How it all started

PRESTORY: The admition
(just that you'll get the background)
Hi, my name is Peter. I'm 19 years old and gay since I remember. (Ocasionally some girl catches my eye but that's all about them.) I was always a shy guy not exposing out a lot or even admit to someone that I'm gay. And that really bothered me, it made me to go through very hard times, sometimes I even thought about suicide. But that's not the point. In june I had a birthday party and I invited lots of friends, including my best friend Ben. We known each other since we were a little boys. We did everything together, we still do kinda (not sex, he's 100% straight)... It was an usual party, you know music, beer etc. There were many boys and some girls. As we were getting more and more d***k, the other guys started looking at girls: "ohh look at her boobs man, and that ass" "fuck she's hot man I would fuck her all night" "so, what do you think Pete?" Ben asked me. My face went red. "umm dunno Ben what do you think?" "I think you should ask one of them" "noo Ben I'm not into this" Then Ben asked (he was d***k and ment it like joke at least I thought that): "lol Pete are you gay or something man? hehehe" That hit me like a hammer. And I said somewhere deep inside me " yes Ben I've been gay for all of my life. Do you hate me now?" In reality I said nothing and Ben turned back to chicks. From now on I wanted to tell Ben that I'm gay but I really didn't know how (you know - shy guy). So I sat in the farthest corner of the room and silently watch the party, asking myself "how on earth should I tell him?! And would he accepted me the way it is or will he dump me?" That question really did a bad effect to my nerves... So, eventually the party was over, everyone went home exept Ben who helped me to clean the room, like he always does. I saw this like wonderfull oportunity to tell him the truth, but still... kinda couldn't. When we clean the place we d***k a few beers together then Ben hit me: "what's wrong with you man? I never saw you in a mood like that Pete. And It's your birthday!" I took a deep breath. My throat started to pain (I was moments before crying) "Ben I should tell you something" I had already tears in my eyes. Ben's face went serious. "God what is it Pete?" I started with a trembling voice: "Ben, I'm..." Then I started crying like never before. Amaizingly Ben huged me. That was all what I needed. I told him everything he should know long time ago. He was just listening to me saying: "Calm down Pete you're ok, it's not a big deal anyway." Eventually I calmed down. I couldn't believe how calmly he accepted it. For a few minutes I actually fell in love with him and even want to kiss him. "Oh really Ben? that's it?" " yeah man what should I do beat you and leave you lol? If I'm honest Pete I have kinda known this before. You have always look after guys more than girls." Those words were such a relief for me. "So Pete, coffe tomorrow?" "right" I said still a bit shocked. "Look Pete there's nothing you should be ashamed of. Now go to bed and I'll see ya tomorrow and we'll talk ok?" "Ok Ben. See ya. Oh and Ben, thanks man. Really." "no probs Pete, see ya." And that was it! I finally told another person my sacrest thing and that was Ben and he totally accepted it. I was in heaven. The following morning we went to a bar. At first we were talking some other things, then I thanked him agin for yesterday. He smiled at me and hit me agin: "Hey Pete, did you ever uh umm you know sl**p with a man?" I almost ate my spoon. " Uh what? huh I didn't do it yet, I never had a chance. Why you asking?" Ben smiles and said: "Well... there's a friend of mine... I think he's gay also" Ofcourse he immediately got my attention. "What? Really? How old is he? where does he live?" I was like... well I bet you figured out. "Wow, wow slow down Pete lol." "oh, oh ok" He was lokking at me and laughed. "Hehe, look at you, you really need a man. Ok I'll introduce him to you." "thanks Ben I don't know what to say." Then he told me what he was like, what does he like... everything he had known about him. His name is Adam and by the describtion he was cute as hell. He was having a birthday party next week, Ben was invited and asked if I wanted to go with him. "Ofcourse I want Ben. How old is he you say agin?" He was the same age as me. So I decided to go to that BD party and give it a try....

STORY: Fairytale

Next day I got Adam's FB and liked almost every picture on which he was in. It turned out that we're both fans of ACDC, Eric Clapton and Dire Straits and we both were playing drums and guitar. I was so in love with him and I even haven't seen him live... I was fantasising every day what should I say to him, how should I be dressed, would he even liked me, what should I buy him for present etc. In short, I was on edge.
Finally the day of his BD came and we went to his place. I was so nervous when I saw him and really didn't know what to do. Then Ben pushed me forward and said: "Wake up man, here he is. Now go for him!" But what should I say to him Ben?!! "Oh hello you must be Peter. Hi my name is Adam, how are you?" I was really just staring at him saying nothing. Ben hit me in the back and I woke up. "H hi Adam, happy birthday. I bought you a little present. Ohh I'm fine thanks. lol I fukced up, I thought. He smiled and said thanks and offered me a drink. He was 'bartender' that night. We were in a big round room with improvised bar in the middle of the room. Ben went to his girlfriend (oh sorry I forgot to mention it) so he left me alone with my drink. I really didn't know anybody there (at party there were around 30 people) exept Ben, his girlfriend Monica and Adam. So i sat on a chair by the wall and watched Adam while he was preparing cocktails and other drinks. From time to time we caught ourselves looking at each other, quickly redirecting the look. I pretended that i'm texting messages on my phone and at the mean time looking at him. I was nervous and quickly empty my bottle of beer. Adam saw that and brought me another one. "Why sitting here all alone Peter? Why don't you come to the bar?" I squeezed that bottle in my hands.. "Emm I guess it would be better, yes." He smiled "Come on." So I went to the bar where we both got d***k. We were talking all sorts of things. Gosh I loved his voice and smile. And he definately figured out. While chatting like that, Ben came to us and said if we wanna put on a show with drums and guitar. d***k as we were, we agreed. We played a few songs and sung pretty horribly I believe. At that time the clock was 03.00 so we slowly started packing up the mess we did. While doing it Adam asked if I wanted to sl**p at his place. I felt like I'm flying. My parents were at sea on holiday, so I didn't have to worry about them. "That would be lovely, yes." I said and immediately turned red, realizing how bad the sentence was. Eventually only Ben, Adam and I were at his place. We went out and lit some cigarettes. When Ben smoked his he said that he'd better go. We said goodbye to him and went inside. My telephone shaked. I got sms, it was Ben. All he wrote was: ;)
I smiled then Adam came in front of me, took my phone and throw it on the couch. "Peter I was looking at you. You're so cute..." His hand went around my neck. That turned me on and I was already hard. "Oh Adam I love you since I first saw you" I said. He lifted me up and carried me to his room and bed. His bed was huge. He threw me on bed, bend over me and kissed me. It was so erotic I nearly came into my pants. We kissed so pasionetly as if we wanted to get our lips glued together. After awhile Adam threw his shirt and pants off- he was SO hot. "Peter is this your first time with a guy?" I looked at him and wanted to eat him all. "Yes. First time ever" "mmm I like that" he said and pulled my pants and shirt off. He bend over me agin and pressed his rock hard dick aginst mine. His was way bigger and thicher than mine. Our cocks were rubbing aginst each other. I can't describe the feeling of it I wanted it to never end. At some point Adam put his finger into my asshole - he did that very gently I almost didn't feel it at all. Then he started to lick my anus and jerk my cock. I felt that I'm gonna cum soon and Adam saw that and put my cock into his mouth. I instantly came into his mouth and Adam swallowed all of my cum. I moved closer to him and wanted to suck his cock when he put his hand on my chest and gently pushed me on my back agin. Then he put a on condom and lube his dick and my anus. Our look came together and I got hard agin. "Are you ready?" he asked. I just smiled at him. He smiled back. "That might hurt a little at the beginning" I didn't say nothing I just held his dick and helped him penetrate my anus. God I was in heaven! I hurt a little but I didn't care I just wanted to be like that to the end of my life. His moaning was like ecstasy for me and without any warning I came agin even without touching my dick. When I came Adam started to pound me harder. I don't know why but I asked him to pull the condom off. He did that then I made him to put his dick back into my ass. It was way better feeling than before. He pounded me very hard and I was struggling to keep up with him. He started to moan louder and louder until he came into my ass. I had a nice warm feeling inside my ass. Then Adam crusheD on the bed and kissed me. "I want you to be my boyfriend" I kissed him back and said "you got it" then we both fall asl**p. Following morning I got uo first and took a shower. I came back into Adam's bedroom and he was still sl**ping. He is so cute...

Now we're together for 3.5 months and I mus say we would be together for at least 35 years :)

PS: I bet there are many mistakes, please don't mind, my english is poor.

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