my three way in a bathroom stall

i went to fridays here in kalamazoo michigan,and at times the place is slow and not alot of people. i go there for food and drink plus alot of hot young women and hot my surprise after eating a meal then using the restroom afterwards i heard grunting and groaning in the next stall a couple was having sex i was listening and i realized both people was male.i was geting aroused by the noises and knowing that one man was giving another head. i had to look over the stall wall and i knew they knew i was listening,my cock was rock hard i wanted to see what size cock the man sucking was gaging on.i slowly peaked over the wall,it was obvious that one guy was a very well built muscular white guy,geting his long cock sucked by another big black guy,watching the black guy deep throat that long fat white cock,was cock was rock hard as i stroked it my own arousal i forgot to pay attention to the white guy. he said hello want to join us?i was so fuckin horny,i watch the black guy pull out the long white cock in his mouth,i don't why i decided to go into their stall but i did,it was the handi-cap stall and was very roomy. the black guy met me at the door after i closed and locked the door i turn around and the black guy ,his name was nate,nate kissed me obviosly he was d***k but i didn't care,the white guy,his name was steve,steve stood near me as he unzipped my pants,my cock popped out still hard steve held it and rubbed it and he moved his hands to my now bare ass i turn my ass towards him,and i bent over knowing nate was guiding my head,i took his big black cock into my mouth,as i did,steve eased his monster cock into my tight ass i groaned out only to have nate thrust his hips and shove his cock down my throat i gagged,i can deep throat,but even nates cock was too much for my throat. steve rammmed my asshole harder and harder,my cock and balls flopped around wildly,nate kept fucking my mouth,until i felt steve start cumming hard in my ass,i could feel my cock oozing precum,this was alot more then i expected i had to stop sucking nate's cock.steve pulled out of my ass and sat on the toilet i turn to face him and to let nate fuck my ass,i started sucking on steve's cock,nate pounded my ass hard,he groaned and came in my ass my asshole felt well packed and full of good hot sperm,after nate pulled his cock out of my ass,i sqeezed my asshole tight,i want to keep as much of their sperm in me.we got dressed and made our way to the bar,after a few drinks we went to steve's house and needless to say the fun didn't stop until about 5am when we all three went to bed together.they since moved south and i do miss them but i always keep my eyes and ears open.
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4 months ago
love that story //I do that a couple times a week at roadside restarea
1 year ago
that's so hot. would love for it to happen to me
1 year ago
Enjoyed It!
1 year ago
wow way hot ive wanted to fuck guy wile hes fucking another guy or sucking his cock and id love to get my cock in a guys as wile theres another in him i love to be sucked by guy or girl but truly enjoy fucking men nothing says loveing till i cum in his ass
1 year ago
hot story! one of my fantasies.
1 year ago
Hot stuff.