Racquel The Wanted Teen-Part 1

'Racquel, Rick's coming back from South Africa today and is coming over. Get him comfortable if I'm not back by then. Okay,darling?' Racquel's Dad,Shawn told her over breakfast. She just shrugged and continued eating her cornflakes. Rick had been Racquel's dad's best friend since college. He was white whilst Racquel's dad was black. Racquel was black herself and at 17 she had a killer body with firm C cup boobs and a really thick bubble butt. She had thick lips as well which she always kept glossed. She didnt like Rick though even though at 40 years, he was quite a hottie. He always ogled her which disgusted her because she had a boyfriend. Her dad kissed her and picked up his suitcase.'See you later, honey' 'Bye Dad'
Racquel cleared up the breakfast table and went to watch Tv for some hours. She then headed up to her bedroom to change and take a bath. She changed into a short, filmy robe which was her favourite. She felt so sexy in them and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Just then, the bell rang. 'Argh! Must be the mailman.' She ran downstairs and opened the door. It was Rick.

Rick's eyes widened when he saw Racquel. Damn! He'd been fantasizing about her since she'd turned 15 and now she was half naked in front of him. His cock tightened in his jeans. He licked his lips.She motioned for him to step in, with a frown. She made it no secret that she hated him but today he'd make sure that changed. He made a puppy dog face.'No hug for me?' She rolled her eyes and held out her arms. Her huge boobs jiggled and he felt his cock straining to come out of his jeans. He hugged her tightly, making sure she felt his hard-on.

Racquel felt Rick's hard cock pressed against her pussy. She quickly pulled back. She was right. He WAS a perv. She led him to the living room. 'Do you need anything? Water, A Drink?' She asked. 'A bottle of water would do' he replied.
She went to the kitchen, feeling his eyes on her ass as she went. She returned with the water and handed it to him. 'Can you open it for me?' he asked. She rolled her eyes and struggled to open it. When she finally succeeded, the bottle cap fell and rolled under the table. 'Shit' she said and without thinking, bent over to pick it up. Suddenly she felt Rick's finger in her.

Rick pumped his finger in and out her pussy. She was so moist and soft and he achingly wanted to taste her.'Rick!!! Stop it! Stoopppp! Ohhh--ooooo--hhhhh!' She relented and fell on his lap. He continued pumping his finger in and out and she grinded on his cock, which by now so hard he thought it would burst. He unzipped his jeans and she moved her ass on it whilst he kept fingering her.He lay her on the couch and started licking her pussy. She was so sweet. He couldnt get enough and he sucked on her clit. He was hungry for her pussy and continued eating it till she orgasmed. ' I wanna feel your mouth on me baby' he said and pointed at his dick. She smiled and sneered at him. 'You think a little pussy play's gonna get me sucking your dick and fucking you? Think again.' she said, straightened her robe and headed towards her bathroom for her shower.

Racquel stepped into the shower and let the water run over her. Damned fool. He was still a pervert as far as she was concerned. She lathered herself and hummed as she rinsed herself with her eyes closed. She didnt hear Rick come in. All of a sudden, she felt something slide up her pussy. She gasped as it slid in. 'RICK!!!' she screamed as her pumped into her. This time she couldnt resist as he fucked her doggystyle. He was so big and she was so filled. He pumped harder and squeezed her nipples hard. She moaned. 'Rickk....noo...I...have..boyfriend...Mike..Ohhhh..Yeahhh..Nooo...' She continued moaning as he pounded her harder. 'FUCK ME HARDER RICK!!! Ohhhh Shitt! Yeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh!' She screamed as she climaxed. He turned her over and asked if she would suck his cock now. She looked down and gasped. it was thick and about 7 inches long.Had that actually entered her? She licked her lips and got on her knees.

Rick looked down at her as she licked the head of his cock and thought he would die. Oh how he'd longed to have those thick lips on his dick for so long.. She licked the whole length of his cock and sucked on his red head whilst caressing his balls.She took as much of the cock as she could in her mouth and sucked away. Rick groaned. I'm....gonna...cumm....Ohhhh!' he cried as he cummed into her mouth. She smiled up at him as she swallowed it.

She got up and he entered her from the front. As he pumped into her, he squeezed her left boob with one hand and her right ass cheek with the other. She put her arms round him and bounced as he fucked her.He kissed her thick lips and tongued her. He continued fucking her hard. They both climaxed and fell on the bathroom floor, spent.

'Wanna take a shower together?' Rick asked? She smiled. 'Sure' They stood up and he lathered himself then her, making sure he touched her boobs and ass. He knew he might never get to again. Racquel was a puzzle.He squeezed hard on her ass and gasped as she grinded her pussy on him. 'We have to stop. Your dad'll... be back soon...' he whispered hoarsely. 'Ok' she said 'But first...I need to taste your boobs...' he said. He bent over her and sucked her left nipple whilst pressing the right breast. he trailed round her nipple with his tongue then moved to the next breast to do the same. 'Ooohhhh Rick' she groaned and moaned. Then, they heard Shawn's car drive up. 'Shit! Its Dad!'

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