Ensign Belle’s Personal Log Stardate 4020.01

I’d known it was a bad idea, but I hadn’t been able to resist I had only joined Starfleet to see the stars and instead I was stuck in boring old Engineering with barely a view-screen in sight. So the temptation to sneak into Astrometrics while Seven of Nine was regenerating was too much, Sure I’d been caught by Seven before and she had warned me against doing so again, but I hadn’t taken her threat too seriously. Now I wished I had.

Sure I could see the stars but being suspended over the open fracture in the aft cargo bay with only a f***e field keeping me from certain death they lost some of their magic. That and the fact she had no idea where Seven had gone, maybe to tell Janeway and get me demoted or worse stuck in the brig for a few weeks.

My quiet contemplation was broken by the sound of the doors being open and the warmer air from the deck sweeping in. Hang on, warmer air? Why was the air in here colder? A quick glance down my body revealed my uniform to be AWOL, a fact that had escaped my attention for some reason, most likely the painful death a few centimeters away.

“You were warned Ensign not to enter my Astrometrics lab and yet you did. Now I am f***ed to teach you a lesson.”

“You can’t! The Captain and Tu-vok won’t let you.”

“They will not be finding out, unless you want to spend the rest of the journey home in the brig?”

I figured it was best not to answer that question, it felt rather trap like.

“Now to ensure we are not disturbed by anyone.”

Before I could react Seven f***ed a bundle of cloth into my mouth and tied it tight behind my head.

“A better use of your uniform don’t you think?”

I had no reply and even if I did have I doubt Seven would be interested in hearing it. Besides I was too busy trying to get a clue as to why I was naked.

I didn’t have to wait long for the first one, when Seven brought her hand down hard on my backside, the left over Borg implants causing more sting than the bare skin.

“I know you all think I’m emotionless, that I don’t have urges. But I do, just unlike you I have learned to control them and turn them into something more...useful.”

Six more slaps followed.

“Sadly the urges I do wish to explore are a little outlandish, however...”

Another nine slaps and by this time they really had began to sting and my uniform/gag was soaking wet but a more pressing concern to me was the slow heat building in my pussy, surely I wasn’t enjoying this? I mean I was normal.

“I now have the prefect chance to exercise them. After all you were warned.”

For a few seconds I heard nothing except the sound of a case being open and a rattle,

“Ahh yes I was looking forward to getting some use out of these.”

I wonder what ‘these’ were, nothing good I was betting.

Next thing I was aware of was a shot of pain straight from my nipple causing me to scream into my gag, the second one brought an even louder scream

“Hush Ensign, they are only little clamps, for now anyway.”

A sharp tug and more pain bounced round my nipples, but this time I half scream half moaned and knew my pussy was getting hot. After all I wasn’t exactly a good girl in Starfleet Academy so I knew the feeling but I’d never been this bad.

“Hmm Ensign you seem to be enjoy this a little. Perhaps we will need to make some more appointments together.”

I tried to fathom this out in my head. But any true thoughts stop at the feel of cool metal running down the inside of my thighs and brushing ever so gently along my pussy, lingering only for a moment to tug gently at my lips.

“I’ll take care of that later.”

I had no clue what she meant but was sure I’d find out.

“Now what is seven times nine? Do you know Ensign?”

I nodded my head, hoping she’d let me answer and I’d gain...something.

“I’m sure you do, but I wonder does your ass.”

I squealed then and wriggled hard, but that only made the clamps on my nipples move and caused me more pain, which in turn made my pussy all the hotter. Just what the hell was going on with me?

Seconds later Seven started spanking my ass, all thoughts were lost somewhere around the 10th stroke and I could feel my juices sliding down my inner thigh but I was past caring.

“You are a bad girl Ensign. Making a mess on the floor like that, I’ll have to punish you for it.”

The back of my mind wonder what she meant, the front was too far gone to care. The answer came swiftly, as the pain in my nipples increased tenfold and felt more pulled away from me.

“There, those weights should keep you mind on things.”

Seven dealt me a quick slap across both breasts causing the weights to jiggle pulling a strangled moan from me.

“Well, well maybe you will be forgiven after all Ensign. You seem to enjoy your time with me.”

I wanted to argue I really did but my body over-ruled my head.

I felt Seven start to run both hands over my pussy, lingering just a few seconds longer on my clit each time, her metal finger tips colder than her human only ones.

“I know you think the Doctor removed most of my implants but he missed one major one. You see Borg may be cold, unfeeling and uncaring but due to the sheer number of humanoids some feelings where harder to ignore.”

I was trying to work out what she meant when she flicked her tongue, at least I think it was her tongue over my clit drawing a moan form me and a gush of fluid form my pussy.

“You see both male and female humanoids have a need to satisfy so all Borg were fitted with an implant to make sure any Borg could satisfy another.”

I was trying to figure out what she meant but the feel of her hands on my pussy and every so often one slipped into my slit my brain was functioning way below normal levels.

“You will be most likely the only non-Borg to enjoy it.”

A whirring sound is not exactly a sound you expect to hear in a situation like this but I heard one, then felt something cold and hard press just on the very outside of my slit, my brain started to process but not time later whatever it was plunged itself fully into my pussy, making me groaning into my now sodden and most likely wrecked uniform and my hips reflexly push back towards whatever it was.

“Unlike the male human penis this one can be as big or as small as is wanted.”

The back of my brain panicked, the rest was too far gone to care. Here I was suspended over open space, naked, my uniform in my mouth ,clamps on my nipples a burning hot ass and all I cared about was cumming.

“Not yet Ensign. Not until I say.”

I groaned then, past caring what normal was or were I was or who I was all I wanted was for Seven to let me cum.

“Now Ensign.”

I don’t recall what my head was doing at the time but I do now my legs and arms went wild as they could and I heard and felt a rush of fluid form my pussy, along with a loud moan from Seven behind me.

“Good Ensign.You can follow orders after all.”

I just nodded my head.

“Now I’ll be back in an hour to so to let you down. Behave now.”
Seven gave my breasts one last slap before she left.

Ensign Belle’s Personal Log Stardate 4020.03

Seven has invited me to the Astrometrics lab today, something about exploring a new black hole.
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How novel. Looove things Trek. Best wishes.