Like daughter, like mother

The names have been changed to protect the innocent (or in this case depraved).

This my first story and I'd love your thoughts and reactions (did it turn you on, did you masturbate, and/or should I write more).

When I was in my late 20's, I worked as a sales rep and travelled all throughout the United States. Minnesota was one of my regular accounts and I'd go there about a dozen times a year. I had a one night stand with a beautiful girl, Maggie, on one of my trips that developed into a regular friendship and sex. Maggie was about 5' 5" and Reubenasque. Lovely large tits still firm with youth and a nice round heart shaped ass. She wasn't adventurous in bed but was a great lay. She had a naturl raven bush and rather tight pussy. I got the impression that she had not had many boyfriends in high school. Everytime I was in town I'd stay with her and we'd fuck like rabbits. She would come and visit me when I was in other cities if she had time off from work. It was a lot fun and perfect since I travelled so much.

After we had become a regular item after a few months, on one visit she wanted me to meet her f****y. She had an older b*****r, Adam, who was married with a new born baby. Her dad had been in a car accident when she was in her early teens and her mom, Donna, was a widow for quite some time. Long story short, we all got along and did normal stuff together. We'd go to her mom's house by a lake or bbq at her b*****r's home.

Maggie lived in an apartment in St. Paul. On one of my many visits about 2 years in, things really got exciting. I remember it was a very cold Monday morning and I had meetings scheduled for the afternoon. Maggie and I had sucked and fucked the whole weekend. That morning before she had to go to work, I awoke to her hot mouth on my morning wood. She had a delicious mouth. She really loved stretching her full lips over my thick cock and holding it in her warm mouth so she could lick and stroke the veiny shaft with her tongue. Maggie expertly sucked me to completion and ate my seed. We kissed and she told me to stay warm in bed while she showered and got ready to leave for work.

I must have dozed off because I heard the door close and figured Maggie had left. I knew I'd talk to her on the phone so I figured she was being nice and let me sl**p. I rolled over with my cock dangling and growing hard again as I remembered my blow job.

As I drifted off to sl**p, I was surprised to have the covers yanked off of me and hear, "Wake up sl**py head!" I laid there startled with my hard dick sticking up, only to look eye to eye with Donna, Maggie's mother. I was stunned and then it was akward as Donna just stared at my man meat. I reached and pulled the cover over my junk and apologized that she had to see that. Donna said she wasn't sorry to have seen it. I must have blushed because Donna then said I was cute to be shy and that there was one head that definitely wasn't a sl**py one. The fog of sl**p began to lift from my brain and putting two and two together that the door wasn't Maggie going but Donna coming.

Looking at Donna made my dick throb even harder under the blanket. She was late 40's to early 50's and very pretty. She had dark brown hair with a hint of gray and small tits. Donna was thin while her daughter was thick. Donna did have a nice round ass though. So there I was naked in bed with my girlfriend's mom just standing there. I thought it was a bit odd she didn't run out of the room. Donna then started saying that Maggie was a lucky girl even if I was shy. I figured this was a now or never chance. I leaned back so my cock would poke out from under the blanket and assured her I wasn't shy.

Donna locked her gaze on my mushroom cock head. I said I won't tell Maggie if you won't. That was all the invitation that Donna needed as she lifted her sweater over her head and then reached behind her back to release her bra. Her little titties sagged slightly, almost flattened, but her nipples were rock hard. I scooted over and lifted the cover so she could get into bed. She kicked her shoes off and sqwirmed out of her slacks. Donna climbed right in next to my nakedness with just her granny panties and socks on.

She confessed how naughty she felt about fucking her daughter's lover. I told her that there was plenty of me to go around. She reached her hand around my throbbing shaft and shook it a bit only as to say there sure was. She began pumping my knob as I leaned in and nuzzled her neck. I licked and kissed on her upper body as my hand crossed over her to find some hard nipple flesh. Donna started to melt into my arms after such a romantic gesture. I rolled above her as she reclined back all the while pumping my dick with her hand. I buried my face in her titty meat and sucked and nibbled on her perky breast tips. I then put my hand on her beautiful hip and reached around to grasp a handful of her ample ass. As I continued to maul her tits with my mouth her legs slighty parted. With one fluid motion I glided my hand from her hip and ass to between her warm thighs.

I thought she was going to cum as my fingers walked up her pussy lips. She stopped pumping my cock and reached up and grabbed the back of my head by the hair as my fingers danced on her hot outer pussy. She began moaning as I rubbed her clit bump through her panties. She shivered as I cupped her pussy mound and the palm of my hand pressed into her sex button. Her panties were soaked and squished in my fingers.

I began chewing on her firm nipple in between my lips as I slid my hand up and hooked the waistband of her panties with my thumb so I could pull them down in front. The heat was electric. She was moaning and breathing hard. She said it had been so long since she had a good fuck. I parted her pussy lips and slid my finger inside her slick wet snatch. I buried my finger in her hot box and looked her in the face and told her she was going to get fucked so good. She threw her head back and my finger started stroking in and out of her wet folds.

My head was swimming as I looked down at my girlfriend's mother writhing and arching to meet the strokes of my finger. My dick was so hard it was nearly painful. I think Donna was in the same spot as her moans were so deep and gutteral sometimes. I leaned my head to work her nipples with my tongue and mouth as I slid another finger inside her. Her pussy was tight from not being fucked on a regular basis but her gushing wet folds took it no problem. She opened her eyes as both fingers penetrated her womanhood. Her vibe suggested she was loving the girth and her face contorted in passion as I finger fucked her. As I watched her face and heard her moans and wimpers, I could not help but almost feel a certain pity. This beautiful sexual creature had been neglected for far too long.

Donna continued to ride my fingers and I decided it was time to take Donna to pleasure town. I leaned in and started talking dirty to her. My fingers pumped, probed and reamed her snatch as I began to ask her, "You like that huh? Tell me you like it. Tell me you are a slut." Through the haze of pleasure, I thought I saw a moment of hesitation but then Donna seemed to finally let go. Deep down she really was a slut. And now she was my slut.

With her puffy lips pressing on my hand and my fingers rubbing circles on her inner walls, I told her she was such a sexy bitch. An old slutty cunt that was hungry for cock. This drove her wild. She bucked her hips to dong her hole on my hand. I told her that's right, come and get your cock. I think she was having an out of body experience. Her head hung back and she moved it from side to side. Donna's neck and upper chest began to flush red. I realized she was about to cum. I took my hand and lightly slapped her face. Her eyes flashed open but she was barely there. I knew I owned this pussy. I took my hand and palmed her face to hold her eyes to mine so I could gaze into her soul as it swirled in pleasure. She was breathing hard and meeting my strokes. Then I pulled my soaked fingers out and replaced them with my thumb. The girth of my thumb alone would have probably sent her over the edge but I was going to make this cunt have the biggest orgasm of her life or a heart attack. As my thumb penetrated her sweet box my cunt soaked finger slid into her asshole. I began to stretch the fabric between her holes. Rubbing and undulating inside both her snatch and bum at the same time.

Donna begain to whail. Her upper body was strained red as her pussy went into violent convulsion. I moved my hand from her face and lightly wrapped it around her throat. I moved my face in close to her face. I screamed cum you fucking bitch as her pussy continued to flow. Then I f***efully kissed her. She lost it. Her mind must have detached as the a****l instinct of climax consumed her. She hungrily sucked on my tongue and swirled it as our lips melted together and she moaned into my mouth. With my hand on her throat, she arched her whole body toward the ceiling driving her quivering pussy and ass down on my hand. Through my mouth I could feel her whole body shivering as I passionately kissed her. Her abdomen twitching as lightening bolts of sex flashed into her pussy and asshole.

I removed my lip lock only to lean next to her ear and tell her to ride the waves of her climax. Stay on them as long as she could. I cooed into her ear how sexy she was. I told her I loved her pussy. She was lost inside herself. I let her continue to moan and whimper as the surge receded. But before she left the realm of her white hot climax. I took my hand wet with her insides juice and coated my rigid pecker. I lifted her leg and made room for me to get on top of her.

Instinctively, Donna bent her knees to raise her legs. She almost felt lifeless as my cock head easily slipped inside her wet snatch. I buried my dick bone to the hilt as she shuddered and continued to cum. Her burning hole gripped and released my stiff dick as she gushed pussy juice. I took Donna's hands and placed them over her head and held her by the wrists. Would be difficult to explain an scratches to Maggie. I bore all of my weight down on Donna and just began to pump like mad. She screamed with each pump. Her body shook violently as her puffy lips swallowed my engorged rod. After several more strokes I told her I was going to cum. She was out of her body and just moaned and grunted. So I dumped the biggest load my dried up balls had left in them. My cock twitched and spurt up inside her. I buried it to the balls and collapsed onto top of Donna.

I remember rolling off of her, she was still panting. Donna was as red as a lobster. Her breathing was quick but she slowly regained herself. She continued to moan and almost seemed to hug herself. I took a moment and studied her amazingly sexy body. This beautiful mother of two was a genuine fuck b**st. I was amazed and counted my lucky stars that not only was I banging her daughter but I had just given her one of the best fucks in years. I remembered smiling from ear to ear.

I got up and told her I was going to shower so I could keep my appointments. She just lazily curled up under the covers. After my shower, I came into the bedroom to get ready for work and was greeted by a satisfied smile from Donna. Her hair was dishevelled and she grinned as I drop the towel around my waist. My swinging dick and balls swayed as I reached for my boxers. I sat on the edge of the bed next to Donna as I finished dressing. I looked over at her and asked if she had a good time. She just laughed. I asked if she was going to be okay with what had just happened. I told her that her daughter was a special girl. Donna assured me that Maggie would never be the wiser.

I reached over and gave her a light kiss. I think she was a bit shocked by it. She blushed. We both laughed.
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4 months ago
HOT story! Wish I had had a mother-in-law like her. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
2 years ago
a great story
2 years ago
Wow, that's a GREAT story!
Phantastic debut, reading it made me rock hard and jerking off.
Hope you write more about Donna real soon...
2 years ago
Sounds like you have a great relationship with your GFs Mom, Keep us informed of your future endeavors
2 years ago
Lucky guy