Indian slut's hen do (Bachelorette)

Myself and a group of 9 other guys were on a stag do in Vegas, and we were living the high life.

Every night we would have a table at the best clubs surrounded by beautiful girls and too much booze!

On our last night we did it big and had an awesome night as XS. Here we met a group of indian sluts from London who were celebrating a hen do.

Three of them (including the bride to be) were absolutely stunning, great big tits and sexy kardashian asses.

The bride to be was checking me out all night, so later on we started chatting. She was getting married in 2 weeks and had been with her fiance since school and wished she played the field a bit before she put the ring on.

It was really loud so we went outside to talk, before i knew it she put my hand on her ass. I was ridiculously horny and she knew it.

We continued to talk as she stroked my cock through my trousers but she was worried her friends and s****r would see me with her so we slipped around the side to the closed section of the pool.

I checked that the coast was clear and before i know it she was kissing my neck with her gorgeous sexy lips. We shared a passionate kiss and I lift her skirt to finger her pussy. She had no pantie on and was dripping wet before I even put a finger in!

She whispers in my ear "i've always wanted to give a blow job but my fiance turns me off because he's so f***eful about it".

While i slowly fingered her I give her a cheeky wink and said 'i'm not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do'.

She then got on her knee's and pulled my throbbing cock out and just stared at it whilst stroking my shaft. She looked up at me with her sexy exotic eyes and smiled just before she kissed my cock.

I could tell it was her first time but she was doing great, taking more of my cock in her mouth with each go. Before I knew it she was deepthroating me like a pro. I was going to come like a fire hose but I didn't want to waste this opportunity.

I pulled her up from her knees and she knew what was coming next. We kept looking around to check no-one was there and then lent against the wall and pulled up her skirt and said "Fuck me hard"

How could i refuse!? i tease her by slapping my cock on her wet pussy lips and make her moan with anticipation. I slide into her tight pussy and feel her legs starting to shake. Her moans get louder and louder i could tell at that moment in time she couldn't care less who saw us.

I kept pounding her and start rubbing her asshole slowly with my thumb. She screams and I could feel her dripping all over my dick but she beg's me not to stop. Feeling like it was my night I pulled out to tease her and said "would you like my cock in your ass?'

She looked so scared but was still so horny. "It'll hurt so bad..... OK but go slowly.." I wanted to marry this woman my self!

I rubbed my dick on her wet pussy and then slowly put it into her virgin ass. She squeals and clenches so tight around my dick!

As I slowly pumped in and out of her ass I could tell she was loving her ass being pounded.

I couldn't last any longer, and I pulled her closer. She let out one last scream and I erupted in her ass.

She pulls up her skirt and turns to gives me one last kiss. She then casually walked back into the club and joined her friends but not before she looked back at me to blow a kiss.

Her husband to be was going to be a lucky man!

100% (7/0)
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7 months ago
She sounds fucking hot