the glorius hole

I thought I would write another real experience I had, whereas all the others are in the past when I was younger this happened very recently.

I was on my way into london when I needed to use the toilet, i pulled up and made my way inside and went into the cubicle and noticed there was a large hole in the wall. I obviouly new what it was but had never cum across one and I sat and pondered what to do.

I knew someone was in the next cubicle and I was finding the whole experience very thrilling even though nothing had happened. I got a familiar stirring in my balls and before I knew it my cock was as hard as an iron bar I lightly rubbed it not sure what I was meant to do. The person in the next stall stuck his finger through the hole, it was then I remebered reading a story on here when the guy puts his finger in the hole it is a sign to say stick your cock through. By now I was leaking pre-cum all over my cock and I was slowly massaging it into my lenght, I got onto my knees and stuck my dick through the hole. A mouth was on it immediately sucking me drawing me into his mouth, i could feel the tongue swirling aroung the head licking my piss slit, and not knowing who it was made my it even more exhilirating. I pushed myself against the wall trying to shove as much of my meat as I could into the mouth on the other side, the toungue licking me was driving me mad. Someone else entered the stall next to mine as I fucked the hole I realised why it was called a glory hole as it was fucking gloriuos I could not hold back and my cum lept from my cock spurt after spurt erupting from me directly into the waiting mouth I kept pumping the tongue licking me clean until I could take no more.

I stood face flushed grabbed a tissue wiped the end of my cock and got out of there heart pumping. It was not until later that I realised I did not suck the other cock or even touch any part of him, should I have stuck my finger through to invite him in and to suck him off what os the protocol? Would he have been expecting me to blow him? I have since found out that there are all sorts of codes but don't really know what any of them mean.
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1 year ago
You are lucky to have found that glory-hole - rare nowadays! Keep going back and you will soon get to know the "protocols" - it all comes very naturally........
2 years ago
Great story. Made my cock hard. Yeah you should have done something back,even a wank. I dont know any of the codes either though,lol.
2 years ago
hmmm got me hard
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
like it thanks ps where was it :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
so dirty
3 years ago
mmmmmm feeling good
3 years ago
I think you should have at least sucked one cock....can you also offer your asshole your cock is hard as hell right now!....