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camping first circle jerk 2

S*b and I were far enough away, so we could pull up our shorts and grab the wood we gathered. "Out here getting wood". WE made our way back to camp, we took different ways, so we came to camp not together.
Mat "said S*b did you go swimming?' S*b ,looking shy said"I fell in." I said " he needs to get warm,S*b change clothes and stay by the fire." Then Mat wanted to unpack so they did. (sorry I forgot to say it wasn't 3 other guys, it was 6.
Mat unpacked with the new (Friends), And laid out what they brought. WE spread it out and sorted it.
WE had food enough.(some houses quite near) Bed rolls were sparse since two guys thought they didn't need sl**ping bags. They sl**p under the stars. My tent was for four. Tim one of the guests said "I don't have a bag, tommy me too. I said "we can all fit in the tent and use all we have to stay warm.
We opened the tent to put everything in..To our surprise S*b was jerking off.The other guys were shocked or laughing. I said It's Ok have to get warm somehow.
S*b puled up his shorts and left the tent.
sorry too borring need to rethink
be continued
Posted by biart 2 years ago
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