Indian Milf cont

so carrying on...

it was time for the reception, i got there a little late cuz we went to a bar first.

i saw alpa straight away at the bar and she looked like she was on her own. she was wearing a tight black saree. I went up to her and she just ordered JD and coke. i told her bar person so allow the coke and and to get 3. she said she wanted it with coke but i just told her to shut up. The drinks came and amd we wemt off to the side where nobody was, and i took one drink and put it to her mouth. she to a sip and said she didnt like it, so i grabber her close to me and pinched her pussy and told her to finish it off and she downed it. i took the 2nd drink and she finished that off. i told her to be a good bitch and get some more and bring it to the table where i was with my mates.

once the night had ended i ended up going back to her hotel room. she sat down on the chair so i grabbed her by the hair and took her to her knees and said "give me a lapdance"

she came up close and stuck her ass out so i slapped it a few time. she then sat on my lap and started to grind. i was rubbing her pussy and then i ripped her blouse open and i groped her tits and squeezed them hard

i stood up and pushed her on to the bed. she was already in doggy style and just as i was about to put my dik in her cunt she why i wasnt wearing a condom. i just told her "because i dont want to" and she seemed happy with that so i stuck my dik in. supprisingly it was tight.
she slapped her ass and told her to work it. she moved her ass backwords and forwards doing all the work while i enjoyed it. i the grabbed her hair and pulled it back and i thrust my hips faster, and she started to moan, like maria sharapova.

she then turned around and started to suck my dik. so i grabbed her head and held it there while i rammed it down her throat, making her gag a little. i then lyed down on the bed and went on top and started to grind on my cock. she went in all directions at one point. her tits were bounching up and down, and i kept slapping them from time to time. you could tell it hurt but she didnt say anything. she said to me i want you to fuck me like a bitch again, so i grbbed her ass and stiuck my dik in her pussy again. i went faster and rough this time, and i told her to " be a good bitch and bark" she told me to fuck off and pinched her pussy and told her bark again, and so she did.
i went faster and faster until i her pussy. she wasnt to pleased about that in the morning but she went and got the pill which made it all good!

needless to say i kept on and still do fuck her from time to time. even though she is now married...but once a slag ur always one!

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