The forbidden Treasure

My boss has two daughters, ones 19 and the other is 21, As they come home for spring break i cant help but draw my eyes to their amazing body and natural beautiful looks.

As the youngest heads back to college me and the older s****r hit it off pretty good, cracking jokes, flirting, just having a good time being the young ones around. As we stay up chit chatting, 11....12...1AM, we get closer and closer both wanting the same thing but too shy to make the first move.

We hear the boss, aka her dad, go into his room and passes out, now we have the green light. We flirt for a few more minutes, poke each other, then i hold her hand in mine. The flirting goes on and then i shut the lights off pull her ontop of me and start to kiss her. My hands running up and down her sexy fit body. Cupping her amazing nice ass and starting to grind back and forth.

As we passionatly kiss on the couch grinding back and forth, breaths getting shallow, sweat running down our bodies, getting hot and heavy.

I bite her neck and slide my hands holding her hips pulling her closer to me. "I sure know how to find trouble" she says, "Yeah you sure did, do you wanna take this away from here?"

She giggles and stands up grabbing my hand to go outside to the trailer that is on the property. We open the door and go in and the cold breeze makes us shiver.
As we undress each other i go from her lips to her neck to her perky perfect breasts and suck on them as i slide her pants off. Her perfect ass bouncing in her "booty shorts" as i work my way lower and lower slowly.

With her on the bed and legs spread wide open showing off her shaven pink flower and i cant help myself but dive right in. Licking, sucking, fingering her moans getting louder and louder her body quivering till she cant take anymore and pulls me up to kiss me and slides my cock right in. I can feel her tight hole stretch as my cock slowly slides in.

Slowly sliding my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy and we flip positions and shes riding me. Grabbing her amazing ass and sliding her on and off my cock. A moan cries out begging for harder harder.

Picking her up and holding her against the wall slamming my cock in her faster and faster. As she begs for more i slam her on the bed and start to lick her pussy again.

putting her on the bed i slam my cock in her going harder and harder the more and more she screams and moans. As im sliding in and out and we get closer and closer to cumming i pull out. She gets on top of me and as im licking her pussy she sucks my off. It has to be one of the top 10 ive had (and ive had ALOT of bjs).

Feeling my cock go to the back of her throat and slowly out. Licking the tip and sliding it back in. This girl had me going crazy!!

I get closer to cumming and she doesnt stop. I hold it back. It hits the back of her throat and i went crazy and couldnt hold it back any more. I slide my tongue in her sweety juicy flower. As i taste her cumming i start to cum. 1 squirt...2...3...5 she swallowed every drop. BUT it didnt stop there ;)
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