Michele And The Predator Ch. 04 - The End

Michele ended up sandwiched between the Predator and the stranger who occupied the corner of the booth. She heard her subjugator murmur something about 'red' which she didn't understand. She certainly understood the implication of the next sentence that he spoke, "Look what I bought us to play with!"

Then she was f***ed to turn her face towards the Predator who kissed her and then he turned her towards the other man who also kissed her. The stranger had recently shaved and smelled of the shower he must have recently taken, and although she could taste scotch and cigarettes on his breath, she could also discern an aftertaste of mouthwash. He kissed her gently, running his tongue along the inside of her mouth. He was only the second man that had ever kissed her and he was far more gentle and considerate than the Predator. Then Michele paled; she heard the unmistakeable sound of a zipper being opened. She looked down and saw that both men had their flies open and had taken out their semi erect penises.

Michele paled at the sight of the male organs exposed one either side of her as she sat on the cheap bench seat. She knew better than to resist when the Predator placed her polished fingernailed hand in his lap and again when the man she now knew as Red did the same; the Predator threatened her but it was not necessary, she knew what was expected of her and she had no escape. Michele loosely encircled both of the flaccid cocks in her fingers and began to slowly stroke them. She felt them both stiffen and elongate immediately; the texture of the organs was slightly silky along the shafts and spongy at the glans. She had of course masturbated herself on innumerable occasions but holding someone else's manhood in her hands was strange; and she had to admit, a little empowering. Both men started to groan softly and then the Predator squeezed her wrist and bought his face close to hers and whispered, "Harder." Then he started to kiss her driving his tongue in and around her mouth as their lips remained mashed together.

Michele again decided that resistance was useless and that her best option was to satisfy the two men as quickly as possible in the forlorn hope that they might let her go after this. She grasped both of their penises tightly and took up a slow, hard rhythmic stroke. Michele moved her body against the Predator's as he continued to kiss her, she used a masturbation technique that she used on herself when she wanted to come quickly, squeezing the shaft harder on each upstroke and lightly feathering her fingers down the quivering shafts on the downstroke. She could feel pre-seminal fluid leaking from the eye of the glans of penises and she smeared it along the shafts, lubricating them as she stroked and fondled them.

Michele concentrated on stimulating the erect members whilst at the same time returning the Predators hard kisses as he panted into her mouth; she could hear Red groaning and hoped that the rest of the patrons in the seedy bar were not paying any attention to what was going on in the back booth. Then she felt the Predator pull his face away from hers and he whispered in her ear "Look!" She glanced down to look below the table; she saw that both men had pressed their legs against her nyloned thighs, the flies on their jeans were opened and the two hard cocks were standing rigid with her red painted fingernails sliding slowly up and down them as she firmly stroked the straining meat.

"No! out there stupid!" her captor hissed; and she looked up to see that just about every head in the bar was turned towards her watching her simultaneously wanking off the two men.

Michele was stunned by the look of wanton lust in the eyes of the other patrons as they watched the blond-haired, heavily made-up, mini-skirted matron masturbate her two male companions. She again felt that sense of power as she stroked the two throbbing cocks harder in anticipation of their ejaculation. She stared across the room at a table of three rough looking biker types and licked her lips to tease them; for the first time since this nightmare began she felt powerful and in control. Michele could hear the Predator and Red gasp as their orgasms shook them and she caressed their rigid poles and squeezed and stroked them, milking them of their offerings. She felt the first hot jets of semen shoot forth and splash on her thighs, soaking through the nylon of her stockings and warming her skin beneath the layers of hosiery; sticky gobbets of sperm ran down over her clenched fingers coating her painted red fingernails with hot viscous fluid. As Michele heard both men groan with the intensity of their combined orgasms she wriggled her body and flicked her hair, staring back into the lust filled eyes of her audience. She was taken with the power she held in this bar; the two men beside her were coming over her legs because she had control of their male organs and the rest of the customers in this dark seedy bar were mesmerised by her attractive female form and were obviously lusting after her.

Michele waited until her two companions had finished their climax and then she amazed everyone in the bar, herself included, by lifting her hands to her mouth and placing her sperm spattered fingers, one at a time, between her lipsticked lips and sucking them clean of the sticky male issue. She sampled the musty tang of semen, which earlier tonight she had been f***ed to taste for the first time, and continued to stare back at the enthralled clientele. Michele was rock hard, her cock straining against the gusset of her pantyhose and panties.

The Predator was amazed at the transvestite whore's actions; she had been meek and mild all night, afraid of him, and had only capitulated to his sexual peccadillos when f***ed to do so. What was this bitch up to? Was she starting to like this? Well, he thought, let's see how far she is willing to go? He turned her face towards his again and whispered into her ear, "Go and fix your makeup honey," and zipped up his pants and slid out of the booth so that the transvestite could extricate herself from the bench seat. As she slid past him he saw her leather miniskirt ride up her thighs exposing her red nylon panties, the bulge of her erection trapped behind the lace panel. He could also see the glittering diamantes on her fully-fashioned stocking tops and the silvery spatter of his and Red's semen on her sheer black stockinged thighs. She stood up and took her clutch purse and tottered off on her high-heels towards the toilets just behind the booth.

The Predator watched her falter in her red high-heels and his eyes followed the back seams on her gossamer black stockings from where they began at the fashioned Cuban heels to where they disappeared under her black leather miniskirt, her well rounded arse was emphasised by the tight skirt. Her white nylon blouse glowed ethereally in the dim neon lighting; the colours from the cheap beer signs creating highlights in her blonde bob and reflecting off her jewellery; she was the most desirable thing he had ever seen, and he was beginning to like the way the evening was developing. It must be obvious to the barflies staring at his captive that she was a transvestite; the bitch looked sexy and slutty the way she was dressed and with the lashings of makeup she wore; but her mannerisms and her walk were a dead give away that she was a man. Whatever the case, there was no disguising the lust in their eyes and the overpowering sexual tension in the bar.

Michele rose from the seat aware that the Predator was ogling her legs and that all eyes in the bar were on her; she felt so potent to have all these men obviously wanting her, she knew that she should be disgusted with herself for such thoughts after what had happened to her tonight, but wasn't this what she had always really wanted? Wasn't it her dream to be sought after as a highly attractive woman? Ok, so maybe she hadn't wished to be f***ed to subjugate herself to this monster, the Predator, whom she had read about in the papers, but still, didn't she now have some control over the situation? There was no way he could hurt her here in this bar with the patrons looking on. Besides, she was now genuinely horny; sure the power thing was there, but she still had a sex drive and now it was working overtime.

Michele decided it was time for her to take the lead for a while; to see how far she could manipulate these men who lusted after her. She could feel all of their eyes on her back, gobbling up her legs and arse; she turned her head over her left shoulder, flicked her blonde fringe and winked wantonly at the three bikers sitting at the table. Her exotically made up eyes, mascared lashes, her rouged cheeks and plum-red lipsticked mouth were erotic and inviting. She wiggled her arse (which was not that hard because she could hardly walk in her heels anyway) and turned towards the toilet. She didn't even hesitate, she walked straight past the dim lighted "His" sign and went straight to the door marked "Hers". Michele closed the door behind her, leaned against the wall and started to shake. What the fuck was she playing at????

The Predator couldn't believe his eyes; what the fuck was she playing at???? Well if she thought she was ready to play with the boys, he could arrange that alright. He just hoped she realised that these boys wouldn't play nice; she had better be careful or she might get more attention than she wanted.

The Predator thought about it for a minute and tried to figure out just what the bitch was up to; maybe she thought she had some sort of control of the situation now. 'Well let's just see what happens then shall we?' he thought as he saw the three biker types looking expectantly over his way. He nodded his head at them and then nodded towards the door to the ladies toilet. The three bikers rose as one, tossed off their drinks, and ambled towards the back of the bar in the direction of the ladies. As they passed by one of the bikers gave the Predator a steely glance and grumbled, "You cool with this; you know, with your lady and all?" The Predator smiled back, "Sure man; besides, she's no lady," he laughed as the bikers sauntered past and filed into the ladies toilet one by one. The Predator sat down beside Red who had watched the performance both amused and intrigued. "Let's get some drinks, have a smoke and then see if our little trannie needs some help," he laughed. "I told you we would have some fun tonight Red," he laughed and went to the bar for drinks.

Michele looked around and was not surprised to find that the ladies room was as shabby as the rest of the bar. The tiled room had a wall mounted mirror running the full length of one wall; a vanity shelf with hand basins set into it was fixed below the mirror. Michele imagined hookers and trashy bargirls leaning over the vanity, adjusting their hair and applying makeup on the bar's busy nights; chattering and complaining amongst themselves about prospective punters and their lazy barfly boyfriends. Four toilet cubicles took up the adjacent wall and three shabby armchairs were arranged around a low table covered in cigarette burns and drink stains; a stained pink ottoman lounge sat ignominiously in the centre of the room, as if this one piece of trashy chic furniture could lift the tone of the squalid restroom. It stank of piss, cigarettes, alcohol, cheap perfume and disinfectant.

Michele was startled as the door banged open and the three bikers entered the room, their boots thumping on the tiled floor. They circled her, manoeuvring her into the middle of the room; they smelt of whisky, cigarettes and raw lust. Well, Michele thought to herself; now was the time to see if she could handle herself. She felt trepidation, but also she felt sexy and attractive; her only concern was if these ruffians hadn't yet figured out that she was a transvestite. "I'm not what you think I am," she whispered. "Oh you're exactly what we think you are; now just shut up and don't spoil our fun," the largest of the three answered and reached out to her.

Michele fell into his arms and kissed him full on the lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth. She encircled him with one arm and reached down and stroked his thickening member through his denim jeans with her free hand. She was fed up with being used; now she was going to take control. The biker gently pushed her backwards and she walked back two steps until she felt the ottoman on the back of her legs. She eased herself down on the lounge, pulling the biker down with her. She reclined back on the ottoman and the biker positioned himself astride her; their kiss never breaking. Michele slid herself under the huge man so that he was straddling her; she kissed him deeply and stoked his leonine head, his hair was long, greasy and dank as it fell either side of her face. She felt his hand slide up her silky nyloned thigh and stroke her stocking tops and his breathing quickened. Michele was erect again in her pretty panties.

Michele reached down and unzipped the biker; she rummaged in his underwear and her fingers found his sleek hard cock and freed it from its prison. She placed the hot iron bar against her leg and rubbed it slowly from side to side, excited by the feel of man-flesh on her stockinged leg. The biker reached under her skirt and massaged the very top of her other thigh, his fingernails snagging on her pantyhose; then she felt the hose split and his hand reached inside her pantyhose, gripped the nylon gusset and tore a gaping hole. He struggled briefly and extricated his cock from her hand and positioned it inside her panties and between her buttocks and began to slowly dry fuck her. Michele bucked underneath him so that she could lift up her arse and wrap her legs around his; she fucked him back, feeling his smooth hard cock rub against her inner buttocks and against the bud of her rear entrance.

The Predator opened the door to the ladies and was astounded at the sight before him. The largest of the bikers had the bitch down on the ottoman and was on top of her; her glossy black nyloned legs were wrapped around him, her skirt hiked up displaying her garters and bejewelled stocking tops, her spiky red high heels danced in the air as she bucked and rubbed herself against the biker. The biker's shaggy mane covered her face as he kissed her passionately and her arms were wrapped around the biker, holding him in a wanton embrace as the bitch sensuously gyrated beneath him. The bitch was enjoying it!!! The two other bikers stood on either side of the ottoman stroking their hard cocks as they jutted from their jeans. The Predator moved inside and sat in one of the shabby armchairs and sipped his drink as he watched the performance.

Michele felt disappointed as the biker on top of her stopped kissing her and pushed himself up using his forearms; then she realised why he had shifted position as the glans of his penis nestled in her arse bud. She saw something out the corner of her eyes and realised that the two other bikers had positioned themselves one either side of the ottoman, kneeling down and thrusting their hard cocks towards her face. She knew what they wanted; she was in control; they wanted her. Michele reached out and caressed one of the hard cocks, slowly stoking it, marvelling at the feel of the sleek male organ. She turned her head sideways and opened her mouth in offering. The rigid member slid into her hot moist mouth and she began to suck on it as the biker slowly thrusted in and out of her ruby red lipsticked mouth. She reached out her other hand and grasped the remaining cock between her fingers and slowly started to stroke the erect organ.

The Predator was becoming extremely aroused at the sight before him. His pretty whore with the lovely blonde bob, pink and blue eyeshadow, thick mascara, dark kohl eyeliner and rouged cheeks was sucking on the rampant hard member of a greasy biker whilst her manicured, red fingernailed hand stroked and fondled the knobbly cock of the other ruffian. The ruffles on her white nylon blouse were crushed under the weight of the third biker who was stride her between her stockinged thighs, her leather mini was bunched around her waist and her red high heels were dangling in the air as her ankles crossed over behind his back, the silver anklet gleamed against the dark nylon hosiery. The Predator was jealous!!! He couldn't believe his reaction to the situation; she was supposed to be debased for HIS pleasure; but the bitch was loving it. He was jealous!!!

Michele tried to control her breathing as the cock in her mouth worked its was in and out slowly; when she could, she trilled her tongue under the sensitive base of the glans, she could feel the cock throb in her mouth every time she did that. The cock in her hand was quite knobbly to the touch and rock hard; it was streaming pre-seminal fluid and her fingers were slick with the clear viscous lubricant. She took her hand away for a few seconds and heard the biker she was wanking groan with dismay. Michele reached underneath herself and wiped the lubricant from her fingers along the cock that was wedged in her arse bud, ensuring she got plenty of it on the bulbous head of the hard member. Then she returned her hand to the other waiting organ and continued to stroke and squeeze it.

Michele was now ready to prove that she could take charge of these three dangerous hooligans; she was in control! She pushed her arse up and relaxed her sphincter and felt the head of the first bikers cock slide inside her; as he tried to f***e his way in further she clamped down with her inner muscles and gripped his member tightly with her sphincter bud. "Gently; slowly," she mumbled around the cock in her mouth. The man straddling her got the message and relaxed. The cock was slightly uncomfortable wedged just inside her, but she knew from her experience earlier in the evening that it would soon feel better. She relaxed again and allowed the member to slowly ease inside her, controlling its entry with contractions of her back passage. Michele gasped as she felt the appendage fill her up and swell and pulsate inside her; positioned as she was, the head of the organ was wedged against her prostate and she felt her own member become throb; freed from the torn pantyhose, it jammed itself in the front lacy panel of her nylon panties. As the biker on top of her began to fuck her, his belly pressed down and rubbed against her nylon encased member amplifying the spikes of sexual pleasure shooting from her prostate.

Michele was now fully engrossed in the threesome and had to concentrate in order to pay attention to all three cocks. She sucked on the hard cock in her mouth and licked and slavered at the glans whilst maintaining a steady rhythm as she masturbated the mottled member she held tightly in the grip of her right hand. Michele felt her own orgasm building; the lovely presence of the hard cock in her back passage thrusting against her prostate, her silken panties rubbing back and forth across her member as the biker fucked her, combined with the salty, musky throbbing cock in her mouth and the feel of the hard slick erection in her right hand was bringing her to sensory overload. She felt the biker who was fucking her quicken his pace and his crotch made loud slapping sounds as he slammed against her thighs and buttocks, Michele fucked him back, timing her thrusts to meet his; the cock in her mouth increased its tempo sliding in and out of her painted mouth faster and faster as she sucked and slavered at the slick throbbing meat. The cock in her hand started to quiver and convulse and she grasped the slimy organ as hard as she could and wanked it furiously.

Michele climaxed.

Michele felt her back passage flood as the cock jammed in there spewed out stream after stream of hot seed until it ran out of her and pooled in her panties; the cock in her mouth convulsed and shot a torrent of warm sticky sperm which she swallowed as she sucked down hard on the quivering organ; the cock in her hand erupted jet after jet of milky cream all over fingers and as the biker's orgasm intensified ropes of come shot over her arm, shoulder and neck and she also felt a stream on it spurt into her hair. Her own orgasm shook her, intensified by the simultaneous emissions happening inside and over her body. Michele's cock quivered in her panties and as the biker who was fucking her pushed hard into her, the pressure of his body against her sensitive nylon wrapped organ caused it to erupt a hot sticky mess into her knickers, some of which began to dribble down and stain her suspender belt and skirt.

Michele spasmed and quivered as the most intense orgasm of her life shook her; she nearly passed out in reaction to the concentrated pleasure wracking her body. She finally lay still and became aware of her surroundings. The biker who had mounted her lifted her legs from around his body and gently lowered them, one either side of him. The bikers kneeling either side of her head stuffed their sticky cocks back inside their pants and then zipped them up, stood and sauntered to the door. The biker between her legs stuffed his organ away as well, and then he leaned forward. He kissed her passionately and then whispered "Who are you?"

Michele murmured back, lost for breath, "Michele."

"Well Michele," he smiled, "you come back here any time you want to sweetheart."

He quickly kissed her again on the lips, rose and strolled after his friends.

The Predator walked over to one of the stalls and grabbed a handful of toilet paper from the dispenser and then strolled over to the ottoman. He looked at the transvestite whore lying there, her lovely blonde bob and white nylon blouse were covered in the biker's semen, her stockinged thighs spread wide crudely displaying her red nylon panties soaked in her own emission and that of the biker who had fucked her. With her leather mini bunched around her waist and her red high heels wide apart resting on the ottoman, she looked fucked and contented. He handed her the bunched up toilet paper, "Clean yourself up," he growled.

The Predator watched the transvestite as she sat up and adjusted her underwear; she stood up and moved over to the mirror and used the paper and some tap water to clean most of the semen off her hair and clothing; she went into one of stalls for a few minutes and then he heard a flush. He was thinking to himself that he had very much underestimated this transvestite bitch; she had handled all of the circumstances that he had put her in to and was gaining the upper hand with each situation. A plan formulated in the back of his mind. Would she go for it? There was only one way to find out.

The Predator held his hand out to the dishevelled woman and when she took it he led her back to the ottoman and indicated for her to sit. She sat down and he sat beside her and looked at her face; still pretty despite the messy makeup and unkempt hair. He slid a hand over her stockinged thigh and looked her in the eyes, "Michele is it? Well Michele, we are leaving here now and I'm taking you home. On the way we are going to have a chat and I'm going to make you an offer that I want you to consider; either way, given what has happened tonight I don't think you want to go the authorities and tell them what happened; otherwise your friends and f****y would have to know about your double life. Just think my proposition over let me know one way or the other."

The Predator kissed her gently on the lips and helped her to her feet; he handed her her purse and took her by the arm and e****ted her out of the ladies room into the dark bar. He walked Michele past the booth where Red still sat nursing a drink, "Bye Red," he muttered as they walked past. As they made their way to the door of the bar the bikers standing around the pool table all applauded and yelled out cat calls. The Predator led her out into the cool night air and over to his car; he opened the door for her and as she went to get in the car he pulled her to him and kissed her. She responded and wrapped her arms around him holding him tight. He gently disengaged himself and helped her into the car and they drove away into the night.

Three weeks later...

The Predator looked at the middle aged woman spread eagled on the huge four poster bed. She was tied hand and foot to the bed by the stockings he had taken from her dresser. She was just to his taste; her heavily made up face was framed by her permed red hair. He studied her for a minute. Her pale skin was sprinkled with freckles just visible under the layers of foundation, face powder and rouge. Her eyes were pale blue framed by her dark mascara and eyeliner and her bright red lipsticked lips quivered in fear.

The Predator cast his eyes along her body. She wore a red satin evening gown; now slit open from her breasts to the hem at the bottom of the dress. The gown had been pulled open exposing the black nylon full slip that she wore underneath; this garment too had been slit from top to hem exposing her red satin half-cup brassiere and matching directoire knickers. Just above the waistband of her knickers the lace top of a black suspender belt was visible; the garter straps peeking out from the legs of her knickers were attached to high sheen taupe stockings; the stocking tops were dark brown and pulled taught where the suspenders were attached by their glistening silver clips. Her shoes were red suede high heeled pumps.

The Predator thought she looked like a sacrifice on an alter; the bizarre image was like some gothic tale; with her red satin gown and black full slip spread open beside her; he imagined she looked like a vampire queen, spread eagled and awaiting the stake.

The Predator moved over to the side of the bed and gently, light as a feather, ran the point of the silver steel blade of his knife along her body; starting from between her breasts, along the curve of her belly and down to her sex. As she moaned he savoured her fear. The Predator placed his other hand over the crotch of her satin directoire knickers and pushed the silky material into her cleft, "Like I said, honey; don't cry out and no one gets hurt," he whispered.

Michele was dressed in a full-body black leather corset; her new breastforms filled the cups so that the leather pulled taught across her breasts. She wore black satin full cut panties, the crotch just visible below the bottom of the corset. Suspender straps ran from the corset underneath her panties and were attached to diaphanous black nylons with dark reinf***ed cuban heels and stocking-tops; tiny diamantes decorated the satiny stocking-tops and the cuban heels; a black seam ran up the back of the stockings. These were the same stockings the Predator had made her wear to the biker bar three weeks ago; she knew he loved them. Her feet were shod in black patent leather high heeled sandals; her painted red toenails just visible through the reinf***ed toes of her nylons.

Michele had carefully matched her makeup to her attire; which reflected her mood this evening. Earlier in the evening she had sat in front of her makeup mirror and contemplated how she wanted to look. The theme was dark; black actually, and she was so excited that she had to be extra careful when applying her makeup. She applied two thick but even coats of pale foundation to her face and neck. Then she painted jet black kohl to her upper and lower eyelids, starting in the very corner of her each eye, working outwards applying three thick coats so that her eyes looked like an Egyptian goddess. She carefully brushed dark purple eyeshadow onto her eyelids applying several coats to get the desired effect; she smudged the dark makeup with a finger feathering it out and up so that it faded just below her eyebrows and extended right to the outer edges of her eyes.

Michele next applied a dusting of red rouge to her cheeks; running it diagonally across her cheek-line and feathering it up to almost meet with her eyeshadow. She applied a coat of pale face powder next, setting the foundation and rouge. Then she carefully removed the plump black false eyelashes from their little plastic container. She fiddled around until they were set perfectly and indistinguishable from her own upper eyelashes. Her lashes were now long, plump and dark. She heavily mascared her lower eyelashes and then reached for her lipstick. She applied bl**d red lipstick to her lips using the base coat applicator and then set her lipstick with the clear top coat. As she did this she was pleased to see her bright red nail polish matched the lipstick perfectly.

Michele applied another coat of pale face powder and reached for the wig she had selected earlier. The wig was a jet-black short bob; she adjusted it in place and fiddled with the fringe so that it was in a perfectly straight line across her forehead coming down to just over her eyebrows. She gave it a final combing; the sides of her hair extended along her cheeks and angled up; the hair at the back of the wig ran high across the back of her neck displaying her delicate white skin. To emphasise her neck she clipped on a diamante set silver necklace which had three strings of diamantes drops connected to the main necklace hanging down to the top of her breasts. She clipped on matching earrings which dropped almost to her shoulders.

Michele wore a huge red ruby ring set in silver on the ring finger of her right hand and a huge yellow diamond with matching setting on her left. On all of her other fingers she wore silver rings of various designs. Around her slim, black-nylon clad ankles she wore silver anklets. She stood up and slinked over to her full-length mirror and looked at herself, her eyes wondering up and down, adjusting little things here and there. She uttered one word; "Perfect." Then she sprayed herself liberally with her favourite perfume, 'Poison', pulled on a trench coat and went down stairs to wait for the Predator who would soon be here to take her out on her first adventure with him.

Michele now stood on the other side of the huge four poster bed and looked down at her captive. He was tied to the bed in the same fashion as his wife; lashed to the frame of the bed by nylon stockings. He was wearing a black dinner suit but the jacket had been discarded before the man was restrained on the bed. His crisp white formal shirt was unbuttoned; the tails untucked from his trousers and the shirt wide open displaying his dark hairy chest. His black dress trousers had been pulled down to his ankles so that only his white satin boxer shorts covered his manhood. He was about fifty but still trim and handsome; his deep blue eyes were set off by his black curly hair. His face was chiselled and his cheeks well defined.

Michele ran a sharp red fingernail down his body, starting at his throat and ending just below his belly button where the waistband of his boxer shorts lay tight across his abdomen. The man groaned; "You won't get away with this you bitch!" Michele responded by gently fondling his package through the satin shorts and whispering, "Shush honey; you heard what my partner said; don't cry out and no one gets hurt!" She was pleased to feel the man was adequately endowed and could hardly wait for the fun to begin. Her own genitals ware restrained by a gaff and as her excitement mounted it was becoming decidedly uncomfortable.

The Predator was naked; his rampant penis stuck out in front of him, tumescent, pink and swollen, a long rope of clear pre-seminal fluid hung from the eye of his glans. He climbed onto the bed and straddled the woman who was lashed there spread eagled. He rubbed his cock over her satin encased tits and groaned as the silky material stimulated the nerves in his hard member. The woman squirmed beneath him but all her movements did was to excite him further. He grasped the bed head and lifted himself up and forward until his cock was over the woman's face and then lowered his crotch until his erect penis rested on her cheek. He rubbed his cock all over her face and was delighted when a single tear escaped her eye and ran down her cheek.

Michele watched the Predator climb on the bed and knew that the fun was about to start. She saw the look of anger in the eyes of the woman's husband. She sat on the bed beside the man and lowered her face to his and pressed her mouth down on his thick sensuous lips. He tried to move his head away and she gripped his testicles through his shorts and squeezed. He got the message and lay still; he knew there was nothing he could do. The Predator had done all the talking when they had overpowered the couple as they had just finished dressing to go out for the evening. The threats the Predator had made, particularly against the woman, had f***ed the couple to capitulate. They knew their best option was to be compliant and then hope that the man and woman who had broken into their house would leave them unharmed once they had had their way with them.

Michele probed her tongue inside the man's lips and f***ed it into his mouth; she swirled it around and savoured his sweet fresh breath. She eased her grip on his testes and snaked her hand inside his shorts and took his thick flaccid member in her hand. She kissed him harder and slowly started to stroke his penis. She heard him gasp and then she felt his cock begin to harden in her fingers. Michele smiled even as she continued to kiss him; she thought to herself that men were just so easy to control.

The Predator looked across at Michele kissing the helpless man on the bed and smiled when he saw her hand disappear inside his shorts. He sniggered when he saw that she was goading an erection out of the man. He moved his body down onto the woman so that he was lying on top of her, his face hovering over hers, "Look," he said, "your husband can't help himself; he's enjoying it!" The woman strained and turned her head and saw the attractive black clad woman kissing her husband; she looked down and was horrified to see the bitch had her hand inside her husband's shorts and was stroking him. She was more horrified when she saw the woman ease her husband's erect member out of the fly of his shorts and stroke his hard cock, her bright red fingernails snaking up and down his tumescent member.

Michele was now stroking the hard cock in her left hand; she slid her fingers up and down the spongy mass of sinew and veins and felt it thicken and engorge. She kissed the man passionately and he groaned and started to respond to her kisses, the tip of his tongue exploring hers. Michele pressed her body against his and slid one sleek nyloned leg over his and began to rub her black nyloned leg up and down; he writhed and began to push up with his abdomen so that his cock was actually fucking her hands. She loosened her fingers so that his cock was held in a feather like grasp; barely touching the skin of his penis. She felt him buck and bounce as he tried to get more friction on his manhood. Michele's smile widened.

The Predator watched as the woman looked on horrified at the reaction of her husband to the ministrations of the whore who was rubbing her stockinged thigh along her husband's leg. She saw him attempting to fuck the trollop's hand and heard his heavy breathing in between the long wet kisses. More tears escaped her. The Predator lowered his face to the woman and began to spray soft kisses on her pale skin; he gently lapped up her tears with his lips. He ran his hand down her belly and tenderly cupped her sex through her directoire knickers and began to work the soft gossamer material of the knickers into her cleft. The woman stiffened beneath him and then began to struggle. He f***ed his lips down on hers and pushed a finger into the folds of her labia and began to softly stroke her clitoris.

Michele looked across at the Predator as he began to stimulate the woman's sex and f***e his mouth over hers. She lifted her face away from the woman's husband and whispered in his ear, "Look." The man turned his head to the side and was greeted by the sight of his wife struggling under the monster who had invaded their house. To his disgust he saw his wife stop struggling and begin to move her hips in a circular motion in time with the man's hand which was buried in his wife's knickers. While his attention was elsewhere Michele turned around on the bed and lowered her face the husband's erect shaft and slurped the stiff member into her mouth, smoothing her lips all the way along the shaft until her lips were at the base of his cock; she lashed her tongue around the bulbous glans. The man moaned and pushed his hips up off the bed and began to fuck her mouth as she moved up and down on his rampant cock.

The Predator looked across at Michele and saw her fellating the woman's husband. The man was face fucking Michele and he had look of extreme pleasure on his face. The woman beneath him was now squirming and bucking as he manipulated her clitty through her knickers; he took his hand away and heard her mumble her disappointment into his mouth as he kissed her. He didn't disappoint her for long; he adjusted his position on top of her so that his hard cock was buried in the fissure of her open labia and began to dry fuck her through her satin knickers. She bucked up against him and he moaned at the intense sensations shooting through his cock caused by the sleek material of her knickers rubbing against his erection.

Michele was sucking the husband's cock in a steady rhythm, grasping the sinewy cock between her lips and whisking her tongue along and over his glans. She could taste his secretions and his humping motion lifted his arse clear of the bed as he bucked under her. She glanced across to see the Predator slide his cock between the wife's legs and knew that soon this little drama would come to its climax. Michele eased her face away for the man and this time she actually heard him grumble in disapproval. She eased a hand inside her panties and untied the gaff so that her aching member could be free and then she lifted herself up over the man so that her stockinged thighs straddled his. Michele raised her arse up and eased the gusset of her black nylon panties to one side and lowered herself slowly so that the tip of the man's cock nestled up against her sphincter. Michele lowered herself and gasped at exactly the same time as the man when his thick bulbous glans slid inside her.

The Predator saw Michele mount the husband and position his cock underneath her; he pushed the woman's face to the right so she could see what her husband was doing. The woman gasped, and as she did the Predator quickly repositioned his cock under leg of the woman's directoire knickers and pushed his hard cock into her tight slick cunt. The woman bucked and rolled beneath him and he hung on to her and enjoyed the ride. He didn't know if she was trying to buck him off or was trying to fuck him and he didn't care; her firm vaginal walls were stretched around his rampant penis and all he could feel was the intense pleasure shooting out from his groin. The woman beneath him began to set a measured tempo with her thrusts and it was obvious now that she was enjoying what she was getting; f***ed or not. The Predator adjusted his position so that the base of his cock pushed against the woman's clitoris and his balls rubbed against her gossamer smooth directoire knickers. He started to fuck her hard and fast feeling his orgasm building.

Michele eased herself down further so that the man's cock slid slowly further inside her. She had lubricated her back passage in the bathroom before she had joined the Predator at the bedside and now she was glad she had. The cock filled her anus and she had to take it easy and ride with the man beneath her to stop him lunging up and stabbing her arse with his cock. She took control and eventually she was filled up with hot throbbing cock. She sat down hard on the man to stop him from fucking her; she just sat there and enjoyed the feel of hot cock filling her arse. Michele stated to gyrate as she clenched and unclenched her internal muscles to stimulate the cock buried inside her. Then she started to slowly ease herself up and down on the rampant member, eventually loosening up enough so that she could increase the tempo. The man beneath her sensed this and matched her with his thrusts; as she lowered herself down, he thrust up; the head of his cock pressed against her postrate and she felt her own orgasm build. Michele bucked faster up and down on the cock and felt it slide in and out of her and stimulate the hundreds of nerves along the walls of her arse. She was close to coming.

The Predator fucked the housewife with long hard strokes and lowered his face to hers and was greeted by sloppy wet kisses as the woman bucked beneath him. Her cunt was spasming around his cock and he sensed she was about to come; he thrust faster and harder and was rewarded with her hot juices flowing around his hard cock. He crushed his lips against hers and plunged his tongue into her mouth; he ground his groin against hers and she pushed back hard against him and her cunt convulsed as she orgasmed. The Predator's cock spasmed and twitched as it shot load after load of hot semen deep into the woman. The housewife pushed back against him and shuddered as her orgasm racked her; she gasped around his tongue but continued to mash her lips against his, there tongues intertwined and teeth crashing together so intense was their climax.

Michele pushed down hard on the cock buried deep in her arse and felt it convulse. The man's member shuddered deep inside her and as it spasmed she felt jets of hot fluid fill her back passage. His knob was pushed hard against her postrate and she felt her release. Her issue shot from her semi-hard cock and filled the front of her panties. Michele slammed her arse up and down on the rock hard cock that was spewing semen deep inside her. She screamed and moaned and shook her head; the sensation was so exquisite. Eventually her climax subsided and she came to rest straddling the man who lay there moaning beneath her, his cock pulsing in the last throes of his orgasm. Michele lowered her head and gave the man a sloppy wet kiss and then leaned back and looked across at the Predator.

The Predator looked across at Michele as she raised herself from the hot wet kiss that she was giving the husband. He saw her straighten up, the man's cock still buried in her arse as she straddled him. She smiled at him and leaned across; the Predator lifted himself from the housewife and Michele and the Predator kissed each other passionately across the bodies of their victims who lay lashed to their marital bed; the Predators cock was becoming flaccid inside the woman, and Michele's back passage was contracting around the wilting cock buried inside her. The wife looked across at her husband and whispered, "We can never tell anyone about this," Her husband responded, "Never."

Michele and the Predator smiled at each other.

The End
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5 months ago
Disturbing.Predator should have been killed.
8 months ago
interesting ending. thought maybe michelle would fuck the husband though or make him suck her
8 months ago
great piece o' writing!
8 months ago