Like Clock work (part 2)

Cassy left that night and They hung out the next day. That same day She broke one of the nobbs to her bathtub.She called the office to her apartment complex and they said that they would have someone out there as soon as possible. she got me some water and went and lay in her room and turned the tv on. her phone buzzed as she was just falling asl**p. She looked down at her cell to find a text.
Dad- are you coming to dinner tonight
her- Yes i think so
Dad-Alright see you when you get here.
She set the phone down and went to her closet. She was searching through endless amounds of short skirts and low cut shirts to wear to her families dinner tonight. She was already naked when there was a knock on the front door. She ran the bathroom and grabbed a towel. When she got to the front door the towel was wrapped around her.
"Hi" she said as she opened the door, suddenly reliezing it was the tall muscular man from the day before.
"hey, im Andrew" He said to her as he scanned her body.
"Im Natalie "
"Please come in" She said as she moved out of the door way.
"thank you, now what am i fixing" He asked
"my nobb, i mean the bathroom nobb" He smiled at her, She led him down the hall to the bathroom.
"The nobb just kind of tore off" She said a little shy.
"Alright, ill have it fixed in no time."
"thank you, ill just be in my room if you need me"
"Alright" He thought about needing her as his penis grew in his pants at the thought of walking into her room and taking that towel off, Her long hair was hung just at her breast. He shook off the thought and went back to work.
She had gone in the room and was about to call Cassy when she remember Cassy was out with her mom tonight. She took the phone and went to the kitchen. She set the phone on the counter and thought about the man in her bathroom. Maybe i can seduce him. She thought. She shook her head as if to shake the pleasant thought out of her mind and went back to her room, when she got to her room she had found the perfect outfit to wear to her parents dinner. The phone ran in the kitchen and she rushed to get it. He was just coming out of the bathroom when she bummped into him. He put his hands on her hips to steady her so she wouldnt fall, Her towel had dropped to the floor exposing her breasts. The phone rang demanding. They couldnt peel away from eachothers eyes tho. He soon leaned in and kissed her lips softly. Never had he been so attracted to a women before. She reacted instantly, after all this is what she wanted. His kiss felt so perfect and so right. Her arms wove around his neck. He lifted her off the ground and she wrapped her legs around his waist, he pressed her against the wall , kiss her. She bit his bottom lip with passion. Her hands went to his hair and intertwined her fingers in his hair ,gripping his hair and holding his head closer to hers. He moved her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed hovering over her. She took his shirt off, in the middle of there love fest.As she was unbuttoning his pants, he started to kiss down her jaw and her neck down to her breast, he pushed down his pants to the ground, luckly this was one of those times he decided not to wear underwear. His Hard cock bounced out and hit against his body. She looked down at the 9 inch cock that was in front of her. He smiled and began to suck on her nipples, Making a rotating motion around them while caressing the other breast, a slight moan escaped her lips. He tugged at the nipple that was in his teeth, he then kissed down around her belly button and licked around it, giving her a belly button stimulation. He then moved his lips to her thys and kissed up to her pussy. She took in a breath, as his tounge licked her clean shaved pussy. Her juices were sweet and tasty. He ate her pussy hungerly,while one of his fingers played with her belly button. From a tantric point of view the bellybutton is of one the bodies engery centres and once a person is open and arouse any of them being stimulated in the right way can cause an orgasm.Her hands held his head in place pressing him into her pussy.
"Oh god" She moaned.He took his other hand and pressed a finger into her, Noticing how tight her pussy was.Knowing immediatly she was a virgin.He managed to squeeze in another finger. Soon the stimulation from her belly button and his soft warm tongue against her clit as he started to nibble on her clit, it sent her in a frenzy.
"Im coming" she said
"Oh andrew" She moaned.He felt her cum flow its way on his fingers.After laying there for a moment and recovering from the best orgasm in her life, she got up and pushed him on the bed. He smiled , she moved down to his cock, and licked up it. He stood at attention in front of her. She had never given a blow job but she had seen it on porn movies and watched Cassy do it to one of cassys cousins once when they were 17. She caressed his balls in her other hand , as she licked the tip of his cock with her tongue. She sucked the tip for a little bit and then began to take the whole thing in her mouth. Tho she couldnt get the whole thing in her mouth, she got it as far as she could. She started to play with his balls in one hand as she deep throated his cock. The warm feeling in his stomach started to play around the edges. She could feel his balls lift for a moment as he soon cummed a large load in her mouth. She tried to swallow every bit of it. She cleaned up her mess.He laid her on the bed and spread her legs , Before putting his engorged cock in her, he leaned down and kissed her lips.
"Go slowly" She said to him in his ear. He nodded, his eyes guarded. He slowly pressed into her. She gasped, and her back arched.
"Need me to stop" he asked
"No keep going" She said , he did as told and went in a little further. She gripped the sheets.
"Go all the way" She said, He thrusted the last few inches in to her. She moaned out loudly in pain. He leaned in and kissed her.
"the pain goes away" He says to her.
"Keep going" She said, He started to move in and out slowly, He could see alittle bl**d as he pulled out, but kept going. Slowly the pain got less intense and more manage able, and then soon enjoy able, He could see the changes on her face and started to go alittle faster. Each of them moaning in pleasure, Each of their moans sending each of them into physical needs. He pressed into her faster and harder. Her hands gripped at her sheets.
"Im cumming" He said
"I am too" She moaned, His cum filled her pussy, as he cummed he felt her pussy tighten around his staff and she cummed on his cock, making him cum again, He laid on top of her for a moment,then laid next to her caughting his breath. She wanted more , new feelings coming to the surface. The phone rang again. Probably her parents calling to see if she was on her way. She climbed on top of him and straddled him. He grinned. He was ready for more in an instant. He shoved his cock into her pussy and she slowly started to ride him. He grabbed her hips with his large strong hands. She moved back in forth , up and down. He moaned, and she smiled and continued to go alittle faster, he grabbed her boobs and started to play with her nipples.
"Oh god andrew" She said, Suddenly her bedroom door came open and Nat froze in place.
"Ive been calling you" cassy yelled.
"Oh" She said immediatly and then smiled
"Alittle busy" Natalie said irriated
"By all means continue" She said smiling. The guy looked nerous because Cassy was standing there.
"want to join" Natalie soon asked
"Sure" she got undressed and climbed on the bed. She grabbed natalies face and began Kissing her as natalie rode andrews large cock. The sight of them kissing turned andrew on, Cassy moved her hand over to anrews nipple and starled to play with it, His hand reached to her pussy and started to play around with her clit. He soon cummed in her again, As soon as he did she came with him and moaned as the orgasm was intense, not as intense as her first one. Cassy smiled as she watched Nats orgasm. They switched positions as to add in Cassy. Cassy laid down and Nat crawled between her legs and began to lick her pussy, it had grown very wet as she watched Andrew bang nats pussy earlier. Andrew was behind Nat now taking her from behind, as she ate cassys pussy. Cassy held Nats face to her pussy, Andrew was begining to cum as he watched nat eat cassys pussy. Soon they all cummed together, with a grunt andrew thrust harder into her getting every bit of cum inside her.
"Wow that was amazing" Cassy said out loud.
"I know" Nat said
"I should come over more offten" Cassy said with a laugh

After Cassy and Nat had gotten cleaned up and Dressed, Cassy told nat she was just calling because she was going to hook her up with a guy but nat already had her hands full. Cassy left leaving Nat with a friendly Kiss on the lips and a ass squeeze. Andrew got out of the shower and got dressed. Nat was in the kitchen cleaning when she felt warm arms around her.
"that was amazing" he said in her ear, as he bit her earlobe. She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck.
"I know" She said and then kissed him passionatly.
"I better be going" he said as he pulled away.
"here" she handed him her number.
"call me some time" she said with a smile and then winked
"No problem" He kissed her one last time and then smacked her ass, and out the door he left. She locked the door and then went to her room to get ready for her parents dinner, she was already late but who cares.
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i do love it;)
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