Undercover Angel Ch. 02

Undercover Angel Ch. 02 - TV on the run from the mob is f***ed to suck cock.

Tony Leonardo discovered that he had been robbed of two point seven million dollars by Mike Harris at ten o'clock on the 15th July; by then Mike Harris, in the guise of his alter ego, Michele Nylons, was sl**ping in a cheap motel a few hundred kilometres away, just over the Victorian border.

As soon as he discovered the money was missing from his safe Tony knew that Mike had stolen it. He didn't know whether he was more pissed off with Mike for stealing the money or for stealing his books. He knew that he couldn't involve any of his own crew or most of his legit contacts in the search for Mike Harris. His crew and the other hierarchy of his crime f****y were not aware that he was skimming from their casinos. He usually only skimmed a few hundred thousand dollars each month and by the time the money was laundered the amount he actually pocketed was considerably diminished.

Two point seven million dollars!!! That cocksucker must have waited until Tony had enough money hidden in his safe to make it worthwhile stealing. Mike had to know that Tony would kick over every rock in the country to find him. And also the cunt had taken the books! What possible use could Mike have for them except as a bargaining tool?

Tony was not surprised when he called Mike's home and mobile phones and neither one was answered. He flicked through his rolodex until he found the name he was looking for: Steve Marshall.

Steve Marshall was a finder; if you wanted someone found anywhere in Australia, Steve Marshall was your guy. Steve had connections in business, law enf***ement, state and federal government and throughout the underworld. Steve would find anyone; for a price.

There was the famous story about a guy who had ripped off his boss and then fled interstate. He'd changed his name, had plastic surgery and acquired new, supposedly untraceable, identity documents. Steve had chased the guy across every state in the country and eventually found him working on a trawler out of Darwin. At the behest of his employer Steve had tortured the guy for two days until he gave up the location of the money he had stolen and the name of an accomplice who was still working for the crime boss. The guy was never seen again.

Tony called Steve Marshall and had him come to his office just before lunch. He gave him all of the information he had on Mike Harris but did not tell him why he wanted him found. Steve was briefed to find Mike at any cost and then to call Tony for further instructions. Steve spent an hour in Tony's office using the phones and the internet getting Mike Harris' description and personal details out to all of his contacts. Tony went out and returned with one hundred thousand dollars in cash and handed it to Steve.

"This is your only job until that fucker's found ok?" Tony said as he handed the cash to Steve.

"That's a lot of cash Tony," Steve responded, putting the wad of money into his briefcase.

"And I want my fucking money's worth. You find that cunt and you tell me where he is!" Tony said; his voice as hard as cold steel.

Steve drove to Mike's townhouse and knocked on the door not expecting an answer and neither did he get one. He looked around and saw Mike's shitty Corolla parked at the kerb and knocked at the door again. Steve checked that the street was clear and jimmied the cheap lock on the front door and stepped inside closing the door behind him. The place even felt abandoned.

"Mike? Mike? Are you home?" he called as he walked through the small townhouse.

When he was sure that the house was vacant he began a systematic search. There was nothing of interest in the lounge or the kitchen. There was no personal mail; Mike had taken it with him or he didn't get any. Steve knew from the information that he already had that Mike was an orphan and pretty much a loner. The small second bedroom was used as a study and contained all of Mike's personal paperwork and a bunch of bills. He scanned through the documents but there was nothing there to help him; still, he put them in his briefcase for later review. He fired up the computer and the cursor flashed and then an alert came up on the screen that said 'insert system disk'. The hard drive had been wiped clean or formatted.

He looked for a rolodex or an address book but couldn't find one in the desk. He searched the bedroom and was surprised to find what appeared to be most of Mike's clothes still hanging in the wardrobe and neatly folded in the drawers. This was very suspicious; Mike had left his car and all of his personal possessions at the house. Whatever Mike had done to Tony, it required that he run away as fast as he could.

Steve searched the rest of the bedroom and then something in the waste bin caught his eye. He picked up the crumpled cardboard and cellophane packaging from a pair of Kaiser, flesh-toned, ultra-sheer, sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose. Hmmm; maybe Mike had a girlfriend or a female accomplice? He checked around the bedroom carefully but found no other female clothing. He rechecked the dresser and noted that two of the drawers were empty. Had Mike taken some clothing from the drawers or had his girlfriend been using those drawers and cleaned them with the rest her belongings before her and Mike took off?

But why wouldn't Mike take his belongings too? It was quite a puzzle; but Steve knew from years of experience that when people went into hiding that they often did some strange things. Maybe Mike thought he needed to ditch all of his clothes? He had probably taken just enough clothing with him to get far enough away so that he could replace his entire wardrobe. A smart move; a good means of disguise is to completely change your dress style.

As he closed the top drawer of the dresser something caught Steve's eye. A fine layer of dust sparkled on the surface of the dresser. He wiped at it with a finger and looked at the fine, flesh toned dust on his fingertip. He bought it to his nose and smelt it and then cautiously dabbed it on the tip of tongue. Cosmetic face powder!

So Mike did have a woman here before he left! The question was; was she still with him?

Steve got on his cell and called a guy who specialised in rebuilding computers.

"Get your arse over to the address I'm about to text to you. I want everything you can get off the PC!" he said into the phone and then text the address of Mike's townhouse.

He left the townhouse by the front door and wandered down to Mike's Corolla. There was nothing in it except the registration papers. As he closed the door to the car he saw a curtain move in the window of a house across the street. God he loved nosey neighbours! He walked over to the house and knocked on the door. He produced a fake police ID and held it up when a little old lady answered the door.

"Hello; I'm Detective Constable Ward and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me?"

"Of course dear; come in," the old lady said.

The old lady had to be in her seventies and the place smelled of boiled cabbage and cat piss. He sat down on an overstuffed sofa, declining the obligatory cup of tea and asked her a series of questions about Mike Harris. Mike was a loner who didn't mingle with the neighbours she explained; she didn't have much to do with him but she thought it strange that Mike had started to park his Corolla outside his house at the curb. Mike used to always drive his car into the attached garage and park the Corolla there overnight she said.

"But I suppose he had to let his new lady-friend park in his garage?" she said; a hint of cynicism in her tone.

"He had a lady-friend there last night?" Steve asked.

"I've never seen her before and I didn't see her go into the house; but she left last night about midnight."

"You've never seen her before hey? Can you describe what she looked like?" Steve asked.

"Big girl, brown shoulder-length hair, wearing far too much makeup," the old spinster said disapprovingly.

"I only got a glimpse of her as she drove past the streetlight," she finished.

"And the car?" Steve asked.

"Big blue or black Ford; not new but it looked alright I suppose. Had Queensland plates." She responded.

Steve asked her a few more questions about Mike but the old lady hadn't seen him for a few days and he wasn't in the car that the woman was driving last night as far as she could tell. The woman dribbled on about how good her eyesight was for her age and how she kept an eye on the neighbourhood because you never knew what might happen. God he loved Nosey neighbours!

The old bag didn't even ask why Steve was asking questions about Mike until he got up to leave.

"Oh he's been reported missing; if you do see him again call this number," Steve said, handing her a plain business card with nothing printed on it except a mobile phone number.

Steve sat in his own car and worked the phone for a while getting the information about the woman and her car out to his contacts. He started up his car and headed home to pick up a suitcase that he kept packed at all times; he would be on the road for a while he thought.

So? What was the story with the woman? There was no evidence of Mike having a girlfriend but he pretty much kept to himself so who knew what the fuck he got up to? Had Mike left in the woman's car, crouched down below the car windows, unseen by the neighbour? Had they split up and gone their separate ways? Was the woman an accomplice or an innocent girlfriend?

He called Tony and gave him the update; Tony had no idea who the woman might be but if she was with Mike last night then he wanted her found. Steve picked up his suitcase and loaded it into the boot of his car when his cell rang. A contact in the federal police told him about a cop who was going around bragging that he had fucked an attractive mature woman last night who was driving a blue Ford Falcon with Queensland plates. The cop hadn't taken her name or the registration number because the woman had offered to shag him if he didn't give her a speeding ticket. It sounded like bullshit, but Steve decided to investigate it.

Steve found the cop at a pub in Fyshwick and after introducing himself and sliding a fat envelope under the table the cop told him everything that had happened last night at the rest stop car park. The cop embellished the story a little, claiming to have fucked the woman, when in fact he had only fondled and kissed her for a while before coming over her legs. The cop didn't think the embellishment mattered and he wanted everyone to think he was some kind of stud. Steve got a good description of the woman; well built brunette, heavy makeup, business suit, and a sensual smoky voice.

As Steve barrelled down the Federal highway he wondered if the cop was telling the truth. Cops bullshitted each other all the time, but he figured the cop was smart enough to realise that Steve would be back for more than just his money back if found out that the cop had lied. Steve pulled into the rest stop and parked close to the spot where the cop had described the incident with the woman had taken place.

He looked around the rest stop; a f****y of five was sitting at a wooden bench eating sandwiches and drinking soft drinks; they paid him no attention at all. Steve wandered around a bit and then he spotted something contrasting with the black tar of the car park surface. He looked back at the f****y and seeing they were taking no notice he walked over and picked up the scrap of material. It was a pair of pantyhose. He looked at the word 'Kaiser' embossed in the material at the top of the waist. Hmmm; Kaiser, flesh-toned, ultra-sheer, sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose. Could it be a coincidence?

A feint odour of perfume clung to the flimsy garment and he put it to his nose and inhaled. He smelt Michele's Poison perfume overlying another musty odour; it took him only a fraction of a second for his brain to recognise the musty odour of stale semen.


He threw the garment back on the blacktop and noticed the silvery trials of what had to be semen contrasting against the skin-toned nylon. The dirty bitch had used her pantyhose to clean out her cunt after the cop had fucked her! The cop was telling the truth. He spotted the scrunched up handkerchief a little further away; the cop had said he's used it clean himself after fucking the woman and then thrown it out the window. The cop's story rang true!

He looked around a little longer and found two lipstick stained cigarette butts. The cop had said her car smelt heavily of cigarette smoke.

He was about to leave when on a whim he took out his own handkerchief and gathered up the pantyhose, wrapped them in his hanky and stuffed them in his pocket.

He got back on the Federal highway and continued driving out of the city wondering where the woman was going. His phone rang a few minutes later and he took a message from one of his contacts who had rung around all of the hotels and motels within a few hundred kilometres of Canberra. An attractive well built blonde woman driving a blue Ford Falcon had checked into a cheap motel just over the Victorian border. She was definitely a blonde the guy said; but women where known to wear wigs right? He did a U turn and stepped on the gas pulling up the coordinates of the Best Western Motel in Wodonga on his car's GPS navigation system. Hopefully the girl would lead him to Mike.

Michele's sl**p was deep but disturbed. Images of the policeman straddling her and humping her legs kept intruding into her dreams. When she woke up at noon she was well rested but troubled. She sported a painful erection that tented her satin panties and the front of her teddy. She rationalised that her erection was in response to needing to piss urgently and not a physical response to the dreams of being dry humped by the policeman. Before going to bed she had cleaned off her makeup and had worn only her panties and a satin teddy to bed.

Michele got out of bed and removed her teddy and panties and as she was now naked and not wearing a wig or makeup, in her subconscious she snapped from being Michele to Mike.

Mike got into the shower running it as hot as he could stand it, he shaved his face and ran the razor over any body hair he found and brushed his teeth. He recalled arriving at the Best Western Motel at Wodonga just after 4:00am, exhausted after covering the nearly 400 kilometres from Canberra in just over four hours.

At the motel reception desk Michele had kept a vice-like grip on her briefcase, never letting it go, even when she filled in the registration form with fictitious personal details. The clerk offered to assist her and he was quickly rebuked.

"Here Ma'am; just let me move that briefcase out of the way for you," he offered.

"No! Leave it! It's ok! Michele exclaimed.

The night clerk had blatantly stared at her; his eyes roaming over her body. Michele was in no mood to take any shit after the long drive. The clerk tried to give her a hard time about not having a credit card but when she paid in cash for two night's accommodation he shut up. She could feel his eyes staring at her legs and buttocks as she walked away from the reception desk. What she didn't see as she left the reception area was the clerk picking up the phone and dialling a number.

"Yeah; got a good one; she's hanging onto her briefcase like it's full of gold or something dude!" the young night clerk whispered into the phone.

"Yeah; same deal as last time I get half of the take. She's in her forties I reckon, nice arse and legs. I'll let you know when she leaves the room and I'll leave you a key at the usual place."

"See ya dude," the clerk replaced the receiver; an evil smirk on his face.

Mike unpacked his suitcases and laid out his cosmetics under the bathroom mirror. As he applied his makeup in his subconscious he reverted back to the persona of Michele. Michele applied her makeup with her usual care, applying lashings of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick and rouging her cheeks. She didn't intend to leave the motel until the next day when she would head back north into New South Wales, taking a circuitous route to Sydney. She decided to dress a little more casual today but maintained her self imposed dress code of not wearing pant-suits or house dresses, and always wearing hosiery.

She selected a white rayon Carla Zampatti A-line skirt with side kick pleats and a blue silk blouse. Taupe pantyhose and white courts completed the ensemble. She selected a blonde bob and fitted it on her head and then fitted her breastforms and used the medical adhesive to hide her penis under her crotch. She pulled on a pink satin brassiere and matching full cut panties. The skirt had a liner so she did not need a slip. She buttoned the blouse and stepped into the skirt, zipping up the side seam. The hem of the skirt rested about six inches above her knees. She stepped into the white; three-inch heeled court shoes and checked herself in the mirror. Perfect! She reached for the phone and asked for room service.

Michele peeked out of the drawn curtains into the winter gloom and suddenly she balked. She had parked the big blue Falcon right outside her room. She was so tired last night that she hadn't thought too much about it; but she decided that she must move the car and change the plates. It was unlikely that anyone had seen the car leave her house last night but she was taking no chances. She peeked outside, saw the coast was clear, walked to her car and drove it around to the car park at rear of the motel where it could not be seen from the road.

There was no one else in the car park so she quickly changed the plates with a set of stolen New South Wales number plates. The plates would be less noticeable here on the NSW border than the stolen Queensland plates that she had used to make her getaway. She looked around to make sure there was still no one around. The coast was still clear and then she noticed a rear entry door from the car park into the motel. There was a sign on the door: 'Motel Guests Only - Door Closes at 10:00PM Sharp'. She opened the door and went back to her room and washed her hands, drying them just as room service arrived with her lunch.

The young night clerk was sitting in his car across the road from the motel eating a greasy hamburger and drinking a Coke. He was tired and was just about to give up his surveillance when an attractive well built blonde woman wearing a blue blouse and a nice white skirt that showed some leg left the hotel room that he had earlier assigned to the sexy brunette. He looked at her intently as she strode towards the blue Falcon and smiled to himself.

It was the same woman! She was wearing a blonde wig. Interesting! Why would a mature, well dressed woman check into a motel in the early hours of the morning and refuse to let go of her briefcase while she was checking in and then appear the next day in disguise? It had to be d**gs! He bet she was here to do a d**g deal and that the briefcase was full of cash or d**gs! But she wasn't carrying the briefcase now and she was getting into her car. Fuck!!!

He punched up a number in his mobile phone which was answered on the second ring.


"We're on dude; the bitch just left her room and drove away. She's in number 113; don't forget, just get the briefcase and get the fuck out, I don't know how long she'll be gone," the clerk said into the phone.

"Duuuude," his accomplice answered and the broke connection.

The night clerk waited fifteen minutes until he saw his accomplice walk around the corner and approach the motel. The accomplice stopped next to a rock wall near the entrance of motel and pretended to tie his shoelace. He removed a loose rock from the wall and took the duplicate key to room 113 which had been hidden there.

"Duuuude!!!" he smiled to himself.

After a light meal and a cigarette, Michele remained in her motel room sitting in a comfortable lounge chair with the curtains and blinds pulled tightly shut and tried to watch TV. There would definitely be no media coverage of the robbery, but Tony might get his media contacts to do a missing persons story on the disappearance of Mike Harris. She found nothing on the news channels but that did nothing to allay her fears. She knew that Tony would have people out looking for Mike Harris. She turned off the TV and was dozing in the chair when she heard the rattle of the doorknob.

Fuck! She had forgotten to replace the security chain after the maid had delivered the room service! How could Tony have found out where she was so soon?

It was a question of who was the most surprised, the young thief or Michele; as Michele rose out of the chair still groggy from sl**p and the burglar burst through the door and slammed it closed behind him. Astonishment was evident on both of their faces but the burglar reacted first. He pulled a knife from his waist and waved it at Michele.

"Shut up bitch; scream and you're dead!" he hissed, his chest pounding.

The bitch was supposed to be gone! What the fuck was she still doing here?

Michele looked at the young man dressed in dirty jeans and T-shirt, his lank greasy hair hung to his shoulders. He was hardly the sort criminal you would associate with Tony Leonardo. She thought rightly that he was just some opportunist burglar looking for easy money.

"Whaaat do you want?" Michele asked, ensuring she maintained her feminine voice.

"What you got?" the burglar replied, his eyes were scanning the room looking for the briefcase.

Michele saw his eyes lock on the briefcase where it sat on the nightstand beside the queen size bed. She thought briefly about all of the planning and sacrifices she had made to get away with Tony's money and decided there was no way she was going to give it up without a fight. She leapt across the bed and her fingers reached out to grab the handle of the briefcase.

The thief saw her begin to lunge for the briefcase and he leapt at the same time. He landed on the bed beside her and they wrestled each other, Michele's fingers locked on the briefcase and the thief holding onto his knife. They tussled briefly but the thief eventually stopped trying to wrestle the briefcase from the woman's grip and pushed himself up so that he was straddling the woman and placed the point of the knife under her chin.

"Stop it bitch or I'll cut you!" he panted.

Michele let go of the handle of the briefcase leaving it perched on the edge of the nightstand. The heavy bakelite motel telephone had fallen of the nightstand and onto the bed during the brief struggle; a tone emitting from the earpiece. They both looked at it and the burglar smiled and reached down and cut the line to the phone, leaving it silent and useless on the bedspread.

The thief straddled Michele's waist, his knees on the bed either side of her, his knife under her chin. As he wheezed and panted to regain his breath Michele smelt his foul body odour and rancid breath. He smiled through rotten teeth.

"Now that's better bitch; you going to behave?" he snarled.

Michele nodded her compliance, the tip of the burglar's knife pushing against her neck. The thief looked down at the heavily made up woman lying prone beneath him. She was attractive if you liked mature women. She was wearing a perfume that was familiar to him and her dress style reminded him of his Aunt who was a business professional in Melbourne. Her blouse was fully buttoned but during the struggle he had felt her large soft tits and they looked good pushing against the blue silk blouse.

Michele's head was spinning; she realised the gravity of the situation but there was no way she was going to let this punk steal two point seven million dollars in cash from her. She weighed up the circumstances in her mind. If she let the thief take the money, everything she had done so far was in vein and Tony would still be searching for her. If the thief found out that she was a man, there was the distinct probability that her disguise would be blown. She had to somehow keep the thief from finding out that she was a man and also prevent him from taking the briefcase. She needed to distract him long enough for her get the upper hand. She thought about what had happened in the darkened car park with the policeman last night.

"I'll behave; just please don't hurt me," Michele begged.

"Well you better!" the thief replied.

He was thinking about how he never got to have sex with nice women like this; all ever got to fuck were the local skanks. This woman exuded a sophisticated sexuality that was very appealing to him. He decided he was going to have some fun with her before he robbed her.

Keeping the knife at Michele's throat he placed his free hand on her tits and squeezed them through the material of her blouse and brassiere the silk and satin sliding against each other deliciously under his fingers. Michele gasped and began to wriggle.

"Keep still bitch!" the thief threatened.

Michele could not afford to let this youth put his hands inside her bra and discover that her tits were actually silicone breastforms. She stopped struggling and looked up at the shoddy looking youth.

"Don't you want to kiss me first?" she asked, hoping to take his mind away from fondling her breasts.

"You fucking try anything and I'll cut your throat bitch," he hissed and lowered his face to hers.

Michele endured the youth's fetid breath as he pressed his lips to hers and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Inwardly she grimaced but she responded to the kiss, entwining her tongue with his. The youth groaned and moved his knife hand down onto the bed next to her head and moved his other hand to the other side so that he could press his chest down on hers as the kiss intensified.

She felt the youth adjust his position on top of her as he lifted his knees from a straddling position and f***ed them between her legs. She was beginning to panic but kept control of herself and allowed the youth to lie on top of her kissing her passionately as she reluctantly responded. She could feel the youth's penis harden and elongate against her body.

The youth kept his knife hand next to Michele's face and lifted his face from hers.

"Don't fucking move bitch!" he said and slid his free hand under her skirt started pulling at her panties.

Michele froze. 'Oh my god; I can't let him there!' she thought.

She lifted her face up to his and initiated a long passionate kiss and slowly moved a hand between their bodies and stroked his thickening organ through the material of his filthy jeans.

"You dirty bitch; you like the young stuff don't you?" the grubby youth mocked and then crushed his lips back against hers.

The fervour of the kiss intensified as their lips mashed together and their tongues entwined. Michele f***ed herself not to gag from the stench of the youth's breath. She ran her fingers around the thickening bulge in his jeans and her tactic seemed to be working. He'd stopped yanking at her panties and was content to stroke her pantyhosed thighs and occasionally run his finger across the front panel of her of her satin panties.

Michele's free hand snaked across the bed to where the phone lay but the youth had other plans. He suddenly broke off the kiss and got to his knees between Michele's spread legs. Her skirt had ridden up and her gossamer encased thighs and pink satin full cut panties were exposed. The boy ran the tip of the knife up one stockinged thigh and across the front panel of her panties and then placed it at her throat again.

"That looks nice bitch but you ought to wear thongs, not those granny panties," he smirked and poked the point of the knife into Michele's throat.

"Take it out!" he hissed.

"Whaaat?" Michele replied.

"Take out my cock!" he ordered and took Michele's hand and placed it back on his crotch.

Michele had no choice; she fumbled with his zip and eventually pulled it down and then with the urging of the knife at her throat, her fingers disappeared inside his jeans. His cock was thick and warm and throbbed slowly. A reeking smell of piss, stale semen and body odour escaped his flies and assaulted her nostrils. She manipulated his hard penis with difficulty but eventually it sprang free of his underwear and popped out his jeans. The stench magnified and Michele was f***ed to breath through her mouth so she wouldn't gag.

For the second time in less that twenty four hours a man straddled Michele and began to dry fuck her. The youth rubbed his cock all over her stockinged thighs and the front of her panties.

"Fuck that feels good bitch!" he moaned and then lay down on top of her humping at her like dog in heat.

He kept the knife against the side of her head and lowered his face back to hers and reinitiated their passionate kiss, driving his tongue deep into her mouth as he writhed on top of her. Michele responded and allowed the youth to hump away at her, she could feel his hot snake-like penis prod and slither against her thighs and the front of her panty crotch. She let him grind against her as again she tried to sneak her hand over to where the telephone lay uselessly on the edge of the bed.

Then the youth suddenly moved his knife hand and Michele felt the blade of the knife against her thigh. He slid it under the gusset of her panties and Michele squealed and wriggled, trying to free herself from under the youth. The thief cut through the crotch of Michele's panties and Michele felt the knife flicker against her pantyhose encased groin briefly before the youth quickly put the knife back to her throat and shifted back into a kneeling position. He straddling her; and holding her down with his body weight he shucked his way up her body until his groin was next to her face.

"Na.........I think I'm going to get you to blow me before I fuck you," he sniggered.

Michele realised that she was in terrible trouble. Unless she could stop this smelly disgusting youth soon she was going to end up ****d and robbed or beaten. She was not going to let this stupid dirty degenerate ruin her plans for the future. She would conceal her repugnance until she somehow got the upper hand.

The youth grabbed her head in both hands and pulled her face towards his cock. She felt his penis rubbing against her lips then he f***ed it into her mouth. Pulling her head forwards he pushed her face onto him, making her take the head his cock in her mouth. Michele gagged, and fought not to throw up as the rancid member f***ed its way past her lipsticked lips and into her moist mouth.

"Suck my cock bitch." he ordered.

He held her head with his cock half in her mouth until Michele complied and reluctantly started suckling him.

Michele gagged again as his glans rubbed against her tongue and his shaft slid in and out of her lips. He tightened his fingers and f***ed Michele's mouth up and down on his cock. He moaned as she grudgingly sucked his putrid penis. Glancing down he could see how wide her heavily made up eyes were and watched as she kept fighting against the urge to gag. The look of terror in her eyes aroused him further.

Michele's conscious mind receded into to a dark place as she tried to deal with the enormity of the assault taking place on her. She listened to the groans and grunts of the shabby youth and the slurping and slapping of her lips, mouth and tongue against his penis as he ****d her mouth. She was in a trance, subliminally allowing herself to be defiled and sucking and licking on the hot fleshy organ invading her mouth. At least she had now sucked most of the vile stench off the member assaulting her and she was no longer gagging as much.

She f***ed herself to come back to the here and now and deal with the situation, and as the youth straddled her body and face fucked her, she again reached out, trying to find the phone.

Michele could now sense that the youth was close to climax as he groaned and cursed and held her head tight is his hands, the handle of knife painfully crushed against her face, as he thrust his invading manhood in and out of her moth. She f***ed herself to open her eyes and watched transfixed as his groin pushed again and again against her face with quicker, shorter thrusts. His penis seemed about to burst in her mouth.

As she sensed the youth's climax approach, the swelling and the tautness of his penis were palpable. Michele's fingers finally found the end of the telephone cord and she began to reel it in. She couldn't let the youth become aware of what she was doing so she reluctantly but vigorously caressed his penis with her tongue, milking the base of his shaft, accepting each urgent penetration.

Expectant now of the coming release she pulled harder at the phone cord, trying to get her hand around the telephone before he climaxed.

Michele suddenly felt the youth's penis spasm and instantly erupt. She was unprepared for the f***e with which his semen ejaculated into her mouth. She could not control her gag reflex, but she fought it and simply swallowed each emission as it erupted from the convulsing organ in her mouth. The semen tasted warm, bittersweet and musty. Her sacrifice and degradation was finally rewarded as her fingers closed around the hard bakelite telephone.

Now that she had been completely defiled she felt no shame as she made pretence of compliant participation and moved her free hand up and cupped the youth's scrotum, gently milking the last of his seed with her tongue as she suckled the base of his penis and stroked his scrotal sack.

Michele simultaneously bit down hard on the base of the youth's penis, crushed his testicles in her fingers and bought up the telephone and smashed it against his head. He screamed briefly and then fainted with the enormity of the pain.

Michele pushed his comatose body off hers and shoved him onto the floor. She stood up and kicked him repeatedly in the head until her white court shoe was speckled with bl**d. She drove the heel of her shoe into the youth's crotch and then suddenly she felt herself begin to gag uncontrollably and she ran into the bathroom and vomited. As she rinsed her mouth out with mouthwash she took stock of the situation.

She needed to get the hell out of here quickly but not draw any attention to herself. She quickly fixed her makeup and brushed her blonde wig. Her clothes were dishevelled but not too dirty; as much as she would like to wash off the stench of the youth and change her clothes she just didn't have the time. She scooped all of her toiletries and makeup into her cosmetics case and threw it into a suitcase along with the clothes that she had unpacked earlier.

She took a quick look around the room; she had left nothing behind except her fingerprints; and that didn't matter because she had never been arrested and fingerprints and DNA were not on file anywhere. She pulled up the carry handles on the two suitcases and clipped the briefcase to one of them.

She bent down and checked on the u*********s thief. His breathing was shallow but regular and she was tempted to kick him again but she fought the urge. She opened the door and checked the corridor to make sure there was no one around and then she left by the rear entrance and quickly loaded her suitcases and the briefcase into her car and drove off.

The night clerk almost didn't see the blue Ford Falcon zoom by; he was dozing and dreaming of money and d**gs. He quickly reached for his cell phone and punched up his accomplice's phone number. As he waited for an answer he saw that woman's car continued past the entrance to the hotel and he breathed a sigh of relief. But when his friend's phone didn't answer he cautiously made his way to room 113.

He was immediately suspicious when he saw that the door to the room had been left slightly ajar. He knocked on the door and waited for a few seconds and then stepped inside. The room looked like someone had abandoned it in hurry and there were signs of a struggle; the bed has dishevelled, the phone cord had been torn from the wall and the telephone sat incongruously in the middle of the bed. The clerk cautiously walked around to other side of the bed where he found his accomplice comatose on the floor, bl**died and bruised and with his penis hanging out of his flies. He went into the bathroom and poured water into a glass and came back and threw it over his friends face.

The clerk shook his companion and he slowly gained consciousness.

"Duuuude!" he groaned groggily as he tried to stand up.

"Duuuude!" his friend replied, shaking his head.

About thirty minute later Michele figured it was safe enough to pull off the road to get some coffee and have a cigarette and think things over. She pulled into a full service roadside petrol station and filled the car, paying the attendant with cash. She pulled away from the petrol bowsers and parked in a parking lot behind the cafe so that car could not be seen from the highway. She rummaged around in one of her suitcases and found some clean underwear. She had to at least change out of the panties she was wearing because the crotch had been cut out of them by her assailant.

Inside the café she went straight to the ladies toilet and locked herself into a cubicle. She yanked down her pink satin panties, the saw that the crotch had been sliced clean through by the knife. She pulled a pair of pale blue nylon boy-leg panties from her purse and exchanged them for the ruined pink satin briefs. She recalled the youth's snide comment about wearing thongs. She hiked up her skirt and pulled up her fresh clean panties, the material rustling softly against her pantyhose.

She was adjusting the panties to fit snugly around her waist and crotch when she noticed that her penis had broke free of the surgical tape holding it in place. She pulled her panties halfway down her thighs and put a hand inside the gusset of her pantyhose to tuck her penis under her crotch when she felt a warm sticky mess. She pulled her hand out and looked at her fingers and then smelt them. It was semen!

The youth had dry humped her for quite some time before he made her fellate him; she could see the silvery trails left by his pre-seminal fluid sparkling on her pantyhosed thighs, but he couldn't have achieved two orgasms one against her body before he climaxing a second time in her mouth surely?

Michele fell back against the toilet cubicle wall and recalled the trance-like state she had entered when she had reluctantly fellated the youth. She recalled suppressed feelings of sexual arousal as she slavered at his penis. Had she climaxed??? Surely not!!!

Michele sat down on the toilet bowl and took a handful of toilet paper, pulled down her pantyhose and rubbed at her crotch, wiping away the incriminating sticky substance. The unmistakeable musky smell of semen floated up from her crotch. She stood up and pulled up her pantyhose and panties and straightened her skirt.

She left the cubicle and went over to the washbasins and washed her hands. Suddenly she began to gag again and she thought that she might throw up, but the spasm passed. Had she really climaxed while that disgusting youth was defiling her? She thought about what had happened to her over the last two days. She had been sexually dry humped by a randy federal policeman who had taken advantage of her; and she had just been m*****ed and sexually abused by a filthy young thief whose initial objective had been to rob her.

Both of these men had been convinced that she was a woman. Not just a woman; but a sexually attractive woman. Although she had never thought about herself this way before because she had never associated her crossdressing with sex, it was somehow empowering; and dare she think it; exciting; knowing that men found her desirable. Maybe her desirability was a weapon that she could add to her arsenal to aid in her escape.

She thought about this for a while and then she reached into her purse and took out her lipstick, mascara and face powder. She fixed her makeup and looked at herself intently in the mirror. She surprised herself completely when her lips slowly grew into a smile. She winked at herself; shrugged her shoulders, and walked confidently out of the restroom.

A few minutes later, the road clear of other traffic, she rummaged around in her purse and pulled out the tattered pink panties with the sliced out crotch and threw them out the window.

About an hour after Michele's pink satin panties fluttered in the breeze, eventually coming to rest on the side of the highway, Steve Marshall rolled into Wodonga and met with his contact at the Best Western Motel.

To be continued.
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