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This morning I wake to find I have been cuffed and a chain passed under the bed to my wrist the other side simple but i am spread acrossed the bed arms wide apart and unable to reach any part of me.
Mrs C has done this and she has been biting my nipples in turn almost to draw bl**d for over a hour,one hand occasionally checks my erection pumping it hard then releasing.
She leaves I am hard hot and very sore,Madam Bella enters she whispers close to my ear yoday slut I am going to show you how the lightest of touches the smallest of strokes can over a period of time drive you into a frenzy, It will be a very long day for you . you will beg ,cry ,scream for me to release your orgasm .
She touches the very tip of her tongue on my nipple very small controlled movements hardly touching, .............I start to feel the effects at once.
She replies:
tiny little movements on your nipples. Soft gentle tiny kisses on first one nipple then the other. Your cock twitches with each touch

Bella smiles as she reaches for the blindfold. Now you are totally helpless and filled with excitement. Her hand reaches for your cock. Your cock gets harder under her touch. She ups the intensity of her strokes and you are ready to cum when she stops suddenly and slaps your hard cock with the back of her hand.
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