Darren the Lodger.

One evening just me and Darren went out without my wife, we had a great evening both getting a little d***k and Darren introducing me to some of his young girlfriends. Later that evening and we were nearing time to calling it a night, he asked me what i thought of the girls we meet........"Lovely" i replied "But way to young for a much older 51year old guy like me". then Darren smiled and said what if he fixed me up with one of them, clarifiying he said "What if i arrange for one to have sex with you?" adding to it "If you let me have a months free rent i could arrange for one of the girls to fuck with you" I did'nt think anything would come of it so of coarse said "you got a deal"......

Several weeks past and no more was said about our d***ken and lose tongue agreement we made that night........Then late one summers evening Darren was out and my wife went on to bed, i decided to stay up and surf the net in our rear study, of coarse after a while the internet viewing turned to porn sites. As i trawled though the pics and video's i became more and more aroused, it was a hot night and fairly quickly i had pulled off my t-shirt, jeans and underpants to be sat back naked rubbing my now rock hard cock and getting more and more turned on.....by now my cock was throbbing, its head purple, my balls bursting with spunk, as the feeling became more and more intense i was crazy to fuck, the feeling was incredable as i was nearing the point to spurting my sperm, nothing was gonna stop me now.....suddenly the door flew open and in walk Darren.

It did'nt stop me, i was horny as hell and i carried on thrashing my throbbing hard cock. At first i thought Darren was gonna watch, i did'nt care, i was too turned on to stop. He was obviously a little bit d***k and after looking slightly surprised he said something along the lines that he should have organised a good fucking for me, but as he had'nt, he's gonna have to sort "that cock" out for himself, and with that he walked over and leaning over me he pushing my hand away, took my hard-on and started jerking my shaft. My-god it felt good.

I've never gone with another guy before but Darren wanking my shaft turned me on so much. I reached up and with his help undid his jeans and pulled them down, as his cock came into view it was already starting to stiffen. Off came his t-shirt and he stood over me naked, his 19yr old toned body looking fantasic. I ran one hand over his tight stomach up over his chest, the other hand i wrapped round his cock and still sat in the office chair pulled him closer and guided his now hard cock into my mouth, i sucked, licked and ran my tongue all over his cock and balls.

It was too much for him and he pulled me up, as i stood up our arms went round each other and we passionately kissed, more than just a man kiss but full-on tongues. After a few moments Darren pulled back and dropped to his knees, taking my cock in both hands he pulled my foreskin back and wrapped his mouth over it, sucking and licking it felt so good. I was so near to shooting my load, too near, i wanted to give him pleasure, so i gently pulled away and went over to the small sofa we had in that room, laying out on it beckoned Darren to follow, with my head on the sofa arm i pulled Darren over to stradded me, with him stood up straddling my head i took his cock in my hands and guided it into my mouth. Wet slurps and gentle moans softly fill the room and after a few moments his passion took him, he gently laid down on top of me and with me sucking him he began sucking me.

This was all to much for me and quietly moaning i started to orgasm, my cock felt so hard as my load pumped out into Darrens mouth, he pulled his mouth back and gently wanking me, squeezed all my jism from my balls. My god that was good, i still felt passion, i pulled his cock towards my mouth and started sucking and licking as he had done to me, his cock was rock hard and throbbing, slowly he started thrusting his cock in my mouth and with a gentle moan his cum filled my mouth. With my hand tugging the base of his cock i suck him, taking his jism into my mouth, swallowing and sucking i started licking his length of all its juice.

After we recovered we both stood up and wrapping our arms around each other feel into a passionate kiss, our hands running over each others naked bodies, feeling and groping each other........It felt good and i remember thinking how shocking this was, that made it feel more exciting and horney...suddenly i realised what we had done, we had just had male sex with each other, arousing each other and bringing each other to a climax........i would'nt of said i was gay, i never been with a guy before, i considered myself straight, married to a beautiful wife and a father to two beautiful daughters, but somehow this felt good.

As we got dressed i suggested to Darren that he could have his months free rent and if he wanted to have moments like that again we could come to an arrangement for his rent...ofcoarse he agreed, but i got the impression he was just as turned on and wanted more.

Before Darren moved on we did indeed succumb to several more horney cock play moments. A few days after that night, i came home from work early afternoon to find everyone out and Darren taking a bath. He invited me into the bathroom and soon we were both randy, i joined him in the bath and after plenty of mutual sucking and wanking our passion ended with us spraying our cum over each other.

Several weeks later after enjoying a lads night out with each other we arrived home in the early hours feeling slightly tipsy and very horny we thought it would be great fun to do it outside on the patio in the dark. The night was warm and we were very quiet as we stripped off and fell into each other, our cocks stiff and horny we ran our hands over each other and started to take it in turns to suck and wank each other, the moment felt right and Darren turned to lay over the patio table pulling his arse cheeks apart i held my stiff rampent cock by the base and guided it into his hole, slowly i eased the head of my cock into him and started working myself in and out, speeding up i held his hips as i shafted his hole, it was all i could do to keep myself from making any noise. He felt good and before long i felt my cock pumping cum into his tight hole, muffling my moan's of desire i slid my still throbbing cock out of him, pulling him back up and turning to face each other we slooperly kissed our tongues in each others mouths. With Darren now sitting back against the table i dropped to my knees, running my tongue down his chest and stomach as i lowered myself untill my mouth reached his cock. Placing my left hand round its base i proceded to suck and lick, soon he stiffened up and was rock hard, sucking the head i begain sliding my hand up an down his now throbbing shaft, next i felt him thrust and with a moan he pumped his lovely cum into my mouth.

After that night nothing was said about our forbidden moments of lust and passion. We carried on our individual social lives, but one thing it did for me was to make me very randy having sex with my wife, the thought that i had sex with another bloke and here i was screwing my wifes fanny really done it for me. Any way not long after Darren annouced he was moving on and i must admit i did for a while miss our randy sessions but sex with my wife was fantastic again, even she seemed more randy, so much so i begain to wonder if she knew something had gone on or she had got up to something with Darren as well, maybe one after Darren is long gone we'll confess to each other about what we got up to......i may be shocked by her.
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7 days ago
shot a load myself over that
7 months ago
That got me hard as fuck, made for a great wank.
9 months ago
Great story, fuckin horny x
2 years ago
Excellent thank you for sharing.
2 years ago
realy hot