My Shemale Stepmother

My parents split up when I was eighteen, I was a little distressed by it but we had never been as close as some. Still, I didn't really see what had driven them apart so quickly and so thoroughly that they never even spoke any more. I guessed maybe one of them must have had an affair and that was really all that I thought about it. I went off to college and life went on. That following summer, when I was nineteen, I moved in to live with my dad for the summer. He had bounced back quickly following the divorce and had already found someone new and I had to say, he had done pretty well for himself. Carla was a hot, curvaceous Brazilian model, tall and long legged with olive skin and sun kissed blonde hair. Everywhere she went, eyes turned to follow her ass she wiggled her ass in the tight skirts she loved to wear. There was just something about her, sure she was super sexy but there was something extra special that set her apart from other women, something in the way she carried herself and talked and laughed, so confident of her own allure and sexuality. Where, at first, I was impressed with my dad and how he'd managed to get himself such a woman, it wasn't long before I started to become jealous and began to fantasise about my hot latin stepmum.

Any son who catches a glimpse of their father having sex is inevitably going to be pretty massively effected by it, but for me this event had even greater significance, it was the day that pretty much changed my life for good. I couldn't stop thinking about Carla, she was on my mind constantly. Even at work in shelf stacking summer job, I was distracted all the time by my thoughts of what it would be like to stick my cock deep inside that hot Brazilian body where my dad had been before. I knew it was wrong to think that way about my stepmother but what could I do? I felt like I couldn't control my own mind any more, she was always there. Finally, I decided that no matter what the consequences, I just had to see Carla's naked body, it was the only thought that consumed me.

One day, I got home from my job early and the house seemed empty and deserted, but as I walked upstairs I began to hear moans coming from the bedroom and began to guess what that would mean. Carla would be there, exposed in all her naked beauty, having sex with my father. Before I really knew quite what I was doing, I knew that I had to see this and I quietly tiptoed up the stairs to the door of my dad's room which was slightly ajar and peered through the gap.

I don't know quite what it was that I expected to see but what I did see was certainly something very very different. The scene before me was something that I would never have expected to see in a million years. Sure, in the middle of the room was just what I had hoped to see, Carla's tall, toned body almost completely naked. I had a great view of the curve of her pert, round breasts, her flat stomach and long legs in thigh high leather stiletto boots that made her tower even taller over my father who knelt in front of her and, now this was the shocking bit, was sucking on her big, thick, hard cock, almost twice the length of mine! That's right, my gorgeous new stepmother wasn't a beautiful girl at all, she was a shemale! Clearly my dad didn't have any problem with it as he slobbered eagerly all over her thick manhood.

"Oh, baby, you sure know how to turn a girl like me on," Carla moaned in her thick Brazilian accent, "If you don't watch out I'm gonna cum right down your throat. You'd like that wouldn't you, you dirty little cocksucking sissy?"

"Yes mistress," my father, humiliated by this hot dominant shemale and loving it, replied, taking her cock from his mouth for a moment, "I want to make you cum, I want to drink all your juices as you fuck my throat with your big, hard cock."

I couldn't watch this any longer, it was just too weird. I turned away from the bedroom door and dashed away back to my own room. Well, you would think that seeing this little, or actually rather large, extra side to the woman of my fantasies would make me stop thinking of her like that and certainly, that was what I thought when I got back to my room. But it turned out that this was not the case at all. In fact, seeing how Carla was extra endowed only served to turn me on more. I didn't realise it until I was lying on the bed in my room, but the sight of my father orally servicing the beautiful shemale had given me a massive hardon even as I felt disgusted by it. I couldn't help but jerk my dick off while picturing the much larger and more impressive size of Carla's in think of it violating my throat as right now it was doing to my father.

Over the next few days, my obsession with Carla and her cock grew and grew until I just found myself staring longingly at her wherever she went, watching her feminine figure showed off by the tight dresses she wore and imagining that little piece of masculinity the skirts concealed. At night I would masturbate and these days all I could picture was Carla's cock. Try as I might, though, I couldn't get another glimpse of it for real or another sight of her taking my father. Not in reality anyway. But, what I did do was start to think how little I really knew about Carla, who she was, where she had come from. My dad had told me that she was a model and I had accepted this pretty readily, I mean she was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on so it wasn't hard for me to imagine her modelling. But now that I knew something more about the real her, I began to wonder just what kind of model she really was. When I was sure that I had the house to myself, I googled her, searching for "Carla Rodrigues" yielding thousands of hits. Why hadn't I thought of this before? My suspicions were confirmed when I had to go through a number of age confirmation pages to get to the sites that I was interested in. Sure enough, here were galleries of Carla the model, posing in sexy, revealing clothes and underwear, and stripping them off to reveal her monster cock. I was getting pretty hard myself just looking at these pictures and the video section was even more exciting. My cock was straining fit to burst against my tight jeans just at the clips of Carla stroking off her beautiful meat but it got better as the videos turned to Carla going down on guys, or more often, them sucking her cock, or them fucking each other.

One video in particular held my attention for many viewings. Carla was dressed in full dominatrix gear, a tight black leather corset and the thigh high stilettos I had seen her in the other day with matching black leather gloves up to her elbows. In her hand was a whip. The man that she was with was chained to a bed, his hands cuffed to the posts of the headboard and his legs tied up to his hands so they were wide open and his ass was pulled up into the air. His smallish cock was pulled up to allow Carla access to his ass, she knelt over him and was fucking him, thrusting her hard cock deep up into his ass. He was whimpering with the pain of his uncomfortable position, her tearing open his ass and her striking him with the whip but he was obviously enjoying it too.

"What do you want, slave?" Carla said in a hard edged voice, striking him with the whip.

"I want you to fuck me harder, mistress," came the reply, "Harder and faster."

Carla was only too happy to oblige, tearing into his ass with even greater vigour and excitement.

"You like that don't you sissy boy?" she taunted, "You just love having your ass fucked like a little girl, like a slutty bitch."

"Yes mistress," the man in the video moaned, "I love to be fucked by your big, throbbing cock, I want to be used as your sissy whore!"

This video turned me on so much that I couldn't help myself, I took out my cock and began to jerk it off. As Carla made the guy cum and from his position of his ass and cock raised up above him, his own cum dripped down into his mouth. I couldn't help but blow my load all over my chest. It was only as the camera zoomed in on a close up of the guy drinking down his own cum as Carla taunted "Wow slave, you even love cum like a slutty whore," that I realised that the man fucked and humiliated in this video was my own father. No wonder my mum had divorced him. Not only was my new stepmum a shemale pornstar but there was my dad up on the internet for anyone to see, begging to have his ass fucked harder by her. It was humiliating and yet I could only feel jealous that it was him and not me getting fucked by gorgeous Carla. Oh well, as it turned out, I would get my chance to star in my own Carla Rodrigues internet video, but we'll get to that later.

First, I need to tell you how I finally ended up fulfilling some of my fantasies and seeing what it would be like being with my hot pornstar shemale stepmother. It was my day off and I spent it, as I spent most of them, lazing around the house, watching TV and trying not to think too much about Carla, something that was as ever proving pretty difficult. She had gone shopping but would soon be back and then it would be just me and her in the house, this didn't really happen very often and this would be the first time since I caught a glimpse of the real her and had been gaining elicit pleasure from her website. I knew it would be awkward being around her alone, I wouldn't know where to look and would probably have to start hiding an erection pretty soon.

I heard the door and the sound of Carla's strongly accented voice calling "Hiya, I'm back." She came into the living room carrying a load of shopping bags looking as ever the very definition of drop dead gorgeous perfection in a tight little yellow mini-dress and four inch heeled sandals. She beamed a white smile at me.

"Oh, I am glad I caught you on your own, Richard," she said to me and I felt a thrill to be needed by such a beautiful woman, "I have bought some new things and I want your opinion on what your daddy will think of them."

I could just about stammer OK and then she thanked me with a kiss on the cheek which made me blush bright red before turning and taking her shopping bags upstairs. A few minutes later she returned, looking even more stunning in a green halter top that exposed both her fine cleavage and her midriff above a tiny denim mini-skirt. I muttered a few words to the effect of how she looked fine and my dad would probably like it, where what I was really thinking was that she looked unbelievably stunning and that I didn't care about my dad, I wanted to fuck her myself right there. What followed was a strange combination of agony and ecstasy as my hot stepmum paraded before me in a succession of revealing outfits she had bought to impress my dad but that were totally turning me on.

"Now, I have something extra special to show you," Carla said as she left the room one last time.

I had almost got my erection under control and back to its normal size, thinking about the least sexy things I could possibly come up with, when Carla sashayed back into the room and ruined all my hard work with just one look at her. She was now dressed in some of the sexiest underwear available. If before it had been strange and arousing seeing my stepmum in ordinary sexy outfits, the sight of her in a sexy lingerie was just about ready to send me over the edge.

She was dressed in a black bra and panty set with red lace around the top of her bra cups drawing the eye into her seductive cleavage and further red lace around the waist band of her panties. Her gorgeous long legs were covered by black fishnet stockings held up by black and red lace suspenders. The beautiful length and arch of her legs were completed by a pair of six inch heeled black shoes.

"So, what do you think, honey?" she purred seductively, "You think your daddy will like me in these."

I couldn't speak, I just sat there, mouth agape, looking at her beautiful brown body in her black and red lingerie. I looked down at her pretty panties and could see the outline of her cock inside them and that just served to turn me on even more. I was awkwardly trying to cross my legs to disguise my growing hardon when Carla came and sat down next to me on the sofa.

"Or maybe you like me too in this lingerie?" she said, looking at me with her wide hazel eyes. "It's OK baby, I see the way you look at me," she said reaching her hand over to stroke it across my crotch, "I know you think I'm sexy, baby, and I think you a sexy boy too." I was dumbstruck and mesmerised as she unzipped my fly and pulled out my fully erect cock. "That's a nice, sweet little cock you have there, just like your daddy's," she smiled, leaning over, she began to stroke it with her hand and placed a little kiss on the tip of it before looking up into my eyes, "You want me to suck your pretty little cock?" she asked, God I wanted that more than anything but I was too dumbstruck by the whole situation to respond. Thinking perhaps that I was unsure of myself, she sat up again beside me, "Or maybe you prefer it like your daddy does," she said, pulling down the waistband of her black panties to pull out her cock, even only a tiny bit erect, it already dwarfed mine completely, "Maybe you rather suck me off?"

I stared at her cock, I'd never seen another one up this close and never seen one at all half as impressive as Carla's, it was even more so when it came out of such a beautiful, curvy, womanly body. It was at least eight inches long, uncut and totally hairless except for a tiny heart shaved into her pubic hair just above it. Carla took my hand in hers and wrapped it around her cock which was already becoming harder, longer and thicker, I offered no resistance to this. I could feel the warmth of it in my hand which could barely reach around the whole thickness of it. I didn't know what to do.

"Don't be scared honey," Carla said, "I know you want this, I've seen you watching me and your daddy, I know you wanna be in his place. You wanna go down on a big hard cock."

Not totally feeling in control of my actions I found myself stroking her dick, feeling it grow stronger and harder in my hand. She pulled me over and kissed me on the lips, rubbing her tongue against mine, I couldn't help but start pulling harder on her cock. She pulled one of her breasts out of her bra and pushed me down from her lips to her tits until I was suckling on her nipple.

"Oh honey, that feels good," she moaned, "You like your new mummy's breasts much better than your old mummy's now don't you?"

At this reminder that the woman whose breasts I was enjoying was my stepmother, that my father had been here before me, I felt my cock grow even harder and more excited. I couldn't believe the thought of doing this to my father's choice of woman would be such a turn on. Her cock was now fully erect in my hand and stuck up from her little womanly body in such a strange, new and exciting way.

"Oh, baby, your lips are so great on mummy's tits but how about you get a taste of her cock."

She pushed my head further down until I was leaning over her lap with my face barely an inch away from her cock. Close up, it looked even more intimidatingly huge and I could see all the thick veins running through it, I wondered how on earth my dad managed to get it all in his mouth, let alone up his ass. Still, I yearned to get a taste of it and that's just what I did. I stuck out my tongue and licked up and down and around the shaft like it was the biggest, tastiest lollipop ever. Reaching the head, I found it glistening with precum, I liked the slightly salty taste on my lips and decided to go for more. I opened my lips and let the head slip inside my mouth, teasing the opening with my tongue.

"Oh yes, baby, that's it," Carla moaned, pushing my head further and further down her shaft until I found myself gagging on it only about half way down, "You're a natural honey, you'll soon get the hang of it. You suck cock just like your daddy does."

Trying to remember how my dad and the other guys in those videos had looked sucking on her cock, I slurped and bobbed up and down her thick hard b**st, my mouth open as wide as it could go to fit something that thick inside it, gradually managing to take more and more inside me. With one hand I cupped and played with her bare breast while the other stroked what was still outside my mouth of her cock and balls. Soon, however, I found the hand on her breast straying and jerking off my own cock which was almost fit to explode. It seemed like Carla was too.

"Baby, if you keep this up you're gonna make me cum pretty soon. Oh, oh oooo, fuck, open up your throat honey because you're about to get a taste of my hot cum! Oh fuck yes," she groaned as she grabbed the side of my head and thrust her cock right down my throat before shooting her load inside me.

It was thick and warm and salty and tasted just delicious and I couldn't get enough of it, desperately trying to swallow down as much as possible but I couldn't swallow it as fast as it came spurting from my shemale stepmum's monster cock and soon she was spurting all over my face. I barely even noticed that I was still stroking my own cock until Carla leaned over and said, "Let me give you a hand there, baby."

It only took the briefest of touches of her hand to make my cock explode and shoot a load far further and greater than ever before. Loving the taste so much, I eagerly licked Carla's cum from my face and my own from my hand while she watched and laughed.

"Wow, baby, you really are your father's son, just a cumslut like him."

Sucking on my stepmum's cock was all that I could think about for days, but fortunately it wasn't too long until I got another opportunity to do just that. One evening, after work, my dad went out for a while. I was lying around in my room, as usual imagining myself going down on my stepmum's beautiful cock, when she came into the room.

"Hey honey," she said, "Your daddy's gone out for a while. How about you and me have a little fun?"

I sprang up like a shot and rushed eagerly into dad and Carla's bedroom. On one side of the room, Carla had set up a camera and tripod which she was just fiddling with. "Take your clothes off honey, you're going to be the star of my new video."

Well, I didn't know quite what I thought of the world getting to see my exploits with Carla, but if that was the price I had to pay for what I wanted to do with her then I guess I was willing to do it. After all, I was pretty much completely stripped out of my clothes by the time these thoughts had crossed my mind. Carla turned to me, she was dressed once more in her dominatrix boots and fishnet stockings with the same elbow high leather gloves, her breasts and cock were both exposed.

"Listen, you're my slave, OK," she said, sternly, "And you will call me mistress, you do exactly what I ask of you, OK?"

"Yes mistress," I said sheepishly, as she turned on the camera, wondering quite what I'd let myself in for while at the same time feeling my erection growing already.

"What a pathetic little cock you've got there, slave, far too small to be good for anything. You want to see what a real cock looks like, bitch," she waved her eight inch monster at me, beginning to jerk it off with a lascivious smirk at both me and the camera. "Does it bother you that a little girl like me has a much bigger cock than you, slave? Or do you just want to get your lips around it, be a little cocksucking slut whore like your daddy? That's all you little cocked sissy boys are good for."

"Yes mistress," I responded, hearing my whiny, lust filled voice and knowing I was beginning to sound like the cock lusting sissy boy she was calling me, "I want your beautiful cock, it's sooo much bigger and stronger than mine, I want it inside me."

"Get on your knees, bitch," she commanded, and, when I was slow to reply, she kicked me in the groin with her leather boot, I doubled over in pain and she put her foot on my shoulder and f***ed me to my knees, "Listen, slave, when I tell you to do something, you do it, quickly. Understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Now, kiss my foot."

I leaned over and kissed the foot that had been on my shoulder, the smell of the leather was intoxicating. I kissed and licked my way up her leather clad leg and towards her bare thigh until I was just inches away from her cock. She kicked me back onto my ass.

"Not yet, bitch. You've got to beg for it first," she slapped my face with her semi hard cock, "Now, tell me what you want."

"I want your cock, mistress," I said wimpily.

"What do you want to do with it, slave," she slapped her cock across my cheek again. I couldn't believe how hard I had become again, this humiliation was turning me on almost as much as the prospect of sucking her off.

"I want to suck your cock, mistress, I want to wrap my lips all around it and make you cum down my throat."

"That's better, bitch," she said, holding out her cock straight at my mouth.

Eagerly, I leaned forward and began to tongue her cock, making it harder and harder before swallowing a large part of the length of it and starting to suck and lick it.

"Wow, you really are becoming quite the cocksucker. Just like your daddy, so eager for cum. Does it turn you on that this same hard cock in your mouth has been in your daddy's? Do you get excited thinking about me cumming in your daddy's ass like I'm about to in your mouth?" I couldn't respond to this, my mouth was so full of her thick, juicy cock, but I couldn't believe she was right, the thought of sucking the same cock as my father really did make the experience even dirtier, even naughtier and even better.

"Get ready for it, slave, because I'm about to cum for you."

She took her dick from my mouth and jerked it off as streams of her cum came flying out. I desperately tried to catch them in my mouth, delighting in the taste, although more often than not she shot across my face and chest instead so I was soaked all over in her sticky juices. I began to lick it off as I sat back and jerked my own little dick.

"Wow, quite the cumdrinker, isn't he?" Carla said to the camera, "But I never said you could jerk yourself off, slave." She kicked me again with her high leather boots. "I'm not finished with you yet. There's something that little cock loving sissy sluts like you are even better for than sucking cock."

I began to see where she was going with this and it was starting to worry me, "No, please mistress," I begged, "I can't take it."

"I know it must be hard for you, slave, seeing a cock this big with your little girly one but your going to have to learn sometime to get your pretty little ass fucked, it's what cocksluts like you do."

I had to admit that ever since watching that video of my dad chained to the bed, I couldn't help but fantasise about being taken by Carla's hard cock but fantasising about something is one thing, being f***ed to do it is another. Carla put me into a position where I was on all fours with her behind me as if in a doggystyle position. She slapped me across the ass with her leather gloved hand. It stung but my cock sprang up excitedly at the feel of leather on my bare skin. It got even harder and more excited when she stuck one of her leather clad fingers into my anus and began to wiggle it around. That quickly became two fingers, then three, until I was really quite enjoying the stimulation of having my ass filled and beginning to long for her cock. She withdrew her fingers and I felt pretty empty and let out a disappointed whimper.

"See," she laughed, "All you sissy slut bitches are the same. You say you don't want it but in the end you're just desperate to be taken by a big hard cock."

"Please fuck me, mistress," I found myself saying, almost before I realised it.

"Ha ha," she laughed, "You are quite the eager slave, begging for your stepmum's cock. How does it feel, letting a girl use your ass like this? Being taken by her cock, so much bigger and thicker than yours?"

"Oh God, I want it, mistress, I want it now," I really was begging now, "I want you to pop my cherry, I want to feel your cock up inside my ass. I want to be your slutty bitch. Fuck me like you fuck my daddy."

"Well, I can't say no to that," she grinned.

She kicked my legs open wide and knelt between them. I felt the leather of her gloved hands place themselves on my ass cheeks and pull them open. The head of her cock, so quickly hard again, I could feel at the opening of my anus. This was it, there was no turning back from here, I was about to give myself up to being my stepmum's bitch. She pushed her cock up inside my tight anus and I tried to relax but the pain of it was astounding, even the loosening her fingers had given me was no preparation for this. She managed to f***e about three or four inches of her firm manhood into me and I felt completely impaled.

"Fuck, bitch, that's one tight little ass you've got there, it feels amazing on my cock, it's so long since I've had a virgin sissy like you."

I began to scream and tears rolled down my cheeks as she pulled out and thrust back in deeper and harder. I tried to get away but she had a tight grip on my waist.

"Fuck, no, please mistress, don't, it's too painful," I begged, panting breathlessly, "Stop, please, I can't take it, your too big." Soon though, I was crying out a whole different thing, "Oh God, fuck, please, don't stop, harder, FUCK ME HARDER! FUCK MY TIGHT VIRGIN ASS, TAKE ME, TAKE MY CHERRY!!"

This was amazing, I could see why my dad had left my mum and turned to this. Every fibre of my body felt alive with pleasure and stimulation, I felt full and impaled and my prostate was completely stimulated while my cock was rock hard without even being touched.

"Oh yeah, you like that, you little slut, you bitch. You just love daddy's girl popping your cherry, violating your tight ass."

"FUCK YES! I'm your slut, your bitch, your whore, just like my daddy, I love your cock in my ass."

"Carla? Richard? What is going on here?" I looked up at the sound of this and was mortified to see my father had come into the room and was staring at us open mouthed.

I didn't know how much he'd heard but however much couldn't be good. My humiliation was complete and at the sound of my father's voice, I'm ashamed to admit that I blew my load and came all over my chest and the bedroom carpet. I blushed completely red with the embarrassment, there was nowhere to hide, Carla wouldn't let me leave, my hot shemale stepmum was still fucking my ass even as my dad watched.

"I've got to keep busy when you're not around," she grinned enjoying both his and my discomfort, "How does it feel, honey, hearing your son, your masculine pride and joy beg to have his virgin ass fucked by his own stepmum? To hear him beg to be her bitch and be fucked like his daddy? I guess being a cock loving sissy slut must run in your f****y."

I looked up at my dad and couldn't believe that he was getting hard, I could see his erection outlined in his jeans. It seemed that the sight of his son having his ass violated by his own girlfriend and her humiliatingly taunting him about it was a turn on for him. Obviously this love of humiliation ran in the f****y too.

"Come and join us," Carla said, "We can all see you want a piece of this. A father should be there for his sissy son at such important times of his life."

My dad obviously wasn't immune to Carla's commanding abilities as he began to strip off until he was as naked as I was. His cock was already pretty hard from watching us and I couldn't help but admire it, it might have been about half the size of Carla's but it looked good enough to eat. What had happened to me? What had Carla turned me into? I was salivating over my own father's cock.

"You know, bitch, your daddy is quite the skilled cocksucker," Carla said as she continued to fuck me with a steady, aggressive rhythm, "Maybe he could teach you a thing or two. Come here, Joe," she said to my dad. She pulled him into a passionate kiss as he caressed her breasts and then whispered something in his ear. I tried to look back and see what was happening but I was impaled on my stepmum's full eight inches and could hardly move except in time with her thrusts.

"No," my dad said, "I can't."

"You will do as I say, slave," Carla said angrily, "You know you want to see what your little slut boy of a son tastes like."

What? What was she asking him to do?

"How about it sissy boy?" she said to me, "Your daddy's going to suck your tiny girly cock, show you how it's done."

I was about to object but Carla thrust deep and hard back into me and I could only moan and say "Oh god yeah," in response to her assfucking and began to notice my cock was already growing hard again.

My dad dropped to the floor and slid underneath me, I could feel his tongue brush around my cock, and despite my objections to how weird the whole situation was, I couldn't help but moan with delight at how his warm mouth made my cock grow even harder. I had to admit the fact that it was my own father sucking me off while my shemale stepmum fucked my ass just made me more excited.

"Oh fuck, daddy you sure know how to suck cock! Fuck that's amazing!" I moaned, almost involuntarily as my own father's lips conspired to give me the best blowjob I'd ever had.

"Hahahaha," Carla giggled, "What a pair of dirty freaks you are, the cum loving cocksucker daddy sucking on his sissy boy son's cock. Just watching you bitches is too much. Fuck me, I think I'm gonna cum!"

And with that I could feel her warm juices shoot inside me for the second time that day, this time up into my ass and leaking down my thighs. Before she had even withdrawn from my ass, my daddy was already diverting his attention from my cock to licking up my thighs trying to catch Carla's cum. I could hardly blame him, I'd obviously inherited his love of it. He moved around behind him and began to eat out Carla's tasty creampie from my newly violated ass. The feel of my daddy's tongue circling my especially sensitive anus was every bit as good as what he could do to my cock.

"Hey, you know what I'd like," Carla said, watching us with obvious delight, "is to see you two sissy bitches fuck. How about it slave, don't you want your daddy to fuck you just like your stepmum."

"Oh yes, mistress," I said, "Please daddy, fuck my ass," I said, loving the tongue fucking he was already giving it and wanting more.

"Go on daddy," Carla said, "Your little sissy boy needs you."

My daddy couldn't hide his excitement at getting to be the second person to violate his son's cute ass, his rock hard erection told us all how much he'd want it. He pulled his tongue out and slipped his cock in. Having been taken by Carla's monster bat, my daddy's felt nice and snug and comfortable, there was no more pain.

"Oh fuck yes, daddy," I groaned as he pulled out and thrusted back in, "Fuck me hard, use my slutty ass. FUCK ME LIKE YOU FUCKED MY MUM!"

"Oh OH God, son," my daddy moaned at hearing my last utterance, "You're gonna make me cum soon you little bitch if you keep talking like that."

"What would she think, your wife, to see you two now," Carla said, sitting back on the bed and opening her legs wide, "Both cockloving bitches for a hot shemale and fucking each other stupid. Maybe I'll send her a copy of this tape." We were both rock hard now and thrusting back and forward with vigorous rhythm and moaning. "Come and fuck me sissy boys, a girl like me needs a bit of cock too."

We stood up, with my daddy's cock still inside me and moved over to the bed. Carla opened her legs and stuck them in the air on my shoulders as I pushed my hard cock down into her ass with my daddy still standing behind me, his cock inside me. As my daddy thrust into me, I brought my ass back to meet him, as he pulled out, I thrust forward into my stepmum. It was the most amazing sex I'd ever had, my ass totally stimulated by my daddy's hard cock, my own cock nestled in my stepmum's tight ass. Inevitably it didn't take us all long to lose it. I was first.

"Fuck daddy, I'm gonna cum," I yelled, "You're making me cum all over your girlfriend."

My body shook with pleasure, my ass tightened further on daddy's cock my own cock thrust deep into Carla and exploded shooting cum everywhere, just as she, stroking her massive cock sandwiched between us, came over my chest.

"Oh God," she moaned, "Just the sight of you dirty sissies together is enough to make me cum. I can't believe you love fucking your son so much. Are you gonna cum in his ass, he loves a bit of daddy's cum. Maybe you should go down on daddy's cock like he did for you, sissy boy," she said to me, and I quickly obliged, dropping to my knees and swallowing my dad's hard member just as he began to cum into my eagerly awaiting mouth, "That's it," said Carla, "cum for your slutty cumdrinking bitch whore of a son."

"Fuck me," said my daddy, "I seem to have raised quite a little cumslut."

I grinned, my lips sticky with my daddy's cum, "Well, I just take after my daddy so well."

"That's right, honey," Carla smiled as the two of us both licked her body clean of cum, "It's gonna be great having two slut slaves from now on."

And that's about it. The story of my shemale stepmother and how she made both me and my dad her bitches. I gave up on college and moved in permanently to be around Carla all the time. We had lots more kinky fun and made lots more videos but she told me the one where she takes my ass for the first time and then my daddy fucks me too is still the most popular on her website.

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4 months ago
what a great live living at Dad's
7 months ago
so fucking fantastic, erotic and sensual
10 months ago
Loved this story!