Three of Us

He told me "Take off your shirt and show Bil your big tits." As I removed my shirt my step and his friend both grabbed a tit. They began rubbing and sucking as I was getting very turned on. My step told Bil "Give that tit a little bite. She loves that. Open your mouth wide and bite down. See how much tit you can get in your mouth." As Bil chewed on my tit my step removed my pants. He than began to eat my pussy, licking and sucking and tonguing my hole. I spread my legs and held his head tight to my pussy. I loved when he ate me and tongue fucked me.

Bil then stripped his clothes off and his cock was so hard. He pushed his cock to my mouth as my step was eating and sucking and tonguing my pussy. I started by licking Bil's cock from tip to base. I then lifted it and licked his balls. He grabbed my head and held his cock to my mouth. I took time and licked the tip running my tongue over the slit. He moaned "Oh baby, you do that so good. Suck Bil's big cock like a good little cocksucker. Make me cun down your throat." I then grabbed him by the ass and pulled him deep into my mouth. I sucked him hard and mouth fucked that big cock. He was leaking cum and moaning as he then grabbed my head and held his cock balls deep in my mouth and filled me with cum.

My step then stripped and Bil went to my pussy as my step gave me his cock to suck. As I licked my step's cock Bil was really eating my pussy. He was licking and sucking and grabbing my clit between his teeth and pulling on it. He licked every drop of my cum as held his face to my cunt. He finger fucked me as he sucked my clit and I almost bit my step's cock it felt so good. I was going wild getting my cunt fucked as I sucked cock. Bil had a nice big cock and I was anxious to feel it deep in my cunt. I wanted to fuck both cocks many times tonight.

As I sucked my step till he came Bil then mounted me and pushed his cock into my hole. He said aloud "You are so warm and wet and tight. I am going to give that cunt all this cock and fuck you so hard." He then pushed in deep and began to pound my fuck hole. He was pounding me and pinching my nipples. My step then began to rub Bil's bare ass and said to him. "She feels good doesn't she? She can fuck like a whore. Now lets see how you like my cock in your ass while I fuck you like a whore." He then spread Bil's ass and fingered it before he put his cock to the opening. As he entered Bil I could feel Bil gasp at the size of the large cock. As my step fucked his ass I felt every thrust between the two men. Bil screamed "Fuck my ass while my cock is buried in this cunt. I love cock and cunt. Fuck me hard like a cock whore." I then felt my step reach and grab Bil's balls. As he fucked the ass he pulled and squeezed the balls till both men filled the holes with cum.

We all laid quiet for just a moment then Bil grabbed my step by his cock and began to jerk him. As he jerked the cock he rammed two fingers in his ass. He told my step "You like ass play. Now it is your turn. Get on your knees and spread those cheeks. I am going to fuck that ass balls deep. You will be my cock slut." My step got on his knees and Bil spread his ass and aimed his thick cock and began to push in. I watched as the big cock stretched my step's ass. I grabbed both guys by the balls and began to stroke them making them moan. Bill was balls deep in my step and fucking his ass with no mercy. My step screamed a couple times but Bil just smiled and fucked him harder. As Bil filled the ass with cum I kept grabbing the balls. Bil then pulled his cock from my step and told him "Lick my cock clean. Show us how you love cock. Taste your ass on my cock." My step then began to lick Bil's cock.

I grabbed some twine and began to bind my step's cock and balls. I tied them tight and then turned to Bil. I tied his cock and balls too. I then straddled Bil and pushed his cock in my cunt. I then pulled my step and had him mount my ass. Now I had a cock in both holes. I then tied rope around all of our hips and bound us together tight. No one was going to pull out till I released the rope. Then I began a deep fucking movement and both men began to fuck me hard. Both were deep in my holes and fucking me like it was the first time. Being tied gave us all a very erotic thrill and we fucked for over ninety minutes. With their cocks and balls bound it really turned them on and they were like fucking machines. I love to be fucked for hours and this was working. By the time the guys were able to fill me with cum they felt like their cocks were going to fall off. They had been fucking for almost five hours since we started this evening. My cunt was feeling the pain also.

I told them both as I released the rope "Rest up for thirty minutes then I have a bag of toys to use on you both. They moaned and began to suck my tits as they relaxed.
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2 years ago
very good but rushed
2 years ago
2 years ago
you are the still the hottest writer i know
2 years ago
hot ass story...thanks
2 years ago
So so hot
2 years ago
very hot