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I'm:bert pervert, 55
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Kids:No, and do not want any
Education:PhD/MD/Post doctorate
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Body type:Large
Height:5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Green
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Just enjoying this site, anyone who wants to chat feel free to send me a message. Maybe we can hook up via email.

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2 months ago
answer to question is ye ... your question ......
I have a real boner on Fuckmeat, and i'm thinking of you rimming my arsehole and stroking my cock and balls. Are you wanking yourself Fuckmeat????
2 months ago
2 months ago
Thanks for the comments. They made me wet
3 months ago
loved this msg bert XXXXX
Looks like you have had a fantastic response to your competition Fuckmeat. I'd love to whore you for an evening, I think £25 would be a good price to rent you for the whole night, by the time I'd finished fucking, fisting using you as a toilet, you would have earned your money LOL!!!!!
3 months ago
what do you think bert, £25 is a lot, i am very tempted to charge £5 cos i enjoy it so much i would
be very happy with a fiver XXXX
3 months ago
Hi bert the password is "know", please keep it to yourself XXXX
3 months ago
wish that was me in the video you sent me XXXX
4 months ago
Thanks Bert

Glad you enjoyed.

Hope you like the other videos too.
7 months ago
just me my man and dobbin. XXXX
7 months ago
You asked....
Just been watching the clip of you getting fucked up the arsehole Fuckmeat, at the end of it your squatting over the boys face, is he sucking his spunk out of your arsehole ????
Answer. he sucked and licked the cum out of my arse and i wanked him off again, really hard and fast, i wanted him to cum in my mouth but he cum straight away, watch it again. XXX
8 months ago
i want to suck a nice big cock now XXXX
9 months ago
love the vids
10 months ago
you said.......I'd love to tie you up then make you kneel on a haybale. Lead a pony in and rub it cock up and down your cunt wanking you off with it's bellend, then when you had come i'D guide his cock to your sopping wet fuckhole and let him bury his meat balls deep in you ramming so hard you would be lifted off the haybale and be hanging suspended on his boner as he pumps his load into you!!!! YUMMY??
I said, you don,t know just how near to the truth you are, when things got dry, it happened X
10 months ago
oh wow
1 year ago
Happy New Year Master, hope this year brings you plenty of sex and horny sluts Sir.

Love yours always
your Little Fuckpig
1 year ago
burt i am always ripe for fisting, you know that XXXXXX
1 year ago
1 year ago
this is what i want bert..............

I LOVED your new vidclip Fuckmeat, I love watching you slurp down piss like it was the most expensive champagne, Fuck I wish you lived near me I would treat you like a real whore, pissing on you and emptying my balls into and over you all around the town. It would be fantastic if you would email me your vidclips so I can share them with some of my mates. I want them to see a REAL horny bitch in action.
Cheers Bert.

loved this message you sent me bert i am so wet wanks to you XXXXX
1 year ago
I love the way you think
1 year ago
mmm bert wank you for the commennt you left me...........
Hope you used his spunk as lube when you stuffed the cucumber into your ringpiece Fuckmeat....

and would you believe bert that is what he did, he filled my arse with cum and he made me/ well i asked him if he wanted me to stick the cucumber in my arse, i just cant help myself.
oh and if you forgot the password to my video is mycuntispauls XXXXX see i cant he it X
1 year ago
bert i wanted you to post my password on my profile for everyone to see XXXX
1 year ago
thank you for watching my video bert, if you forget the password to it is......... mycuntispauls
i really enjoyed reading the comment you let me bert....
I can't wait to see the rest of this vidclip Fuckmeat, I'd LOVE to stuff that cucumber up your arsehole while you lick my ballsack and rim my ringpiece MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm YUMMY!!!!!!

bert i love licking arse, i can make you cum just from licking your arse XXXXX
1 year ago
i am a bitch on heat and you know it, don't you dirty horny bastard bert XXXXXX
1 year ago
just really glad you enjoyed me bert XXXXXXX
2 years ago
another very very dirty comment, Love this pic Fuckmeat, I can imagine pissing on your cunt while you piss on the floor, of course you would have to lick my cock clean when I finnished. Maybe you would be rewarded with a faceful of spunk.MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm?? I love it bert keep cumming for me hun XXXXXXX
2 years ago
i love this comment you left for me XXXX

Right Fuckmeat, now the cucumber is greased up with your cunt juice take it out and push it up your arsehole, then i'll make you eat it..YUMMY!!!
2 years ago
so good to see somebody wants mmme XXXXXXXXXXXX
2 years ago
next time we meet i want the same thing your big cock first in my arse then cum in my mouth XXXXXX
2 years ago
really enjoyed this afternoon bert you made me cum lots of times XXXXXX
2 years ago
do you fix computers bert, if you did mine would break down at least 3 times a week.
talking of 3, i managed 3 fingers in my arse when i read your message again while i used my big vib on my clit XXXXXX
loved your message hun

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