River Shed

When I was twelve I lived in the suburbs of a large city in the U.K., on the edge of the countryside not far from the river.
On warm summer evenings I would go with friends to the old lock where there was a pool where we could swim in relatively safely and the water was deliciously cool on those warm evenings. There were always a lot of people about, families, courting couples, teenagers and c***dren of my age. There were also a small number of single men who we k**s “knew” to be gay, though that word wasn’t used in those far off days to denote homosexuals.
One evening I went down to the river only to find that none of my friends were to be seen, so I went in for a swim on my own. I had my swimming pants on under my trousers, but no towel, relying instead on the evening sun and running around to dry my body.
While swimming I noticed one of the gay men watching me. He must have been swimming as he had a rolled up towel under his arm. I watched him as he sat down on the river bank beside my clothes. Even now, over 50 years later, I can remember he was quite good looking and had brown curly hair. I suppose he was around 30 or 40.
Had any of my friends been around that evening, I don’t believe he would have approached me in the way that he did. When I came out of the water he said “Hello” and, noting that I didn’t have a towel, he offered me his and, pointing to some derelict sheds nearby, suggested that it would be quiet there and I could get dried and dressed out of sight of the crowds at the river bank. Of course, even with my lack of sexual experience, I knew that he had another reason other than privacy or decorum in mind! However, far from being frightened or apprehensive, I was eager to find out what he had in mind!
As we walked towards the old sheds we passed another man who smiled at us and wished my new “friend” good luck! In the rising sexual mood I was in, he didn’t need any “luck”! I was almost trembling from the anticipation of expanding my limited sexual experiences to that time. That is, experiencing something other than masturbation.
Inside the shed he handed me his towel and suggested that I dry my hair first and when I had the towel over my head and face rubbing my hair, he further suggested that he should help me dry myself more quickly, proceeding to pull down my swimming pants. I was happy to keep his towel over my head and face and let him do what he wanted as long as he took his time and treated me gently. I knew that I had the beginnings of an erection which he remarked upon as he lowered my pants. He then said that he should dry it with his handkerchief.
I soon felt him gently caress my now hard cock through the thin fabric, followed shortly by his bare and surprisingly soft fingers as he pulled and stroked my erection towards him.
When we had entered the shed he had manoeuvred me close to a wall which he now gently pushed me against. When I was leaning with my back to the wall he applied gentle pressure to the inside of my thighs and I spread my legs as far apart as he wanted me to. Of course that was an indication to him that I was a more than willing participant in what he might be about to do!
I still had his towel over my head and face but I could feel him moving and knew that he had knelt down in front of me, so I slowly brought the towel down from my face and, clutching it to my neck, I peered down at the top of his head as he gently masturbated me for an exquisite age.
With the towel off my face I saw that the man we had passed earlier was now standing inside the doorway of the shed quietly wanking and smiling over at me. I had never seen a man’s cock before, never mind an erect one. It looked enormous to my inexperienced eye, but far from being frightened by his presence, I took a delight in him looking. That was when I realised that I had an exhibitionistic streak, though I couldn’t have put that name to it then!...and I still have that streak, so if you want to watch me wank, just PM me!
Then my curly headed “friend” did something I had absolutely no expectation of. He took my small hard cock into his mouth and softly licked and sucked it. I was amazed and nearly came at that point. It had never occurred to me that anyone would do such a thing. He continued to suck and lick me for some time until I, and he, I presume, could feel that I was reaching my climax. He took my cock out of his mouth to let me cool down, smiling up at me as he did so, and I shyly smiled back at him!
After I had cooled down and before he put me back in his mouth, he retracted my foreskin and bathed my cockhead with his tongue and lips, once more bringing me to the verge of cumming.
Again he inserted all of my small cock in his mouth and gently sucked and licked me for many happy minutes. I was in the sweet grip of sexual submission!
Of course this heavenly experience couldn’t continue forever and soon I felt I was about to cum, as could my gentle tormentor. He then sucked hard on my cock placing his hands on my bum cheeks and pulling me to him. I came and remember that I moaned loudly and my legs were almost giving way.
Not only was I surprised that he took my cum into his mouth but I was shocked that he then swallowed it! Amazing!
Having cum I now felt that I was no longer in control of the situation, but was I ever? I quickly dressed and ran out of the shed and down to the river bank without looking back and hoping that none of my pals had turned up – they hadn’t, so I headed home to relive the experience in my mind’s eye.
Much as I had enjoyed the experience, I didn’t wish to repeat it. I still wanted to get sexually involved with girls of my own age, but at that age and later, always being a shy boy and man, I never had a great deal of success.
They say that our early experiences determine our later sexual orientation, but I didn’t turn out to be a gay man...but I would admit to being bi-sexual in the company of a couple where the female wants to watch!
If you enjoyed the above memory, do drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you
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1 year ago
very hot story
2 years ago
very nice story. i've never been with another woman, but I could only wish to have someone as gentle that you had.