Extreme Bi-sexual Couples Wildest Fantasie!!!

Never could possibly imaginer that your bi-sexual girlfriend would luv to watch her man play with not 1 but 2 bi-sexual women for hours on end & go to the extreme......


(MAN SPEAKING)..Cumm with me girls my girl is going to punished by me not to be able to film me & neither watch me live just hear the sounds..to make her jealous so she can prouve to me that she has trust in me pleasing other sexy women for her & for me espicially when she pick out a card (OUR SEX GAME)(PUNISH ME FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT TOO)..
my girlfriend is so sexy & she makes me crazy more & more because I know for a fact that she defintley luvs eating pussies & the last time she had one I gave her the pleasure of starting first..mmmm what a slut!!!

It'S like living your wildest fantasie ever.., then you realize it came true..
& most of the times girls say "YES" to experience there first ORGY a girl.., all I can say is WOW,WOW,& WOW OVER & OVER AGAIN!!!
Watching go at it is like your really watching a real porno movie that you rent that we come men always dream about!!!


(GIRL SPEAKING)...MMM..,Oh yeah my sexy hot man ..,I love to hear you talk & have control with 2 sexy bitches with you punish me ...i luv suspense..i'm dreaming live but all tied up and completed covered from head to toe...listening to the sound of wild creamy juicy pussy very close to my ear & slowly pumping my face like a toydoll...my man picks the littlest hot bitch with a very little hot pink tight juicy pussy & open her pussy lips & makes her rub all over my face but I don't taste a thing & the only thing I hear is my man says:

oh yeah my sexy blonde bicth(ZOÉY).,(25years old,blonde hair,baby blue eyes,weighs 120ponds,5feet6,firm sexy titts,& very open,bi-sexual)
you have only 2MINUTES to squirt white hot cumm like syrup..,
NOT ALLOWED TO SQUIRT LIQUIDE PUSSY JUICE RIGHTAWAY..,if that happens well you will pay my little Zoéy very fucking hard by me streching your legs open & teasing your pussy for 1 HOUR NON STOP you will cumm like you never came in your life very hot wild feeling of your pussy on fire while you being my good little chicky & to obey me because I can be mean & dirty(MATURE MATTER)THAT EVERY GIRL DREAMS ABOUT<3<3<3!!!!

I can't help myself I went get my other surprise girl & told her film me for 20minutes while I tease the hottest sexiest blonde little pink pussy with my cuck & rubbing her clit nice & slow she squirts so hot & slow..,oh yeah baby wanna cumm again like that????....
oh yes Jacks i like filming a guy making my lesbian girlfriend cumm like you do her first real cuck...(MAN):WHAT??????Now I really into her her first sex game with a real man!!!
(GIRL):NATASHA..,YUPP..,I met her at the outside grocery store having lots of trouble lifting her boxes filled with food so I cam up behind & grab the box & put in her car she gave me a lift home then i saw that only one street away from me so I went there later that night & spyed on her...she saw me within minutes so she quickly open the door & said please come on in...Would you like a beer?I said sure why not...as the night passed along I had drank only 3beers but felt like I had drank 24beers..she got naked right infront me with a dildo in her hand & ask me ...
Would you be willing to fuck me with my dildo & pussy licking I'm still a virgin I always wantd to break my cherry(virginity)by a girl first because they help beautiful hot chicks like me be a surpeises fro men who dream about the PERFECT GIRL!!!
MMMM..,Zoéy you tast so good & you are so creamy you taste like a mix off strawberrys & peaches all mix in one.......
We have been together for 6years now but I am bi-sexual & every now & then I talk with Zoéy to have a sex trip with me starting with another girl then the next trip with a guy..
She said yes for a girl but no for the guy so I got pissed and said to myself fuck that I'm gonna find the perfect man to play the most wildest sex game ever..
ZOÉY...in latex tied up with ropes & chaines eyes covered & red ball wrap around her mouth while you sexy man JACKS start rubbing her blonde clit slowly & clockwise non stop for 4mins..then slide your finger just beside her little hole & picking up speed you open my lesbian pussy lips with one hand & put your other hand sliding up & down 10times then stop for 10secondes ..,again 10times picking up the speed with your fingers mmmmm wow she is really enjoying this ...I never seen a young sexy mature pure lesbian blonde girl shake,scream,squirl,acting shy,slowly starting to act like a slut...then you hear say oh thank you my sexy honey:Natasha for giving me a girl to lick my pussy for christmas....on the count of 10 I will take off the strap to her eyes & You JACKS say Allo my sexy Zoéy..,sorry I'm not a girl I'm a man who luvs pussies lots!!!!Espicially virgin blondes who got there cherry broken from another girl then waiting for the 1 perfect man to make her cunt squirt like the famous pornstars:FLOWERGIRL,CYTHIERA, MARIE-MAI,SAMATHA,BARBIE,NIKKI,JENNA,SYLVIE,ANGELIE JOLIE!!!

TO BE CONTINUE..................................................
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