Taken Hard

Chapter 3

Taken Hard

He listened to Her footsteps walk away and heard a door open and close. Silence except his beating heart. He sat on the bed for a bit and then lay back down. His hardon began to subside a little releasing some, but not all, pressure within the chastity device. He pondered about the device, its good for me in a way; it’ll keep me from jerking off too much. Good, possibly, he sighed. He lay awhile and then felt thirsty. He got off the bed and crossed over to the large picture. His cock stirred a bit as he gazed upon the framed picture of the Mistress. She wore a leather catsuit with a large black strapon attached to Her waist. She stood slightly turned to the left with Her head turned farther left so you could not see Her face. He studied Her form and realized it was His Goddess. Her right hand rested upon Her upper right thigh and Her left hand was partially outstretched to the left and a bit behind as if She was beckoning to someone behind Her. The strapon was huge; at least 10 inches and thick. God, he thought, someday She’ll impale me with that.

Someday, maybe today!

He shuddered a bit but felt a tinge of excitement. He grasped the right side of the frame and pulled, the picture opened to reveal a small fridge set in a spacious compartment in the wall. The fridge door opened opposite to the picture. He saw four 20 ounce bottles of water in the door, a small freezer section with two ice trays, three apples on the top shelf and three sandwiches wrapped in wax paper on the second shelf. He suddenly felt famished. He ate one sandwich; turkey on wheat and an apple. Finished, he went back over and sat on the bed. Time passed for what seemed an eternity.

He then heard a sudden crackle from an unseen speaker, “Doing well slave?”
He glanced around and tentatively said, “Yes, Mistress, can… can You hear me?”
“Of course sweet,” She stated.
“Now, make yourself clean, take a shower and wash your ass.”
She laughed, “I want that virgin ass lickity clean.”
“Yes Mistress.”

The speaker fizzed silent. He went into the bathroom, showered and used the enema equipment first with warm soapy water and then warm clear water. Once finished he went back and lay on the bed. His mind raced. He had always felt a burning desire to be fucked by a Dominatrix. He did not fully understand why but he felt it had much to do with the role reversal aspect of the act. Strapon porn was his favorite; it thrilled him but he also felt some fear. He knew it could hurt but that was also part of the allure; to be used as a receptacle for Her power. She had made it clear to him that fucking male slaves was Her favorite act of domination and She typically did it hard. He had never been taken like that; he feared he may not be able to take it and may use the safe word to have Her stop. No, he thought, I must take it, it’s Her favorite.

The speaker once again sparked to life, “It’s time slave, I’ll be up in a few. I want you to get on your knees before the door with your hands behind your back.”
“Yes Mistress,” he replied.

He quickly followed Her instructions. His heart was already racing and then went turbo when he heard the dungeon door open and close. Her steps slowly approached the cell door and stopped. A few moments passed before She unlatched the door and opened it. She stood in the doorway like the Dominant Goddess She was; his eyes widened at the vision of Her beauty. She wore a strapless latex basque; black sides with a red center panel. The basque hugged Her body, accentuating each curve. Her nipples were evident through the latex cups of the basque, which ended just above the top Her hips with suspender belts holding up black fishnet stockings. She wore red leather high heels. At first it appeared She wore black latex panties till he realized it was a tight fitting harness which held a large, tan strapon. The dildo was about eight inches long with a large mushroom head. It looked very realistic and quite fearsome. Under the dildo he could see the lips of Her vagina for the harness split just under the strapon. She stood with a radiant look upon Her face and Her killer smile. His cock once gain grew painfully hard within its cage. She turned around and beckoned with Her right hand, “Follow Me, on your knees, slave.”

He crawled behind Her as She walked across the dungeon towards the mirrored wall. He could see Her strapon bobbing as She walked in the mirror’s reflection.
She stopped before the wide platform and turned around,
“Come here and kneel before Me.”
He knelt before Her and gazed up into Her eyes, which were blazing and fierce. Her strapon was inches from his face. Both breathed heavily with anticipation of what was soon to happen. He felt fear, excitement and even joy at the prospect of being taken and used by Her. She felt excitement, triumph and thrill with the prospect of driving into him with Her power. The moment bound them together and once more the silent agreement of dominance and submission passed between them.

“Worship My Goddess cock,” She ordered, “Worship what will rip your virgin ass, kiss and lick it first”
He placed his lips on the strapon dildo, kissing it lightly and then running his tongue along the edge of the head. She encouraged him,
“Yes, nicely, along the sides…show Me how much you want to pleasure Me.”
He continued, wetting the dildo with his saliva as She began to breath more heavily.
“Good slut, now take it into your mouth… yes, that’s it, nice…show Me what a good cocksucker you are.”
He began to perform a blowjob; he had never sucked a cock or even a dildo but he had received quite a few and instinctively knew what to do. He looked up at Her and saw Her chest heave below Her flashing eyes. He felt glad that She seemed pleased with his effort. She placed Her hands on his head and grabbing his hair She pulled deeper into his mouth,
“Take it deeper, slut. Swallow it.”
She pushed the dildo in as he swallowed. His throat widened as he felt the fake phallus push deeper. He coughed a bit and slurped as his saliva output increased at this invasion. He gagged as She pushed deeper but fought the urge to throw-up and soon deep throated the entire phallus despite the pain in his jaw and throat. She exclaimed as She held his head to Her waist,
“Yes you slut, take it all!” She began to fuck his throat with slow strokes, pulling it almost all the way out and then sliding it back in deep. She picked up the pace and f***e of Her thrusts as pleasurable moaning emanated from Her lips in concert with his distressed moaning and gasps.
“Yes baby, I’m gonna fuck your ass like I’m fucking your throat, blow Me slut.”
The violation of his throat continued for ten minutes till his jaw and throat screamed in pain and a puddle of his spit formed on the wooden floor. Finally She pulled it out as he gasped for air.
“Clean that shit off My floor,” She ordered as She pushed his head down to the floor.
“Use your tongue.”
He lapped up the puddle of saliva till it was gone. She pulled his head up by his hair and dragged him up to the platform.
“Get up there, slave, lie on your back and spread your arms and legs wide.”
He quickly lay back on the platform, the red leather felt cold against his back and ass. He lay spread-eagle as She placed a cushion under his lower back, She stated,
“It’s not for comfort slave; it’s for better access to your hole.”
She placed his wrists into leather cuffs attached to short chains on the top corner of the platform. His ankles received similar treatment except the chains for the ankle cuffs were longer to allow greater movement. His legs were raised, bent at the knees to allow Her to fuck him missionary style.

She walked over to a shelf by the wall and removed a tube of lube and nipple clamps. Turning back to him She placed the items by his head. She removed the necklace that held the key to the chastity device and unlocked it. His cock sprang up and he felt such relief. She picked up the nipple clamps and bent over his chest. She slightly licked his right nipple; he shivered with pleasure as She lightly nibbled his nipple. Suddenly She bit down hard. He yelped loudly and She roughly placed a clamp down. He squirmed as the sharp teeth of the clamp crushed into his flesh. After doing the same to his other nipple She stood up and observed,
“Yes, all ready for Me just as I like it.”
She walked over to by his head and bent down to remove each shoe. As She stood back up straight She picked up the lube and began to apply it to Her strapon. She lubed Her Goddess cock seductively, making sure he saw each movement. The plastic phallus glistened in the light, it was very realistic with veins like a real penis; he knew he would soon feel every ridge and bump of Her strapon. She lingered as She lubed the strapon and explained,
“I put a lot of thought into My choice of dildo to use on your virgin ass. It is such a special moment when I bust a man’s cherry.”
“It is often easier to use a smaller, slender cock to help open a new ass…less pain…but that is not My style for a special slave I own completely and truly…after all, I am all about first impressions.” She continued as She gauged his facial expression,
“You see slut, I need you to always remember this moment; the first, so you will always remember that you are Mine.” She walked over to the end of the table and climbed onto Her knees on the platform between his outstretched legs. She placed some lube on Her right hand fingers and inserted Her index finger into his ass to lube him. He felt Her finger slide in, not uncomfortable at all until She placed Her middle finger as well and began to turn them in half circles and he felt his asshole stretch slightly, even then it was not painful but a bit uncomfortable. She hummed happily,
“Mmmmmmmm, nice and tight…almost too tight… have I chosen a too large one perchance?” She quickly continued before he could answer,
“Of course not.” She pulled Her fingers out of his hole. She grabbed the base of Her strapon and raised it slightly,
“Look slut, I call this one ‘Mushroom’. I love this wide head, its shape makes sure you’ll feel it going in and coming out as your ass grips it. It will hurt you so good.” She began to tap and rub Her Goddess cock on his hardon. As She looked into his eyes She told him,
“I am busting your cherry missionary style so your eyes will be locked onto Mine, do NOT look away while I violate you. I want to see each of my thrusts through the mirrors to your soul, especially the first. Understand?”
“Yes Mistress.” She moved Her dildo to his anus, slowly rubbing the head against him. He began to shiver and tremble. She leaned forward pushing his legs back and wider with Her thighs. She lowered Herself so She was laying just atop of him, placing Her left hand on his right shoulder to support Herself and guiding the plastic cock to the entrance of his ass with Her right hand. He felt Her body heat and excitement through the latex of Her basque; She felt his trembling and absorbed it with rising passion. His eyes locked with Hers and he saw Her primal desire and power. Electric lust passed between them. She slowly pushed the huge cockhead into his anal ring; he grimaced and let out a low moan as his opening resisted Her invasion. His moaning rose in pitch as the mushroom head f***ed his opening wider feeling like it was tearing him,
“Ahhh!” he exclaimed as the head popped past his anal ring, he felt his ring close back around the shaft just below the head. Holy shit! he thought, this is just the tip, oh God She is going to rip me open. She paused after breaking past his first anal defense, She placed Her right hand on his left shoulder, both hands now framed his neck with Her fingers grasping his shoulders to help pull him towards Her onto Her strapon. Slightly raising Her eyebrows She breathed,
“Ready slut…I am going to bury it right up your ass.” Their eyes were locked all the while, his wide with fear, Hers flashing with supremacy and determination. His body trembled; he felt Her muscles tense, coil, ready to strike…

“MINE!” She yelled as Her hips lunged forward driving the strapon into him like a battering ram. He screamed from the depths of his soul as Her cock ripped into his ass like a hard rod, a two by four, being slammed into his guts. In Her eyes he saw a fierce, passionate light like nothing he had ever seen; She saw his terror and pain for Her, relishing in the moment. She kept Her Goddess cock fully in him for a few moments; She could feel his anal muscles rippling even though the hard plastic. Lust filled Her as She absorbed the trembling and heaving of his body. She waited a bit for his heavy breathing to subside a little.
“Yes, yes, you’re Mine,” She said, “Now I want it all… I am going to FUCK you slave, in every way possible.” She slowly pulled the dildo back till the crown of the head made contact with the back of his anal ring. As She explained earlier, he felt the bulbous head painfully drag back on his internal muscles. She thrust forward again; once again he screamed. Twice, thrice, a fourth time, a fifth time.

She stopped after the fifth hard thrust and began to screw his ass rhythmically, slower, smoother. Her body moved erotically, like a cat crossed with a snake. He soon felt waves of pleasure along with the pain, the way Her Goddess cock slid in and out and how his inner ass rippled and gripped it. She fucked him passionately, both Domina and slave echoed moans of pleasure throughout Her dungeon. She alternated slow, rhythmic fucking with powerful thrusts and rotated Her hips at times to open him wider. Both entered their respective space. She quickened Her pace as Her moans increased; feeling and seeing Her pleasure he began to push himself towards each thrust. She responded with triumph,
“Yes, that’s it… take it, take Me… mmmmm, yes, yes.” She began to shudder in the throes of orgasm. Suddenly She ripped off both nipple clamps. Searing pain shot through his nipples as bl**d rushed back into them as he cried in pain.
“Ahhhhh, mmmm, yes, YES!” Her orgasm crested and She violently grabbed his left nipple with Her right hand, tweaking it painfully as She dropped Her mouth to his right nipple and bit hard.
“Awwwww, awwwww, ahhhh,” he screamed as he thrashed his head back and forth. She continued torturing his nipples, alternating each one between Her fingers and Her teeth as She continued to drive into him. She slowed after a bit and stopped with Her strapon fully inside him. They gazed at each other. She smiled and bent down and kissed him deeply. She rose and slipped Her strapon out of him and kneeled between his legs. He felt a deep soreness in his now empty anal cavity. She had fucked him for about ten minutes; to him it had seemed like an eternity. He panted and thought Oh God, that was great… but I am so sore, surely she’ll rest now. She climbed off the platform and looked down on him, running Her fingers over his chest up to his face, flashing Her crooked smile,
“I enjoyed every second of that, slut, you did so well taking it.” She began unfastening his wrists.
“Hurt much?” She moved to unfasten his ankles.
“Yes Mistress.”
She finished releasing him, “I know it did, that’s why I loved it so much.” She touched his shoulder indicating for him to sit up. They looked at each other. She smiled as She caressed his face. He let a slight smile come to his lips. She asked,
“Pleased with yourself slave?”
“Yes Mistress… I guess.”
“Well so am I… your probably thinking we’ll rest up.”
He offered, “I guess Mistress, it’s up to You.”
She smiled, and then Her face hardened, “Damn right it is slut, now lie down on your stomach across the cushion… I am not through with you.”

She roughly pushed him down as he scrambled onto the platform. He lay down with the cushion under his midsection and his chest on the pad. He saw himself in the mirror in front of him; his ass raised and ready for another assault. Standing to the side She reached over and roughly slapped his ass.
“Wait here, I’ve an idea… I want you to meet Mr. Hook,” She said menacingly. She crossed to the low shelves that stood against the wall to the right of the platform and retrieved another dildo. She crossed to in front of him to stand in the small space between the head of the platform and the mirrored wall. She displayed the new dildo; it was dark brown, at least nine inches long, its head was thinner than the one in her harness but it tapered thicker to its base, much thicker than the previous strapon. He noticed its main property; it curved upwards from its base forming a slight crescent “hook”. She placed it by his head and moved ‘Mushroom’ to his face,
“Now clean this.” He pushed forward and began to lick the dildo clean. He tasted the tart lube and a slight musty taste of his ass. He paused but She quickly ordered him,
“Hurry, clean it all up,” She ordered, “aren’t you glad I instructed you to clean your slut hole well? Don’t answer, continue licking.”
“Remember that my slave, you have to clean every strapon in this manner. If you are not clean then you’ll taste whatever nastiness is in your hole.”

He finished cleaning ‘Mushroom’. Her hand pushed him back and She then grasped the dildo and popped it off a small red plug on the harness that fit into the base of the dildo. She picked up ‘Mr. Hook’ and thrust it onto the plug. Yanking it forward twice She ensured the new Goddess cock was secured. Her right hand grabbed his hair and She pulled him up while guiding the dildo forward with Her left,
“Worship ‘Mr. Hook’ boy, kiss and suck.” He did so but this time She did not f***e it into his throat. After a few seconds She roughly pushed him back and crossed to the back of the platform. She lifted up a wooden plank about seven inches wide that locked into place off the end of the platform forming a rail that ran the length of the back of the pad; it was a brace for Her feet to allow Her to push harder into him.

She stood at the foot of the platform. He watched Her in the mirror as She seductively removed Her basque; unlacing it from behind and unfastening the suspenders from Her stockings. He felt a surge of passion upon seeing Her nakedness. She stepped up onto the platform and settled in behind him. She rubbed the tip of the new dildo on his anal hole,
“Yes, watch me fuck you.” She slowly inserted “Mr. Hook” into him. The thin part went in rather easy but as She pushed it deeper he felt the curve uncomfortably stretching his ass. As She pushed deeper to its hilt the wider base caused him to moan with increasing intensity. She paused and began to rotate Her hips to open him wider. Grabbing his hips She pulled it out a bit and began to thrust in and out slowly.
“That’s it, take it, feel it, feel Me.” She began to pump faster and wiggle Her hips as he moaned on pain and pleasure. All the while She spoke breathlessly,
“Mmmm, what a slut you are… My dirty bitch, you like that? I know you do. Take it. My slave just loves his ass being violated by Me. Push back against Me, that’s it, impale yourself on My Goddess cock.” By now both were slamming against each other. He felt the pain but also a pleasant pressure inside him. Soon something began to well up inside and he felt semen began to slowly flow out of his cock. It felt great and something began to build. She noticed this and changed Her thrusts,
“Not yet, not till the end.”

She continued fucking him. He watched Her in the mirror; She was glorious and stunning. She leaned forward, placed Her hands on his back and straightened Her legs more settling into him. She pumped him with shorter strokes but wiggled Her ass more so than before. Every five or six strokes She would roughly and quickly slam the dildo into him; both grunting in unison each time. Finally She laid on his back. He felt Her entire body undulating atop his back. Her warmth enveloped him and he felt Her hot breath on his ear.
“Yes my sweet,” She whispered, “we are almost done.” Shivers ran through him as She tongued his ear and continued pumping into him. She began to tremble and She ground against him with increasing intensity. Soon She cried out and shuddered as He felt short splashes of fluid against his balls with each shudder that racked Her body. Her orgasms subsided and She climbed off him,
“Kneel up and face Me,” She ordered as She stood to the side of the platform. She brought the strapon forward to just under his cock and began to slide it under his hardon. He reached with his hands to grab his cock but She slapped them away.
“No, let My cock and Me do it, put your arms behind your back.” She reached down and took a hold of him and began to jack him off. He had not cum all day; lightning bolts of relief shot through him at the prospect of finally being able to orgasm. She stared into his eyes as She slid Her hand and dildo on his cock. She moved “Mr. Hook” back a little till only the tip touched just under his cock head.
“OK slut, I’ll count to three and you cum all over My Goddess cock on three got it?”
“Ye… yes Mistress.” He began to tremble as he felt his cum boil up. Must wait for Her.
Hold it
“Three! Now slut! Cum!” He exploded. His body quaked with the most intense orgasm he ever experienced as he shot buckets of cum all over Her dildo. Some of his cum splashed onto Her stomach and much dripped onto the pad. His orgasm seemed to last minutes. She squeezed the last drops out and placed Her hand in front of his face.
“Lick that shit up.” He licked Her hand clean. He tasted the salty tanginess of his seed.
“Now my stomach, and the crap on the harness, too.” He bent down and licked it up with fervor, as if he was a man on the brink of starvation.
“Good slut,” She said, “now clean My cock, and do it nice… look up at Me as you do it.” He slowly licked and sucked his cum off Her dildo, Her face shone with a look of triumphant satisfaction and Her wicked smile as She watched him. Once finished She pulled away and pointed to the pad,
“Find all the cum on that and lick it up, I’ll check it in a sec.”

He licked the pad clean as She removed the harness and put it away. She checked the pad and smiled at him Her satisfaction,
“Good boy, I am proud of you.”
“Thank You Mistress… thank You so much,” he gushed as he fell to his knees before Her. She placed Her hand on his head and tussled his hair. She moved closer to him and offered,
“Embrace Me sweet.” He gathered his arms around Her waist. The pair stood like that for several moments, sharing the afterglow. She ordered him up and placed the chastity device back on him. She touched his shoulder and pointed to the cell door. She gathered up Her basque and walked towards the cell door as he crawled behind Her until they reached the door. Opening it She beckoned him inside,
“Clean up My pet, then dress and come downstairs. We’ll have dinner in a bit, but take your time to make yourself presentable.”
“Yes Mistress.” She turned and walked away towards the exit.
“Mistress?” She turned slightly and looked back,
“I love You.”
She slightly cocked Her head and smiled sweetly, “Of course you do, I love you too, pet.” His heart was awash with warmth as he watched Her turn and walk out.

I am yours, Mistress, my love will always be.

To be continued…

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