The Peeping TomGirl

I am a peeping tom(girl). I mean, aren't we all at some point? Why should the latter half of my teenage years be any different? When walking around at night time, you see windows with lights on, and the curtains or blinds closed, but occasionally you see a window with no restrictions, a clear view inside. Who knows what is going on in that house? Nobody knows until you take a peek.

At one point, we lived in a little townhouse, with a back patio and privacy walls on the sides, separating them. My neighbor was a ma in his 30s, average height, kinda balding with a mustache, but he was a fitness freak. He worked out all the time. He walked around everywhere with no shirt. One day, when walkin thru the back yards, I saw him looking out the sliding glass door with nothing on. After I saw that, I started peeking more and more. sometimes at night, if I saw his light was one, I would turn ours out, creep out, and peek around the wall. There was nothing but woods behind us, so I had no fear of someone catching me that way.

Sometimes he was working out, sometimes he was just watching TV. occassionly he would be naked. And I also saw him masturbating. The first time, he was just sitting on the couch, leaned back, knees wide apart just stroking his cock. I would reach down and rub myself thru my pants. I was so turned on, my stomach was tight. When he would finish, he would shoot his load all over his chest, almost reaching his neck.

The second time was the same, except for when I look his face and saw he was staring right at me. I jumped back around the privacy wall and back inside in hurry.. I rushed to the couch to pretend I was just sitting there watching TV. My mom was a work, so I was the only one one home. I kept looking out, but I never saw him come around the corner.

After a week of no looking whatsoever, I was cutting thru the back yards coming back from the d**gstore when I glanced over. He was standing the at the sliding glass door, in nothing but blue briefs. I looked away quickly, but I heard him, open the door and call out " Hey you little pervert, if you don't want me calling the cops for your peeping ways, you should come over her." I stopped walking and just stared, giving him a 'what the hell are you talkin about' glare, but he knew he had me. I knew he had me. If he called the cops, my Mom would find out. Thats basically what I was thinking. i wa lked over, and he held the door open for me..and he closed it behind me.

We stood there in his f****y room, me in my capris and a t shirt, him his breifs with his package clearly filling it out. "You were trying to get a look at my cock weren't you?" I didn't answer, I just looked away. I saw his hand move to his crotch and begin rubbing himself. "I can show you close up, right now, wanna see it?" Again, I didn't answer I just glanced from his crotch, to his face and back down again. He smiled and slowly slid his underwear down, just enough so that his hardening cock popped right out. He stepped closer gripping it in his hand "How does it look? go ahead...touch it." When I didn't move quick enough for him, he grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand towards his cock. I put my hand around it, feeling how bone hard it was, and i began to to slide it up and down. As i stood in front of him jerking him off, He began touching my breasts, and reaching behind me to squeeze my ass. He chest and stomach muscles kept flexing and both of us began breathing harder. He reached around to my belt and undid it, unbuttoning my capri's and sliding the zipper down.. He hooked his thumbs into my capri's and panties and slid them both down at the same time. HIs hand went straight down, sliding his middle finger between my flesh, noticing how hot I was, and wet already. As his fing slid back, it curved inside my making its way insid and then began fucking me with hiis hand, sliding for more fingers in. With his fingers deep inside me, he pushed me back to steps until i was leaning on the arm of the couch. Then, he pulled out, guided me around to sit in the middle of the couch, pulled my jeans down to my ankles and maneuvered himself between my legs, laying me on my back. He entered fast and hard and held my my wrist to each side of my head. He fucked me furiously for about 3 minutes before he bagan cumming inside me, pumping his juices inside me. When he was done, he got up and told me "This is the price for spying."
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3 years ago
mmmmm, I like it!
3 years ago
Price? Sounds more like a reward!!
3 years ago
Very hot. I have a story like that n my blog.
3 years ago
Wish you were here
3 years ago
I wish you were my neighbor
3 years ago
such a hot story! loved it
3 years ago
3 years ago
that will teach you for perving on the neighbour,another hot story .