Santa Claus is Cumming Part 2

Disclaimer: This story is a work of pure naughty fiction. Any similarities to any person living, dead, undead, fictional, et. al is purely coincidental.
This is the 2nd part of my first story. Critiques are welcome.

5 more days til Christmas. But until then, I still need to work, to carry on as I usually do, maybe have some fun in the interim. It was a long day at work and longer playing Santa. Sure you get some good feelings, but man, keeping yourself in check can be a strain. Sometimes you just need relief.

As I begin my drive home, I slowly pass by a familiar house. I glimpse a nicely decorated tree through the partially openeded d****s. I decide to pull over and park. I walk up to the house and ring the bell. Young Amber opens the door and smiles as she recognizes me. I was good friends with her parents since our days in school. Sadly, they passed away several years ago, so now Amber and her s****r Jenn live with their grandmother. I would babysit them every chance I got while their grandmother worked. She had to retire due to health. Her memory's been getting sketchy too.

"Hey k**do," I greet Amber, "how's grade school going?"

Amber sticks her tongue out at me. "I'm going to be going to college soon, meanie."

I can't help but tease her. Her pouts are just so sexy. Almost as sexy as the rest of her. Tonight she's wearing a form-fitting green sweater, and a nice short skirt. Her shapely legs are barefoot. Long blond hair, done in a ponytail, small firm breasts, and a cute tight butt, which she's kindly displaying as she bends over to pick up an ornament the wind knocked down as she opened the door to let me in. Her skirt beckons me, so I casually flip it.

"Red, eh? My favorite color. Did you know I was coming? Where's your s*s and Grams?"

Amber bolts upright and she blushes. "N-n-no. I didn't," she stammers. "Oh, they're out shopping. I couldn't go cause I flunked a test and 'gave her lip' and maybe some other stuff too."

"Other stuff too? We'll have to talk about that later. So does this mean you'e going on Santa's naughty list?" I tease as I playfully slap her butt.

The slap elicits a slight yelp, and I see mischief creep into Amber's eyes. "I don't want to be! You'll convince Grandmom that I learned my lesson, right? I'd do anything if you'll talk to her. She threatened to not let me go out to parties anymore until school is over!"

"Well you have been bad," I tell her, "but I think I can convince her you'll be good." I grab Amber's shoulders and e****t her towards the living room table. I push her upper body down, her hands, face and chest flat against the wooden tabletop, her now-quivering bottom rising up slightly. I rub her butt softly, then lift up her skirt. My hand once again slaps it, lightly first. Then my strokes come more quickly, harder too. Her quiet yelps become moans. I pull down her panties and notice a wetness to them. I continue spanking her bare ass for several minutes until it is nice and red; like a famous reindeer's nose.

Unable to take any more, I unbuckle my pants. Amber starts as she hears them hit the floor, my boxers follow quickly. She begins to straighten up, but I push her back down. I rub the tip of my head against her wet pussy. I lean down to whisper in her ear, "Now remember, this is suppose to be a punishment to get your name off the naughty list."

Rather than enter her pussy, as I'm sure she was hoping for, I rub my now-lubed cock against her ass. She begins to utter something, but whatever words she was going to say turn to cries as I enter her asshole. I am none too gentle as I push my cock in, going deep. The space is so tight I nearly cum just by entering. I stop a moment to collect myself as Amber's whole body quivers. I slowly begin motioning my cock back and forth in her ass, not letting it come out completely. Only a few minutes pass before the sensations become too much. My thrusts become faster and I hear her whimper and moan. I slap her butt, then grab it tight as I feel my cum explode out and into her ass. Panting, I remove my cock from her. I reach for some paper towels near the table and begin cleaning myself. Amber still has not moved.

"You ok there k**do?"

Panting and heavy breathing are all that greet me at first, then she finds her voice. "O-M-G!! You, you better get me something really nice for Christmas!" And with an exaggerated sniff (and I swear a wink), she grabs her panties and retreats to the bathroom.

Not a moment too soon, because I hear the sound of a car door closing. "5 more days til Christmas," I think to myself, as I pull up my boxers and pants, "5 more days."

End Part 2

Thoughts? Still working on finding my voice. Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome.
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Keep them cumming sir
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More please!!
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More ;)