My first self-fisting

It didn't took long for me, after discovering porn, to discover fisting. At first I was surprised something so big like a hand could fit into a vagina or anus, then the more I looked at videos and pictures about fisting I found it more and more incredibly arousing...

Needless to say... sooner or later I needed to try it on myself!

And so there I was all alone at my place... after getting in the mood by stroking my cock and making it rock-hard and wet, I lubed up my fingers and started fingering my ass. I was fingering on a regular basis since some years already, so my asshole was not that tight. On the contrary, I think I already could loosen up quite a bit. One finger, then two... the pleasure was building more and more inside of me. It didn't take long for me to throw in a third finger, letting go a moan of delight.

I smiled... I recalled the first times I fingered my ass years before, I was tighter and three fingers felt like a lot for me, it took me obviously more time to relax and loosen up with one or two fingers before. I even pictured a boy who lived in my neighborhood fucking my ass while I fingered myself with three finger... that boy was an asshole, but he had quite a nice body, and in my fantasies he had a big dick. So, I was fucking myself with three fingers while thinking at his big dick... and I thought three fingers were a huge girth.

But eventually, as years passed, I managed to stretch my asshole more open, and I was able to take three fingers as a standard after only a couple of minutes of loosening up. I needed more. I wanted to feel my ass fuller and more stretched. I was trying to fist, but had huge difficulties in passing the knuckles. I didn't figure out the trick to do that... until that day!

Fast-forward to that day... there I was already with my index, middle and ring finger in my ass. Instead of thinking about that boy fucking me, that day, I thought about a girl I knew from high school. I imagined I was her... long brown hair, brown eyes, rosy cheeks... and a voluptuous body with big tits. Oh, those tits... how I'd wanted to squeeze them! But for one reason or another, we were never able to become real friends... let alone friends with benefits or lovers! Yet, I found her incredibly hot... and imagining to be her made me even hotter while masturbating my asshole...

Those tits, again... couldn't keep them out of my mind. Given her complexion, I imagined them with big, rosy areolas... i bit my lower lip as I was squeezing the tip of my own nipples with my free hand, and caressing my breast, fantasizing of having the tits of that beautiful girl. I started to move my hips more, and soon I needed to put something more in me, and slid in my pinkie together with the other three fingers I was already using, leaving the thumb out alone. Not a big deal at first, but I discovered since some time that doing so would make me able to push in deeper, past the knuckles, without my thumb yet of course. And so, the more minutes passed and the more I pushed in, I was gradually fucking my ass not only with four fingers, but with the first half of my palm, with only the thumb keeping myself from going further.

I don't know why, maybe I needed to feel the kink of a different position... at some time I squatted. Maybe I was fantasizing being riding some huge cock or something. Then I discovered that that position made my open asshole even more loose and relaxed... my four fingers and palm went in quite more easily. Delighted by that discovery, I first looked above me, and then closed my eyes and smiled, while my increasing arousal was making me panting more and more. As my excitation increased, I was fucking myself faster and faster... and my hole was getting looser and looser. I almost couldn't believe how easy it was.

Then I asked myself, "could this be the right time"? My heart started to pound a little more when i took my fingers out of my ass, then I started to fuck it with my thumb to lube it more, as well as smearing the lube on the back of my hand, which was still a bit dry. Then I started putting all five fingers in... at first I felt a big difference... it was of course bigger than four and the palm. But four and the palm helped a lot in making me all loose and relaxed... and that squatting position somehow helped me even more. So, gradually, I felt my asshole opening more and more under the pressure of my hand. I was inside just before the knuckles... that limit I was never able to pass, that limit that made me ache each time I tried. That time though, I felt different, squatting made my ass more... accepting. And, as my heart pounded more and more, inviting...

Then, finally, my lovely hole gave way to my hand, and while I gasped and moaned with extreme pleasure, my knuckles went inside my body. I finally made it!

I don't recall how deep I went that first time... I just recall how wonderfully being full it felt. I stopped with the almost unreal sensation of my hand inside my body for the first time, moaning loud in an effeminate voice, trying to imitate that beautiful girl's voice. Drips of pre-cum came off the tip of my dick, due to the pressure of my hand from inside of me on my genital organs. Then I slowly moved my hand back and forth, and the pleasure was even stronger... mind blowing. I felt opened and full like never before.

I kept thrusting with my hand, without taking the knuckles out... faster and faster... by that time I was in complete ecstasy, with my heart pounding so strong and fast in my chest, and panting and moaning almost uncontrollably. I needed to cum so badly. So I started to stroke my cock with my free hand. It didn't take long... as I felt that huge orgasm rushing inside me, I took my hand out of my ass. That gave even more a kick to my already inevitable orgasm...

I came. Loads. With an entirely new and unknown pleasure, my eyed rolled back as I finally lose control of myself.

Then, after a couple of minutes, rationality took again control of me. I did it! I smiled, happy from my achievement. And since that day, fisting became even more one of my favorite fetishes... and my ass even more open...
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2 months ago
great story .like you were im still stuck trying to get past my knuckles ,hopefully one day x
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
love your storie more plizzzz. i like to try fisting