The Girls' Bathroom

My back hit the cold tile wall with a loud thud, sending shivers up my spine as I gasped in surprise. I caught my breath quickly and looked up to see my girlfriend, the one who had shoved into the bathroom wall.

"Damn, you've gotten strong, Vicky..." I commented, honestly impressed.

"You've trained me well," she replied strutting over to me.

I rolled my eyes playfully, until I was caught completely off guard when she smashed her lips against mine. My eyes were so wide that I thought they'd pop out of my head.

Victoria broke the kiss and backed away, leaving me bewildered and breathless. She smiled mischieviously; a smile that I was not quite familiar with.

"I've been dying to be alone with you all day," she purred, trailing a pink, painted fingernail down my heaving chest. My breath got more out of control as I watched her finger drag teasingly down Spongebob's face, which was currently the theme of my t-shirt.

"W- What?" I questioned skeptically.

"Mmmhmmm," she spurred again.

My breath hitched as her finger hooked under the hem of my t-shirt. Slowly, she lifted it up, exposing my flesh to the chilly air of the girls' bathroom.

"W- Wait," I stuttered, making her stop and look up, her green eyes confused.

"What if someone comes in?"

She chuckled softly. "You're such a spazz, Blu. You and I both know that no one ever uses this bathroom."

I nodded reluctantly and allowed her to continue, until my t-shirt was above my breasts. Fortunately, today was one of the rare occasions of actually wearing a push-up bra instead of a dingy, old sports bra.

Vicky rolled the t-shirt so that it would stay sitting on the rise of my breasts, and she knelt down slowly, never breaking eye contact with me.

Her tongue stuck out of her mouth in a cute way, and soon her tongue was right above my belly button and moving up.

As soon as she reached my bra, she yanked it down roughly, startling me. My cheeks turned red as my breasts came into full view, my nipples already hard.

She giggled at my reaction. "You're so goofy, Blu. And I can't believe you're wearing a real bra."

"I can't either," I replied shakily, trying to hide my nervousness.

I nearly fainted went her mouth met my nipple. Her tongue flicked it around as she sucked on me hungrily, her hand squeezing and pinching my other boob.

"Have I ever mentioned that you have the most gorgeous tits?" She said seductively, looking up into my eyes.

"Not that I remember," I answered, making her smile.

"Well now you know," she laughed, then went straight back to my boob.

By now she was suckling on me so hard that I couldn't help but to moan. My voice echoed off the bathroom walls loudly, and I instantly regretted letting it out.

I grabbed a fistful of her caramel-colored hair, tangling the curls of hair I knew she had spent hours trying to perfect.

She smirked as I fell to pieces under her touch, her mouth switching to my other boob. She flicked my saliva-coated nipple with her finger, making me bite my lip to hold in a moan.

She stopped, her mouth abandoning my boob as she looked up to speak to me.

"Let it out Blu. I don't care if the whole damn school hears, as long as I hear it. Ok?"

I nodded quickly, begging her to return to my breasts. She got the hint, going back down to play with my tits.

"Ooohh," I moaned, my mouth hanging open to pant.

She quickly stood up, making me look up at her, confused. She smiled, then kissed me. My boobs pressed against her's, her hands feeling me up and down and tracing the curves of my body. Her hand stopped at my waist, then slipped into the back of my jeans and squeezed my butt harshly. I moaned into her mouth, and I could feel her grinning on my lips.

Her tongue slipped inside my mouth, brushing against mine. We tongue-wrestled fiercely, until her lips broke away with a smack of separation, a string of spit still connecting our mouths.

She glanced down, then back at me.

"Wha-" I began, until I realized her actions. Her hands began to fumble with the zipper of my jeans, and she yanked them down quickly. She did the same to my boy-shorts, so that my lower half was now naked too.

Our lips met again as a single finger slipped into me, thrusting in and out rapidly. I melted in her hands as she finger-fucked me, her thumb massaging circles onto my clit. I groped for her boobs under her floral blouse, my hands finally slipping under her bra and greedily squeezing her flesh.

Soon enough, I came right onto her hand with the loudest moan of all, my hands freezing at their spot on her tits.

After we cleaned ourselves a bit and straightened up, we left the girls' bathroom. Our faces were still blushing furiously as we went our separate ways and said goodbye for the time being.

I sighed in satisfaction, still bathing in the afterglow of her touch. I strolled to class without a single care in the world, hoping that this ecstasy that I felt would never run out.

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7 months ago
This story is so hot I was horny the whole time, sounds like you have a great body especially your boobs and ass