Bike time and BekkaCD

Well it was a warm July evening last year during Muskegon Bike time. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy from the few drinks that i had earlier in the day. I had chose to post a ad on craigslist seeking a couple harley riders that would be into having some fun with a gurl such as myself.Well to my surprise i had gotten such a good response that I had to figure out what i was going to do.Well after another drink or 2 i decided that i would get a local motel room.I responded to all the bikers and gave them my room number and told them to be there at about 4 pm.I got to the hotel and took my time getting dressed as sexy as i could.and spent about a 1/2 hr putting on my makeup making sure it was applied just perfect.I had decided on wear a micri mini skirt with black seamed stockings and gater belt.I slowly slid the stocking up my freshly shaved legs with great care as not to put a run in them.As i sat there on the end of the bed trying to decide what heels and top to wear i was trying to think how this would all play out.Well finally deciding on a pair of 6 inch silver stileeto heels and a pink corset top i finished dressing and had a couple more cocktails.I had decided that maybe i should rent some porn tapes for our pleasure.So i looked on the tv and decide on getting some tranny porn.It was about 3:45 and i heard a couple bikes pull up outside the hotel room and all of a sudden i could feel myself starting to sweat with anticipation.Well after about 5 minutes i heard a knock at the door and to my surprise there were 4 of the hottest biker boys i had ever seen standing in the doorway.I invited them into the hotel room and we had a couple more drinks.Mark the tallest of the 4 was in his early 30s had asked what all i was seeking and i told him that i wanted to be used like a little slut biker bitch.Well you can guess the other 3 guys were all up for that.Mark had asked if I minded if he took some still photos of the fun and i am not sure why but i spoke right up and said hell i would even enjoy doing a video of the fun.Next thing i know the guys were all pooling there money together to go and get a video camera and tripod.Mark took of on his hard tail like a bolt of lightning to go to the closest store and returned about 20 minutes later with video camera and chargers and all in hand.After setting up the cam and all Mark walked up behind me placing his large hands around my waist pulling me nearer to him and telling me what i was to expect. i told the guys that i was open to pretty much anything they wanted to do but would want to use a safe word in case things got to out of hand.They all agreed that a sfe word was a good thing,so i told them mangina would be the word.So i told all the guys just to get comfortable and we could watch some porn to get into the mood.I turned on the television and started the movie and next thing i knew all 4 of the guys had their hard cocks out stroking them for me.I figured Mark was the first one i had met so i decided that i would take his cock in my mouth first.He was about 7 inches long and very thick.I pushed him down in a chair and knelt down on my knees taking his pants and boxers down letting his cock fall free.I slowly took his hard cock into my mouth working it from tip to balls letting spit drip down onto his big heavy of the other guys came up behind me and started playing with my pantie cover ass and asked if i liked to be spanked,in which i responded what sissy gurl does'nt.So he slowly pulled my skirt up and started to spank my ass making my ass cheeks bright red.The other 2 bikers came up near Mark and pulled their cocks out of their jeans and and offered them to me along with marks.Mark turned my head to the right and i was amazed at seeing the biggest cock i had ever seen.At least 9 inches long and about as big around as a beer can.I though what the heel did i get myself into.I slowly tried to stretch my pink lipstick covered lips around the head of his shaft and was able to get about 4 inches in before i started to gag.He said you like that dont you sissy slut to which i could just nod a yes.the the man to my left was not so large thank god so i turned my head to the left and offered my wet mouth to his cock which was only about 6 inches cut and thin.I decided right at that moment that this was going to be the first one to have a try at my sissy cunt.The 4 guys decided that we should take the fun to the bed and set up the video camera so we could capture the fun.Mark took his time carefully setting up the camera and training it so it captured the whole bed.after getting comfortable on the bed lying on my back the guys all started to ravish my body like hungry wolves,touching me in places i never knew could bring such sexual feelings inside me.At this point i was so horny i was taking all 3 of the bigger guys into my mouth switching back and forth between them.The smallest of the 4 climbed between my lages and raised them hi into the air and pulled my panties to the side exposing my gurl pussy.He lubed his cock with some lube that i had brought with me and slowly inserted the head of his cock gently into my sissy pussy.Oh god i could'nt stand it any longer i bucked my hips forward taking him balls deep into my soaking wet sissy cunt.The other 3 guys jacking off over my painted face each taking turns inserting a cock into my mouth one at a time.i ahd decided at this point there was no turning back so i had the guys swtch and took the next larges cock into my willing sissy cunt.He said that it felt as if i was dragging his cock into me and that he probably would not last very long at this pace.I slowly milked his wet seed into my sissy boy pussy.Next up was Mark and his massive 7 inch cock.which buy this point i was so stretched he entered into me with ease,slamming the walls of my sissy cunt and driving me to an erotic orgasm.I never felt anything so wonderfull in all my born days.i forgot the next guy was so big so when he got behind me i told him that i may have to use my safe word to which he responded if i can get past my cock head i think you will be ok.So i agreed to give it a try,I made him use alot of extra lube on his cock head before he even attempted to drive into me.I took a deep breath and exhaled as he inserted his cockhead into me.Fat was not the word for it,More like monsterous.But slowly he guidined all 9 inches into me and filled my with his biker jizz.The other 3 guys finished by jacking their hard cock off all over my sissy face and lips making sure that i tried to catch as much in my sissy mouth as possible.Well we all sat back and watched the film after it was dane and i decided then and there this would be a yearly event.So to all of you big dicked biker boys out there if you come to muskegon for biketime look me up on craigslst.I cant wait to ahve some hot biker fun in 2011.

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3 years ago
After reading your story and seeing your ass-pussy photo I must say your hole still looks sweet and tight, and ready for more action.
3 years ago
Awesome story.
3 years ago
great story