dance around in his office, showing off her magnificent ass.
"I'm a little nervous but I really need to do this," Brett said. "Let's get on the road."
It was a two-hour drive into Seattle and the two immediately struck up a conversation on the nasty things they enjoyed doing. They never had any problems sharing their sexual fantasies and it often ended with Brett sporting a raging hard-on.
"Watcha got going on there?" Cathy asked while stroking the bulge in Brett's pants.
"You have that effect on me," he stammered. "But I can't shoot a load right now; I need to save it in case we hook up with a guy."
Cathy understood but that didn't mean she couldn't get off. Getting comfortable in the passenger's seat of Brett's car, she pulled her dress up to reveal crotchless panties.
"How convenient," Brett laughed. "Go ahead and please yourself."
"Only if you talk dirty to me," Cathy said.
Brett began to tell Cathy the story about how they first fucked in his office. She loved that story – about how he banged her on his desk and they collapsed in a heap of sweat and cum on the floor. It didn't take long until she was moaning with an orgasm while Brett tried to focus on the road.
"I feel much better," Cathy said while sitting up and straightening her dress.
"Damn, you are so hot," Brett responded.
It wasn't much longer when the couple reached Seattle. This was Cathy's town and she knew where to go to get laid. She gave him instructions on where to drive and within the hour they were strolling down the street looking for a good bar in which to get started.
"OK, let's see what the action is like in here," Cathy smiled. "Don't be nervous ... and follow by lead."
Cathy and Brett walked up to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks while surveying the individuals inside. The clientele included both men and women, couples and those who appeared to be alone and on the prowl.
"What do you think of that guy?" Cathy asked while motioning toward a good-looking guy at the end of the bar.
"He's too good-looking; he'd never go for me," Brett replied. "Actually, I don't care much what he looks like ... I just want to find a big, hard one."
"Let's see if we can do something about that," Cathy replied.
Brett couldn't stand to watch as Cathy approached the guy. A few minutes later, she returned with him.
"Brett, this is Scott," Cathy said with a giggle. "He's a top."
Brett damn near choked on his drink. He had never been part of an introduction quite like that.
"Hi, nice to meet you," Brett said.
"Same here ... Cathy here was telling me that you're straight. Why do you want to suck cock?"
"Ummm, well, it's just something that I want to try," Brett said. "It's exciting to think about going down on a big, hard cock, to feel it in my mouth, to suck it until it cums."
That was all this guy needed to hear.
"I live two blocks from here," Scott said. "You interested?"
Brett downed the rest of his drink and they all headed over to Scott's apartment. Once inside, Scott announced that he was going to go slip on a robe.
"There's some porn sitting over by the television. Why don't you guys pick some out and I'll be right back."
Cathy looked through the impressive collection of DVDs and found one featuring MMF threesomes.
"This looks appropriate," she said while loading the movie into a DVD player. "So, what do you think? Are you excited."
"I can barely contain myself. God, I hope he's hung," Brett replied.
Brett and Cathy plopped down on the couch as the movie got started. The scene unfolded with a guy and a girl taking turns sucking off another guy.
"That's looks like fun," Cathy said with a laugh.
Finally, Scott returned and asked if we were comfortable. He had on a robe and was standing in front of both Brett and Cathy.
"If there's anything you want to do, go for it," Scott announced.
Brett looked over at Cathy and she flashed him a big smile.
"Go for it," she said.
Brett opened Scott's robe to find an erect nine-inch cock staring at him in the face. Brett couldn't believe his luck and again looked over at the smiling Cathy.
"C'mon, babe, I want to see you enjoy Scott's cock," she cooed.
That's all the urging he needed. Brett went in slowly at first, feeling Scott's hardness against his face. He stroked Scott's meat and was amazed to see it growing even larger. Finally, he couldn't resist any longer and f***ed this large dick into his mouth.
"Suck it, Brett. You look so awesome with a big cock in your mouth," Cathy teased while fingering herself. "Take it all."
Brett grabbed the back of Scott's ass and f***ed the cock even deeper into his throat. He was a natural cocksucker and it wasn't long before Scott began to moan loudly.
"Babe, you're going to make him cum," Cathy said.
Brett was in the zone, however, and didn't let up. He bobbed his head like a madman with the thrilling sensation of this monster cock in his mouth.
"Brett ... Brett," Cathy called out, trying to make his realize that if Scott cums, he may not get fucked.
A few seconds later, Scott grabbed the back of Brett's head and ejaculated f***efully into his mouth. He couldn't handle all of the hot semen and a lot of it spilled out of the corners of his mouth. Cathy couldn't hold back any longer at the site of this and she enjoyed another orgasm by hand.
"You have to go now," Scott announced while dashing into the other room.
OK, well, Brett didn't get fucked but at least he enjoyed blowing a hung dude. He would say, mission accomplished.
"How sad ... but the evening's not over yet," Cathy announced as they exited the man's apartment. Once again on the street, Cathy leaned in close and kissed Brett deeply. She could taste the cum in his mouth.
"I want you," she said. "I want to fuck you."
Brett always loved having sex with Cathy. She was great in bed – although they usually fucked about everyplace but bed.
The evening was still young but neither could stand it any longer. They checked into the hotel where they had made a reservation and hurried up to their room. Inside the door, Cathy told Brett to go take a seat on the bed.
"I've got a surprise for you," she laughed.
A few minutes later, Cathy emerged from the bathroom and walked toward Brett on the bed. She pulled up her dress to reveal a cock in the form of a strap-on. She looked so erotic – this beautiful female in her cute dress with a cock sticking out from underneath.
"Suck it ... blow me," Cathy ordered.
Brett obliged and took the cock into his mouth. Cathy moaned in pleasure as if she could feel the sensations through the strap-on. While blowing, Brett began to fumble with his pants to unleash his own cock.
"Stop, let me do that," Cathy announced while sinking to her knees on the floor near the bed.
Cathy pulled off Brett's pants and followed with his underwear. Brett's hard-on was a big as she's ever seen it. He needed relief and she was the one to give it to him.
Cathy started in on his cock, taking it deep into her throat. She was an awesome cocksucker and Brett had always enjoyed watching her pretty face taking in his manhood.
The couple repositioned themselves on the bed and got into a 69. With Brett on the bottom, he tongued Cathy's pussy while she writhed with pleasure. Meanwhile, she continued to make love to his big dick with her mouth.
All of a sudden, she got up, got her strap-on back into position and grabbed a tube of lube. Brett was about to get fucked and his heartbeat quickened at the thought.
With Brett on his back, Cathy began to work the cock into his asshole. She went slow and finally got the strap-on's head past his opening.
"Oh, my God that feels incredible," Brett said. "Oh yes, fuck me, sweetie."
Cathy did as he requested and pushed the cock deeper and deeper into his ass. She leaned forward and kissed him as her tits rubbed against Brett's chest.
"Keep it up, it feels so good," Brett said.
Cathy then began to talk dirty, saying how Brett enjoyed sucking Scott's cock and how he wanted to blow many other men while she watched.
"Did you like sucking his cock?" she asked while fucking his ass.
"Yes, I loved it. I can't wait for my next cock," he replied. "I love blowing guys."
Cathy quickened her pace and noticed Brett's cock was hard as a rock. She began to jerk it for him.
At that point, Cathy got up to stand on the floor while giving Brett his dose of strap-on cock. She slid him down to the edge of the bed and fucked him even harder. The cock seemed to penetrate even deeper in this position and Brett experienced waves of pleasure.
"Damn that feels so good," he said. "I think I'm going to cum."
Cathy slowed down her pace as if to tease Brett a little. She was enjoying herself and didn't want it to end just yet.
Brett enjoyed the slow, deep thrusts. He opened his eyes and gazed up at Cathy. She was so beautiful, her hair now messed to create an incredibly sexy look. He loved her.
"C'mon baby, it's time for you to cum," she said.
Cathy quickened the pace again and Brett couldn't hold out much longer. Finally, huge streams of cum blasted out of his dick and all over his chest. It was the largest load of cum he'd ever seen.
"My God ... that was impressive," Cathy said. Brett couldn't reply as he tried to catch his breath. Cathy slipped off the strap-on and cuddled with her boy toy.
"Babe, do you think you could get hard again?" she asked. "I need to get fucked, too."
It took a half-hour but Brett satisfied his younger lover with a fucking that she would not soon forget. Then they drifted in and out of sl**p while holding one another. They were in heaven on what had been an incredible night.
The next day, they would return to the gay bar scene. Only this time, Cathy would be looking for a lesbian. That's another story for another time.
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5 months ago
so you enjoy yourself then
1 year ago
excellent except why Scott kicked you out immediately!
1 year ago
Very hot and sexy!! Thank you.
3 years ago
I enjoy re-reading our stories. I loved you then and I love you even more now. Seattle trip?
4 years ago
from what happened today I would say you already have yourself a hard cock!!
4 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments. And Cathy, yes, we need to go on that Seattle trip. I need a hard cock and you need some pussy. ... brett
4 years ago
This was so hot i jacked off you hqave it right you need to write the continuation with the lesbian incounter. thanks
4 years ago
I LUV it!! You know why? Because you are more of a non-fiction writer. That whole scenario is completely possible when we go to Seattle! (except the part about you being 39. You're 44, Brett, but age is just a number). I love you... I probably WILL masturbate on the way there (and not wear panties) just to tease you!
4 years ago
I love this