uncle paul my first

I was only 5 when my dad left my mum he said he had met someone else through work my mum found it tough bringing me up and was in the middle of a break down my mums b*****r paul had taken me on for a while so my mum could recover.
Well she got better but unlce paul didnt want to leave me alone with mum incase she couldnt cope again so he moved in and helped take care of me 11 yrs on i had just turned 16 mum and uncle paul had thrown me a massive party i had such an amazing time it was the best party ever.
I decided that as my mum and uncle did an amzing job id thank them by making a special f****y meal id spent all day cooking it was 6pm and thay were due home any min it wud be such a suprise for them i heard the door go but only uncle paul came in.
Wheres mum i asked she has to work late he said and she might not be home till the early hours my face must off looked so sad whats up uncle asked i led him to the kitchen wow he said whats this for i replied in a low voice its a thank u dinner because you and mum worked real hard to pay for my party .
Well we dont have to waste it he said it could just be me and you i smiled ok i said we sat down and had the meal .That was great he said ur a great cook u take after ur mother thanks i replied well im gonna go take a shower uncle paul said will be back down shortly while he went up stairs i loaded the dish washer and went and got my pjs on and sat on the sofa when he returned i was layed out on sofa come on budge up he said he sat down and i laid my head on his lap we sat there watching a film it was bout 10pm i must have drifted off to sl**p cos the next thing i knew i was being laid in my bed.
Go to sl**p honey he said as he left the room i drifted back off to sl**p i woke in shock as thunder and lighting crashed outside the house then came the rain i run out the room towards my mums but she wasnt home so i went to uncle pauls room and woke him i cant sl**p its to scary i said come on he walked me back to my room he laid on the bed with me.
We both laid there unable to sl**p i laid on my side and he lay behind me i could feel his breath on my neck it was making my tingle and my nipples went reall hard id never had sex before and id deffinatly never thought about my uncle in that way but something felt different tonight i tried to take my mind off it but just couldnt i wonder if he ever felt like this.
We started to talk me now laying on my back he noticed my nipples poking through my shirt he didnt knwo id seen him looking i turned to face him now my reasts bulging out the top of my shirt he didnt know where to look we kept talking then all of a sudden he leaned in and kissed me i responeded our tongues darting in eachothers mouths he pulled away sorry he said im gonna go now wait dont go i dont wanna be alone 2nite stay with me.
as he lay back down i kissed him are u sure about this he said i nodded we kissed again as his kisses moved down my neck my nipples got so hard now his had was caressing my side when it moved over my breasts i let out a gasp i was tingling from head to toe and i could feel a wetness between my legs he sat me up and lifted my top off me and cupped my breast in one hand he moved in and started to lick and suck the nipple god this is amazing
after a while his hand travelled down my body and over my pussy it gave me goosebumps he gentle pulled the sides of my shorts down to reveal my thong coverd pussy he rubbed my pussy for abit the he slid my thong to one side my smooth pussy uncovered and ready for the taking his fingers gently passing ove it up and down the slit then inside the lips and on to my hard clit his circle motions driving me wild after he had teased me he stood up and dropped his boxers wow his massive hard cock pointing right at me very thick to id seen films before so i knew what to do i leaned in and started to stroke his cock then i started to lick it top to bottom working my tongue around the underneath of the head mmmm i sucked a little then taking more in my mouth i sucked and sucked while my hand stroked his smooth balls it must of hit the spot he stopped me and laid me back on the bed he pulled my nix off and parted my head he started to lick my pussy my body was quivering and jumping all over the place.
he got to hs kness and put the tip of his cock on my hole he started to edge it it slowly ad he fondled my breasts.his cock now half in he moved bk and forth getting deeper and harder the pain shooting through me after a while it eased off he fucked me for a time then he asked if i was on the pill yes i said as he groaned i wanna fill you up with my cum my mind racing away i never knew what it felt like he pumped in and out of me you could hear how wet i was the sound of my wet pussy and my uncles deep breathing was a turn on.
then he let out a loud groan and stiffend as i felt him shoot his cum deep in me pump after pump his body losened ahhhhhhhh that feels so good my body started to get tight then my pussy really wet i let out a loud cry mmmmmmmmmm yehhhhhhhh oh god my pussy pulsating as it gripped his cock finally my first orgasam mmmm i didnt say that out loud my uncle still never knew i hadnt had sex he would never know he gently pulled out to go clean up.
a second later he came back in the room urm i think you started your period he said i looked up at him and shook my head you must have no i said i havent well theres alot of mess then it regiesterd NO he said what have we done you should of told me im glad it was you uncle paul your special to me he sat on the bed head in his hands noooo i sat up and took his face in my hands please dont be upset i loved it and id like it to happen again i wont tell anyone i promise are you sure he said i nodded yes.
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2 years ago
nice & hot! but what happened to punctuations? lol
more please.
3 years ago
loved your story, very sexy
paul xx
3 years ago
Great story. Did you do Uncle Paul again? Thanks.
4 years ago
very sexy
4 years ago
is this true bb? xxx
4 years ago
Your a very notty girl, with a lucky uncle :-]
4 years ago
excellent well written & hot
4 years ago