My Sexy Russian Yummy Mummy

I have been back a few days to my apartment in Moscow. Things seemed to be going as normal, business meetings dinners out with friends my eyes falling out of my sockets at the endless stream of beautiful Russian babes. However things changed yesterday with a very nice encounter with a lady I have know for three years.

Irina a lovely yummy mummy my neighbour invited me for coffee as we travelled up in the lift to the 7th floor of our block. It was early morning I had been to the shops she had just returned from taking her daughter to school. Irina is your typical mid thirties Muscovite lady, one c***d divorced with a professional job. Irina stands around 5ft 10” a typical height for a Russian lady of her time very thin great hips leggy tight arse tiny titties, pretty face and bobbed blonde hair and zero signs of having had a c***d.

She works in Media as an advertising executive working a lot from home her passion being art and drawing. As she prepared coffee I studied her endless folders of art work portraits landscapes etc and complimented her on her work. She blushed and said her other passion was music; she then stood up and put some relaxing music on. We discussed her recent divorce and how her workaholic husbands use to finish his days partying with younger woman and his obsession with “drink”. (A typical Russian man)

After a little more talk Irina paid me a few compliments saying I did not look my age and that I had a great facial profile, I said thanks and why don’t you draw me my portrait. With that she said “ok” told me to sit still on the kitchen stool and grabbed her drawing pad and pencils. She scribbled away for about 45 minutes and then turned to me to show me her work it was good so I stood up to get a better look as I leant across her shoulder to study her work I smelt her perfume and “fuck” my cock grew hard in my trousers1 I paid her some compliments about her work and how could she be so sexy and so talented. She said thank you and blushed again, I then made my move and kissed her on her cheek as I leant over her shoulder. Irina then turned her head and we kissed passionately on the lips. I then cupped my arm round her and grabbed her pert braless tit through her tight T shirt our mouths French kissing deeply.

I was so stiff now and my bulge was pushing out my Jeans. I continued to stand behind her she was still sat on the kitchen stool I moved my other hand to the front of her tight leggings and place it over her flat tight crotch! We continued to face fuck each other with our tongues, my fingers and hand now under her T shirt pulling on her large stiff nipple, my other hand massaging her pussy through her leggings. I needed to taste her be in her and I spun her round on the stool! I pulled her top off she grabbed my T shirt and did the same she leant forward and bit my hard nipples (something I love a woman to do) I leant her back in the stool lifted her legs and pulled of her leggings to reveal a beautiful shaven wet and swollen pussy with tight labia and pert clit!

I dropped to my knees in front of her placed her legs over my shoulders and slipped my tongue along the length of her beautiful pussy, with one hand I played with her fantastic tight arse the other I fingered her arsehole, she f***ed my face into her cunt and I ate her for what seemed like half an hour. Irina’s juices flowed and I drank her sweet honey while my cock pulsed in my Jeans.

I then stood up release my buckle and zip lowered my jeans and briefs and slid my fat curved meat right up her gapping wet pussy, “she gasped as my cock hit her cervix and my balls hit her pussy, and wet ass” fuck she was tight. We French kissed passionately as I pumped in her lovely pussy, she had lovely long thin legs which she wrapped round me and we fucked deep for several minutes. She then stopped kissing me and said sweetly in my ear that she wanted me in her bed. Impaled on my cock I carried her to her bed our mouths locked, tongues fucking each other mouths.

I lay her on her back on the bed we kissed and fucked a little longer; she then turned over and presented me with her perfect tight “Russian” ass! I slipped my cock deep into that wet pussy pulling on her gorgeous hips; I fucked her like a jack hammer for several minutes fingering her puckered ass in the process. I pulled her arms back too and arched her back as I sank as deep as I could in her perfect wet tight “cunt” she was one sexy “yummy mummy”.

Irina then said you like fucking ass? I said yes and she offered me her puckered shiter as a place for me to fuck. I rimmed her a while and she tasted good I spat on her hole then slowly pushed my rock hard cock in, “fuck” she was tight but after a few long deep strokes she started to push back on me, we shagged hard for a while and I was close to blowing my first load of the day, but I wanted more so I pulled out and said I needed the toilet, I left the room for a few minutes and washed my throbbing cock.

When I returned to the bedroom Irina was lying on her back legs spread with a big fat curved red vibrator rammed in her pussy. I moved onto the bed and f***ed my aching cock into her greedy mouth, she sucked me fingered my arse with one hand and rammed her pussy full of vibrator with the other.

We played like this for a while and I grew hard my balls throbbing full of cum it was my first fuck since the farmers daughter in law back in the UK a couple of weeks ago so my load was bursting. Irina was a cock whore aching for her holes to be filled.

I wanted to be back in her, so I pulled out of her mouth, stood off the bed and led her to the low and deep window ledge of her bedroom apartment. I sat her on it spread her legs and hammered into her lovely wet pussy as she hung round my neck kissing me deeply. I was in her for a many minutes she screamed moaned the juices flowing she gripped my cock hard and milked me with her lovely tight “cunt” I too cried out “I’m ready to cum” she pushed me away slid off the window ledge dropped to her knees f***ed me into her mouth till she was gagging, I could not hold on much longer and I emptied two weeks cum in her mouth, it dribbled out and she scooped it up with her long elegant fingers.

We then sat naked drinking coffee in the kitchen; I looked up at the clock it was around 13:00, I said I needed to go she said she understood. I said to her my doors open anytime; she said it was a great offer and once she had put her daughter to bed later she would give me a call. She did and boy is the sex fucking good, I hope to get her on video soon.

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