midnight secret

As im staying at my boss's house with him and his partner, i was up late one night after hitting the bong a few times so i was feeling pretty damn good and before i decided to crash i was looking at some videos and was getting aroused. As im jacking off alone in my room, my boss's partner knocks and walks in to say goodnight. As he walks in im not fast enough to hide my hard throbbing 8inch cock away. He walked in and was embarrassed beyond all belief. I was laughing and said many times "its no big deal, dont worry about it" well as i said that he came in sat on the bed and closed the door and watched some videos with me.

As the tension grew as i pitched a tent under the covers i could definitely see he as well was becoming hard. Im really high at this point so i cant help but try to sneak my hand down and start rubbing my cock. As im rubbing he notices and slips his hand under the covers and i feel a soft hand start rubbing the tip gently and him smile.

He is a very cute man and as he smiles he starts to grip my whole cock and rub up and down. I found a long video and let play as he rubs my cock harder and harder. He looks at me and smiles and says "ill take care of this for you, you just sit back and relax".

At that point he moves the covers and starts to suck on my cock. Taking all 8 inches in going in and out slowly all the way to the end. He keeps sucking and as he does that the pot kicks in and i start unzipping his pants and bring out his cock and slide it in my mouth. We start to 69 and we suck each other off for a good 20-30 min.

At about 30 min i feel myself starting to get cum and i moan and say im going to cum and he swallows my cock into this throat and i blow a huge load in his throat and as im cumming he starts to cum. I rub his cock and as i give one final suck he blows his load in my mouth. The first time ive had a load in my mouth and i swallowed every drop. We kept going for a good 5 min after to make sure every drop is out.

He gets up smiles and says "well wasnt that better than just using your hand?" i smile and agree and he leaves the room to go to bed with his partner aka my boss.

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2 years ago
Good story I give it a 3 quarters hard.
2 years ago
Great story. Nice situation!
2 years ago
thank you =)
2 years ago
Hot story..