The Cell

The Cell

She stood up straight, letting him out of Her embrace. On his knees he looked up at Her, his Mistress. She had taken him into Her dungeon, punished him with a severe single-tail whipping, and accepted his submission. He was now bound to Her. It had only been about an hour since he walked into Her house on a Saturday morning and in that short time his life irrevocably changed.
She placed Her right index finger under his chin, “Follow Me on your hands and knees.” She turned and walked towards a door at the far side of the dungeon. He crawled after Her, entranced by Her shapely legs, Her plump ass, and the sensuous way She moved.

The door was red, set into the white wall on the far side of the room. Her dungeon was spacious, airy and light; not what he expected. It was a longish rectangular room without windows, but four large skylights, two on each side of a thick central beam, let light into the space. The not too high ceiling fell away from the beam at easy angles to the walls. The ceiling had a total of eight thick beams, four on each side of the central beam, running to the top of the walls. The beams were stained a dark brown just as the hardwood floor and all the wooden furniture in the dungeon. The frame on the dais where he had been whipped stood in the middle of the room. Two wooden poles that ran from the floor to the ceiling, one round and one square, stood diagonally opposite each other about six feet from the dais. The wall opposite the wall with the red door was completely covered by a mirror. About a foot off facing the mirror to the right was a raised wide platform with solid wood sides and a red leather covered pad on top. A similar platform, but much thinner, was placed parallel off to the left. Each of the other walls had wooden X crosses near the center. The wall on the east side of the room had a white door- the entrance-exit. The wall on the west side of the room had Her implements of Domination hung or placed upon shelves on it. Halfway towards the wall with the red door was an ornate wooden chair, with red leather, set upon another dais- Her throne. A wide red leather pad was on the floor in front of Her throne. Off to the left of the throne stood a low pommel horse type piece covered in red leather. The only other furniture was a red leather love seat on the east side, a wooden chair with straps attached to the arms and legs near the west side wall and a low chair with a large hole in the seat by the red door. Many chains hung from the ceiling beams around the room, some had leather slings and all were attached to pulleys allowing them to be raised and lowered.

She arrived at the door and waited for him, slightly amused, with one eyebrow raised and Her crooked smile beguiling him.
“Hurry,” She called.
He scurried quickly and was before Her in seconds. She opened the door, walked in the small room and beckoned him with Her hand. Once inside he surveyed the room. It was small with a Queen-sized bed on the left; he immediately noticed the chains with cuffs attached to the posts at each corner. On the right about six feet from the bed stood a long dresser with three drawers; to its left was a tall bureau. She opened a thin door that was to the left of the dresser; inside he saw a small bathroom.
She stated matter of factly, “This is your cell when you are here. You will sl**p here, unless I choose to have you in My quarters, clean up here, and often stay here as you wait for Me, understand?”
“Yes Mistress,” he replied.
“The rules,” She stated, “are that you must keep yourself clean, all of you.”
She said, “The bath has a small shower, toilet, and bidet, you know how to use a bidet?”
He stated, “Yes Mistress.”
“Good,” She declared, “There are enema workings as well, use them, it is for your benefit as you will soon understand.”
She closed the bathroom door and ordered him on the bed, “Get on your back and spread your arms and legs towards the posts.”
He quickly complied. She fastened his ankles in the leather cuffs and moved to do the same with his wrists. As She leaned over him he caught Her wondrous scent and Her breasts came ever so close to his face. He involuntarily licked his lips; She caught his movement out of the corner of Her eye and sweetly said,
“You sooo want to lick My tits, hmmm?”
“Oh yes Mistress, but only if You’ll let me.”
“That is so correct, My sweet, ha, it’ll take a bit before I allow you such a pleasure.” She finished securing him and then sat on the edge of the bed.

She hummed softly as She played with his nipples. They were still smarting from the whipping She had administered previously. She continued with Her fingers all over his chest, tapping his stomach, and She ran Her index finger down towards his crotch, stopping just short of the tip of his hard cock; Her touch sent shivers throughout his body.
“My, my,” She purred, “look at you, you are so hard.”
He was hard, harder than he had ever been. He felt as all his bl**d was surging through his penis; wonderful but painful as well. He longed for release. She knew.
“Ahhhh, pet wants to cum…and his cock still stings from My lash.”
She stood up and reached over to the dresser, opening a drawer She removed a black blindfold, She moved towards him and placed it over his eyes.
She read his mind, “You are wondering what I’ll do next, something nice…something mean.”
He felt Her get on the bed and straddle his thighs, Her heat radiated through him; his cock strained even more. Seconds, minutes, hours passed till he soon felt Her body shift, he knew She now bent over him with Her breasts just above his cock, Her breath wafted over his lower stomach. It felt as tiny electric charges were pulsating between them as goosebumps rose on his skin. He then felt Her breath lower over his cock, he knew Her lips were just millimeters away; he knew She was licking Her lips ever so slightly as She hovered over him. She then began to blow softly on him; he let out a low moan and heard Her quietly laugh. He dreamed She is going to take me in Her mouth. He felt Her head rise no Mistress, please more he thought. Her body shifted as She was reaching for something. Once She shifted back he felt Her fingers curl around his cock; She started to jerk him slowly. He strained against the bonds, Oh God yes! he thought, She is going to let me cum. His Goddess purred as She increased the pressure around his penis.
“Yes, you want to cum, soooo bad,” She teased…
“But, no… not yet,” She asserted.
He involuntarily moaned displeasure, She roughly squeezed his cock and balls together, Her fist tightly clasped around the base of his penis and under his ball sac,
“Don’t like it! I’ll rip it off if I want…this cock is now MINE!” She said loudly.

He suddenly felt a cold ring being squeezed around his cock and under his balls. Then he felt a steel device slammed onto and around his hardon, the insides were lubed so he slipped into it even though it was too small to go easily onto him. He felt it constrict his bulging cock and bend it in a forward, slight curve, he moaned with pain as She snapped the device into the ring at the base of his cock. She removed the blindfold and stared into his eyes. It was so painful, no, no, no his mind screamed, yes Her eyes mocked him as She clicked shut a small padlock in the eyelet where the ring met the cage. That is what he now saw, his cock imprisoned in a chrome cage. He looked up at Her and saw a small key on a chain She held before his face.
“Mine,” She said smartly as She rapped the cage with Her left hand.
She placed the chain around Her neck with the key resting between Her ample cleavage, placing it with relish.

She regarded him with Her devastating smile, “And you thought I was going to blow you.”
She straddled his chest and crouched down, “OK.”
She laid down on his body, Her breasts smothered on his chest. She slowly slid down till his encased cock rested between Her lovely breasts. She slid further down, Her lips just ever so touching the steel of the chastity device. As his eyes locked to Hers She lightly licked his cockhead. The contact of Her tongue interrupted by the steel. He felt Her warm mouth envelop his hardon, a dream, but not, for the device kept the full pleasure at bay. She displayed extraordinary oral skills and it was all for naught. He watched Her lips curl into a smile as She stopped and laughed with him still in Her mouth. Her eyes tortured him as Her mouth left the cased cock with a pop.
She continued to jerk Her hand up and down, “The ‘Steel Chastity Cock Cage’, worth every penny,”
She sat up, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”
He sort of sighed, “Yes Mistress.”
She climbed off the bed and stood up, “Oh, I know, so cruel of Me.”
“However,” She said matter of factly, “It is really best for you.”
“You see, I can’t have you jerking your little man,” as She held up a finger and pointed at him, “’cause I just know that is exactly what you’ll do when I leave this room and when you go home.”
He blurted, “No Mistress, I wouldn’t without…”
She cut him off, “Of course you would, after all you will always be thinking of,” She struck a pose with Her arms partially outstretched and hands held upright to accentuate Her body,
“Moi…and how can you cannot pull your pud while thinking of Me?”
“Of course Mistress,” he surrendered, “You are correct.”
“Always,” She stated.
She began to unshackle his wrist and leg restraints, “I mean I can just leave you tied up, but then your ‘wittle’ arms and legs will become tired.”
“Thank You Mistress,” he said.
“And,” She continued, “How will I control your dirty little doings during the week when you are at home and work?”
He gasped.
“Yes, you will wear this always, at all times…only I will release you when I so choose.”
“Yes Mistress.”
She walked to the door, “There is a small fridge behind the painting on that wall.”
He looked at the painting; it showed a leather clad, masked Mistress standing with a strapon attached to Her hips.
“There are some food and water items, help yourself, simple fare but it will do for you.” She said.
“Thank You, Mistress.”
“Your welcome My sweet,” She walked to the door, opened it, and turned back once She walked out, “I’ll be back soon.”
She closed the door and he heard a latch shut. He looked at his still engorged cock in the chrome chastity device. He looked back at the door and missed Her already… Please Mistress, come back quickly.

To be continued…

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This was incredible thanks
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great story
so well written

it flows

keep sharing more

best wishes
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great beginning to a beautiful relationship :)
thanks for sharing
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This is the next story to "The Journey Begins", Chapter 2 so to speak, I'll add Chapter designations from now on. Hope all enjoy.