Pure crystal

You're taking my cock in your mouth wanting to make it hard again. You're so good at it. But as you didn't hold it and peed in my face. I think i can do it too. I need to let some of this dirty burning pee out of me. And your hand deep in my ass (feeling "things" on your fingers) is not helping to hold it. My tongue tasting your dirty pussy, a mix between a squirt and some urine and i want to taste more of you. I want to lick your ass. As my hands are opening it, i put my mouth on your little hole and my tongue is entering in your dirtiest hole. Your moanings told me you likes it. my fingers are joining my tongue to explore this part of your body. With your gifted tongue, you've made me harder than i ever was. Your fingers are stretching my ass and i love it but i need to let them out of my body. You pull slowly your hand out of the opened hole. Some shit comes out too. You've been so deep with so much lube. It was inevitable. But you don't care; doing as there was nothing on your fingers. What i want now, is to push my cock deep in your ass. So We move.. no.. i move... You still have your feet almost behind your head (i love that position). I push your knees behind your shoulders and i tie your hand on your back. You're my toy. You can't really move. I can do anything i want. My hard cock is rubbing your pussy but i move it a bit lower... to your ass. Suddenly, i enter your body opening your thight asshole. You've screamed. It was brutal and a little painfull. I like it but i want to make you crazy. I want to make you loose the control of your body. Your clit needs to be rub. i pinch your little clit between my fingers, softly. your pussy is so wet, flooding on your ass, lubricating your hole. Godd.... my cock is starting to go in and out... ramming as deep as i can. I bend on my back so i can try to push some fingers of my other hand into your pussy while i'm still playing with your clit : fist-fucking and ass-fucking.....You're moaning, one big orgasm shakes your body, you're even squirting as i cum in your ass.... and i still want more
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