Truth or Dare: The Adult Bookstore Part II

There he was, just blocking the way to the door. Over sized red t-shirt that did not hide his size, grey sweat shorts pulled down mid thigh, with penis in hand, tugging in a very automatic way. But it was the look on his face that I will never forget. Sort of like a hungry man looks at a piece of pie mixed with the way a k** looks at another k**s toy with longing and jealousy.

I kept trying to clean up, wiping the side of my face and neck. Then I made a move to step forward and pass him but he leaned in to block my way and smiled. And then a hand landed on his shoulder and the smile dissapeared. With a firm squeeze, the fat man was gestured away and backed up a step to reveal a thin man with a large mustache and big glasses. He was older, thinning up top, and wearing some cheap cologne, but stepped past with authority and held out a hand to me. I instinctively reached out my own. I knew he was going to take care of me and e****t me out. As we clasped hands, his vice like grip squeezed down on my hand very hard, and he twisted his hand down to the right, forcing my arm behind my back. With my back now facing him, his other hand came down on my left shoulder. Pushing down firmly, I went down to my knees, then sat back on my feet. As soon as he released my arm, his other hand grabbed my face and pushed me back. Before I hit my head on the ground, it instead struck the wall of the booth. As I fell back, I kicked out a leg for balance but it didn't help. It did however give the fat man something to do. He grabbed my ankle and held my leg to the side, then as he pulled my leg back toward him, he grabbed my other leg too, standing there spreading them wide. I tried to close my knees in. My skirt fell down against my stomach. The surprising apart was when he jerked me back! My head did bounce on the floor when he did that. I didn't even have time to wince before the Thin man stepped on my throat and just stared down at me with hate in his eyes. I was having a hard enough time breathing as it was, but when he presssed, I got so scared I released a half shreik, half gurgle. He started undoing his belt and pants when I felt a hot sc**** on the back of my thigh, with out being able to turn my head, it took a moment to realize the fat guy was yanking my panties off, just grabbing and jerking. I sorta started kicking my legs a bit as he messed with them, but he quickly got my panties off and knelt between my legs. I felt him him down there, his hard cock rubbing against my my pussy. when I felt him trying to enter, I began bucking my hips, tryng to kick a leg free, but he just grabbed my hips and put all of his weight on them. I closed my eyes as he f***ed his way in, and the he leaned forward, grabbed my upper arm and held it down. As he thrust all the way inside me, his other hand grabbed my tank top at the shoulder and jerked it down my and bra strap too. As I pulled my top back up with my free hand, he grabbed the wrist and held it down too. He was grunting with each thrust, staring at my face with that same look in his eyes. When I looked away, all I saw was the thin man, still standing over me, stroking his cock and rubbing some lotion onto it. Oddly, I remember wondering where he got lotion from. I closed my eyes and just laid there as he rammed himself inside me. At one point he leaned down and start kissing my lips, and sliding his tongue inside my mouth. I could tell by the way his grunts were getting harder that was close. He laid his whole face down on on mine as he gave his final deepest thrusts inside me. I could feel his hot cum filling me up inside When his hips finally stilled, he laid there for a moment before leaning up and and pulling out. I could feel the cum leaking out as he did so. I opened my eyes as the Thin man was leaning over me, taking my arm at the elbow for me to sit up...but it was really to just roll me over. As I go up to one knee, I tried to scoot up, but he got on my back, slammimg me down on my stomach. I felt his hands on my ass, pulling my skirt up to my waist. Then I felt it. As he pulled in one direction, he jammed his cock into my ass. I screamed loud. very loud. It didn't stop him, he pushed in harder and harder until he was in, and from there he fucked it hard and fast, furiously. His hands grabbed my haired and squeezed as he fucked me. It must have been so much that my head was bouncing against the wall with each thrust. and just like that, he was cumming inside me. And then he was standing up putting his pants on. I just laid there, not moving. As I heard him walking away, I sat up, and looked for my panties, but they were gone. Where the fuck were they?!? I then grabbed my hoodie and put it on, and zipped it up. Then I got up, kept my face down and sped walked out of there.
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2 years ago
Wish I was there with you!
2 years ago
when are you going back?
3 years ago
that was hot xx
3 years ago
wow your lucky there was only 4-5 in the store
3 years ago
Thats wrong! They could have at least licked u a couple times!
3 years ago
damn what a time.
3 years ago
wow thats an amazing story.... I had 2 masturbate maslf when i was reading it.
3 years ago