What We'll Do (Gay)

I thought I'd try to write a second-person story. It's kind of corny but I hope you like it. This is my first time! ;)

Background: you're a hairy muscular daddy bear with a round bubble butt, a beer belly, a full beard, a thick 9-inch uncut cock, and a hefty pair of low-hanging balls. You're wearing dirty steel-toe boots, jeans covered in bits of mud, and a white tank. You just got back from your tiring construction job, and you want to relax. But you're horny.

When you arrive, you walk into the kitchen where I greet you by kissing you. In no time at all, our innocent kiss becomes a full make out session. I missed you and I need you right now.

Our wet and warm tongues collide and rub against each other as we make out passionately while your manly hands make their way down to my ass to squeeze my cheeks. Our hard cocks rub against each other through the fabric of our clothes, exciting us both even more.

But I break the kiss, and pull you by your rough hands upstairs to the bathroom. I got a hot idea; we're going to have rough sex in the shower to clean ourselves up before dinner.

We grab at each other in the restroom, still making out in between removing each other's clothes until we're both eventually totally naked. Your erect cock nudges mine; you're already leaking pre-cum and it's dripping onto the floor. I waste no time in getting on my knees to service your thick uncut cock. I take it in my mouth and suck it all the way down to your balls, and then I pull back and deep-throat you again. You toss your head back while tweaking your nipples and you moan as I suck your veiny dick up and down.

You love my warm lips pulling your foreskin up and down the length of your beautiful cock. You love how I leave a trail of kisses on your dick starting from the base of your meat all the way up to the round purple head. You love how I suck each of your big balls, then work my way up to your cock to suck it some more. At this point, your cock is leaking loads of salty pre-cum, and I savor every drop.

When my lips finally get tired, I pull away from your member; your uncut cock glistens with my saliva and your pre-cum. It's time for our shower.

We turn the water on and we get in. It's a big shower, big enough for us to fuck in comfortably for hours. We soap up and wash away the sweat and grime. I massage your back and shoulders. We kiss some more. Within minutes, we're both finally squeaky clean, and extremely horny. You pull a bottle of lube off the shelf where the shampoos and the soaps are kept, and you squirt it out onto your palms. You stroke your thick uncut cock and swing it left and right in front me. You grin cockily and it turns me on. I can't resist staring at your fat swinging meat; the veins are throbbing while your foreskin shines with lube.

Now it's time for you to stretch my little cub hole. You hold me against the shower's wall with my chest towards the wet tiles, and you press your hairy belly and chest against my back. I can feel your 9-inch cock rub against my ass cheeks. I can't wait to have you inside of me. To have you ejaculate inside of me. To feel like you completely own me.

Your uncut cock is at my hole now, ready to penetrate me. You push it in slowly, but just having the big purple head inside causes me to moan and wince in slight pain. You wrap your hairy burly arms around my waist in assurance and you kiss my neck softly before you ease in more of your thick daddy meat.

I'm completely enveloped in your hairy masculinity; totally yours in this moment of passion. By now, half of your member is lodged inside of my little cub hole, and the pain is already subsiding. Now you pull out, and reinsert your length while I push my ass back onto your organ.

We stay like this, with your cock slowly working its way into my wanton rectum, for about ten minutes before your meat finally pops in all the way with ease. I gasp, and you pull me closer to you. You're kissing my neck again, breathing hard, panting.

It's so erotic, the two of us fucking in the shower while the hot water is running. The glass completely fogged up. Your dick completely inside of me. We're both breathing hard and moaning.

Now you're starting to pick up the pace, pulling your thick meat all the way out, then all the way back in again. You're putting so much pressure on my prostate that I feel like I'm about to burst. You're close to cumming yourself as I'm pressed between your hairy body and the wall of the shower. I have nowhere to go but back onto your dick.

You keep slamming your cock into my moist hole, now wet with your pre-cum. It's so slick inside of my warm hole. You grunt and you pant, kissing my neck then nibbling on my ear. You want my hole as much as I've been craving your big daddy cock all day.

I love feeling your big uncut cock moving deep inside of me, stretching every bit of rectum. It feels so good, so relaxing to have my hole stretched and wrapped around your beautiful piece of meat. I love when you're inside of me, making love to me. Owning me.

Soon, my hole is so wet with your pre-cum that moist slapping sounds fill the shower. Your thick veiny cock now has no problem sliding right into my hole and filling it completely.

Your fucking is getting really rough now, and I'm whimpering in pleasure. Your cock hits all of the right spots inside of me, and I'm close to climax, without touching my own cock once. You tweak my nipples. You bite my neck. Your calloused, rough hands run all over my chest and stomach.

Finally, your hands land on my thighs, and you use them as a handle to pound my hole even harder. By now, I can't control myself and I start panting hard, moaning and almost shouting. You're fucking me so hard and fast. It feels so good that I almost can't stand the pleasure. Every sensor on my body is overloaded with the pleasure you give me.

But you keep on fucking me like a machine. You're grunting and growling for release, and finally, one final thrust sends me over the edge and I cum all over the shower wall. You keep fucking me nice and deep, and my retracting sphincter muscles massage your big daddy cock, causing you to orgasm as well.

You groan and you pull me closer by my thighs, still fucking my ass, still dumping your cum, filling me with your thick bear seed. I can feel your dick throb inside of me, shooting cum in me. It's so hot, and your cum is so warm. It feels so good to be yours.

You slow down after your orgasm fades, and we stay close to the wall, with your meat still planted inside of me, and you still holding me close to you. You kiss my neck again and we laugh.

We finish cleaning ourselves up and turn the water off. We put on some clean clothes and make our way downstairs to the kitchen for dinner. It's a steak today with some beer.

After dinner, we find we're horny again (of course), so we decide to call it a night and go upstairs to our bedroom. You run ahead of me on the stairs to beat me to the bedroom, and I watch your bubble butt as you head up. You have a beautiful ass, and I suddenly find myself craving to eat you out.

You open the door to our room and we make our way onto the bed excitedly. We kiss again. More tongue action. More panting.

Soon we're naked, and I push you onto your stomach and you spread your legs, knowing what I'm planning. I sit behind your ass between your hairy beefy thighs, and I spread your hairy cheeks apart. Your hole is so beautiful and inviting. Your heavy nuts are just below your puckered asshole, with your erect cock poking out from underneath you.

I'm going to focus on pleasuring your ass now. Your face is in a pillow, and you're completely relaxed. Your ass cheeks are spread by my hands, and I lower my face and start licking your manly balls. I drag my tongue up one of your balls and over your taint, and I pull back and watch your nut move slowly back down. I do it again, licking your heavy balls up and grazing across your taint and teasing your hole. I want to tease you and get you excited.

I can hear you breathing heavily; I know you want me to get to it and start licking your hole. Instead, I pull your throbbing cock out from under you and straighten it out on the mattress. It's so big and thick. I lick from the tip of your meat, over your nuts and finally into your asshole. Now I start really eating your bear hole. My tongue darts in and out and I take wide laps at your opening between going back down to your uncut cock and balls.

You're moaning in pleasure now as I eat your ass. I'm licking your hairy opening like it's a lollipop, or better yet, an ice cream cone. After a while, you lift your bubble butt higher, giving me better access to your hole. Your bear nuts are hanging low, and your cock is fully erect beneath you.

I decide to do more, and I reach under you and stroke your thick uncut piece while I lick your balls and your asshole. You're moaning and grunting now as I jack you off while sucking on your nuts. It's so hot.

After about half an hour of eating your hole and pleasuring you, it's time to feel my daddy bear inside of me again. You stand on the bed and smile at me, then kiss me on the lips. I lay down on my stomach and raise my ass for you. You sit behind me and squeeze my buttocks.

I feel you drive a finger into my relaxed hole, and a little bit of your load from earlier seeps out. My asshole is still lubed up from our fuck session earlier, so it'll be no problem getting back inside of me. You lie down on top me, rubbing your hairy belly into my back again, just like earlier. But it feels so much better when I'm underneath you; it makes me feel so safe and protected.

Then you whisper things into my ear, and you kiss my neck again. You kiss my lips. You send shivers up and down my spine with every motion.

I can feel your cock rub against the crack of my ass, your foreskin retracting with each movement. I want you inside of me again so badly.

Finally, you push the head of your cock in. It slides in easier than before, and with your cum as lubricant, it's even wetter. We don't even need to apply more lube.

Soon your thick daddy bear meat is fully inside of me again, and I feel completely full. I feel like I'm in my place with your wide prick lodged deep inside of me, with you on top of me, so I can't escape, even if I wanted to.

You push my legs open wider with your knees to get better access to my bowels, and you begin to pummel my cub hole harder than before. I'm already moaning and whimpering into my pillow as your cock drives in and out of my ass. You raise your hairy ass and slam back down into my hole, over and over again.

You have a clear path to my prostate, and every stroke of your uncut meat against my sweet spot drives me closer to the edge. You're hammering away at my hole, wet with pre-cum and forcing out the load you blew in me earlier. I can feel your hot load from before, dribbling out of my ass and onto my balls and onto the sheets. But I don't care, not while your cock is making me feel so fucking good.

I love submitting to your long thick cock. I love how your thick manly cock feels deep inside, stretching every inch of my intestines. I need you, daddy...

I need you to cum in me and fill me up so I can be complete. No other feeling is better than being taken by you, than being fucked and seeded by you, than being bred and made love to by you.

You slow down for a bit, and you start sucking on my ear lobe. Your cock throbs again. I can feel your heartbeat in the depths of my ass. Then you put your arms around my waist, and you pull me closer, pushing me further onto your manly meat...

By now, I can't concentrate on anything but you. Nothing but you and your thick cock matters to me right now. My hole is so sloppy and wet now because of how your thick cock churns my insides. More sloppy slapping noises fill the room as you fuck me, hard and deep.

You're rising up higher than before, then slamming back into me. I can feel your heavy balls slap against my ass. Your weight just adds to the feeling of being penetrated, and I climax again.

Your deep thrusts meet some resistance from my spasming hole, but you keep right on fucking me. Hard. Deep. Rough. Your sweat drips from your face and onto my back.

The tension builds in your balls, and suddenly you thrust into me one last time, deeply and aggressively, and you unload some more hot cum in my hole. Your pace slows down, and you grab my hands and hold them against the bed. My fingers intertwine with your calloused ones, and you hump me slowly for a while.

We're fucking slowly now, cooling down.

After some time, you pull out of my cub hole and your seed slowly drips out. I turn around and lie on my back to face you and kiss you one last time before we fall asl**p.
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2 years ago
Very unique and descriptive and it had me cumming!