my dads friend

It was a long time ago i was 17 and used to help my dad with his work so i got to know a few of his friends they were all around my dads age in there 40's.
There was Kevin who my dad trusted really well they kinda grew up togeather so they were pretty close friends.
My dads work took him all over the country so alot of long journys and nights in hotels etc.Dad had a job to do in london and one in wales id never been to wales before so i asked dad if he minded me going for a ride with kevin to wales he didnt mind so i packed an over night bag and off we set.
The jounrny was long and boring me and kevin spent the time talking about life and his wife and k**s and how his son was looking for a girlfriend droppping hints my way.
I kindly told him i wasnt looking for a relationship wanted to have some fun and enjoy life blah blah blah we arrived at the job got half it down by now it was nite so we booked into hotel we got twin beds as we wanted to save money and not have two rooms we went and had dinner i said i was tired so i went up to bed and left him talking to ppl in the bar .
I got into my nighty and got in bed it was 10pm but the journy had knacked me out i drifted off to sl**p i didnt hear kevin return to the room to fast asl**p a flickring light woke me when i opend my eyes i saw keving watching porn on the tv and he had his hand in his boxers he hadnt noticed i was awake so i lay there hoping he wud finish soon i closed my eyes what felt like forever i decided to move to indicate i was waking up in the hope he wud stop.
Kevin turned and faced me sorry he said in hs deep manly voice that actually sounded real horny i opend my eyes to see him still wanking he asked if i was ok and i said yeh he then asked if i wanted to watch like i had much choice lol i watched as he tugged real hard on his cock which was actually quite big and very hard i was getting turned on but knowing he wouldt be intrested in me after all he was my dads friend.
He asked me if id every had sex and i told him yeh 2 times once with an ex and once with a girl friend of mine he gave a deep groan the thought of me and another girl must of hit the spotfor him he cum all over his chest he stood up and walked towards me cum still dripping from his cock taste it he said to me so i moved closer and licked his cock then took it in my mouth licking and sucking mmmmmmmmm yeh he loved it and i was extremely turned on now sucking my dads friends cock .
He pulled me up and pulled me close he kissed me and i responded his hand touching my breast over my nighty ive wanted you for so long he said to me do u want to fuck me he asked i nodded he pulled my nighty over my hear to reveal my naked body he layed me back on the bed and parted my legs i felt my body tingle as his tongue flicked my clit then i felt his finger enter my pussy pulling it in and out as he tongued my clit i was getting wet and squirming on his tongue he climbed on the bed and grabbed my legs pushing them behind my head as he slid his cock into me i felt my pussy stretch open it hurt but i like it he fucked me soft for a bit then got faster and harded he said he has waited a to long to fuck me.
We changed position a few times i cant belive i was fucking him and it felt so good i straddled his cock and bounced up and down like no tomorrow he told me he was close to cumming so i climbed off and sucked his cock but before he cum id turned around facing away from him and told him i want him to fill my pussy with his cum and i slid down on his cock and fucked him i felt his cum shoot form his hard throbbing cock and coat my vaginal walls it made me have an amazing orgasam. We fucked again in the morning and he came n my tits and face and filled my arse we left the hotel and finished jo and headed home... to be continued ..
79% (35/10)
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9 months ago
Awesome, thanks!
2 years ago
love it :)
3 years ago
HOT story. Reminded me of a time many years ago when I fucked my daughter's friend. Can't wait to read Pt 2. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
Hot story, but I would have liked to have read more about him filling your arse...but that's just me!
4 years ago
love it bb
4 years ago
4 years ago
excellent very good
4 years ago
you got me hard and I look forward to reading more from you
4 years ago
That was a great story. Thanks for the hard on you gave me.