Financial Domination-HS Crush Part 3

[[[NOTE: Please refer back to parts 1 and 2 of this story for the context, I'm just going to dive right in here, though there will be a few references. There might be a different tone for a couple of reasons. One being that it has been so long since last I visited my subspace for this story. The other being that the inspiration for the story isn't doing it for me any longer, but I am mildly inspired by another who does not share the name of the focal point character in this story, though I'll continue to use it. She has 3 letters as initials for her user name, I'll leave it at that. As before it should be duly noted that all characters in this story are 18+. And thank you for reading it, please leave comments if you have suggestions, as this will be a short part and I have only a vague notion of where to go from here!]]]

I raced home, after promising to pay the diner owner the money the next day! Whew, that was a close call! But I couldn't wait to sniff, and inhale, those fragrant socks, wow! When I did, it was like heaven, so intoxicating! But here I thought, what the hell! I could be her friend, though never her boyfriend, it seems, and I could inhale her perfume, and enjoy her smile, as I did this evening, and enjoy our conversations, and enjoy her friendship! Why, oh why did I push Jaime to do this to me?? I can't really explain it. I guess I'm just odd? I dunno.

But...before I could think about it too much, and get too much into inhaling her scented socks, so pungent from her odor, but so lovely, I got a text. I thought...OMG, it's Jaime! Maybe asking how I am enjoying her socks, or maybe...just maybe...saying that she doesn't really want to ignore me after all. My heart skipped a beat, as I assumed it would be her, after all, she's really my only friend here, even though she is currently ignoring me.

It wasn't though. I sadly read the text, it was from some guy, I assume maybe the jock who was sitting with Jaime earlier. He told me his name, Tom, and that he wanted me to call him as soon as possible. I didn't know what to do, but I guess, what the hell, so I called him.

He thanked me for calling him. He told me that he realized this might seem odd, but that Jaime asked him to contact me, which thoroughly piqued my interest right away! He said that she wanted me to know that she added some lingerie to her wishlist tonight and that she wanted me to purchase it for her before next Friday. Tom was going on a date with Jaime next Friday and she wanted to wear it for him. OMG. I couldn't believe it! Tom also said that he needed about 40 bucks from me to pay for the date. I could give it to him any time at school before next Friday. He needed to know if I agreed to all of this, so that he could inform Jaime. He knew she was ignoring me and had cut off any direct contact with me, aside from earlier this evening. He seemed to know a lot!

Part of me was....totally pissed...angry...and hurt. But part of me...a deeper part, a lustful part, a part that motivated my deepest, darkest masturbation fantasies...was so white hot, so alive, so taking me over and consuming me, that I couldn't do anything but agree to all of it. We said goodbye and that was it.

Tom wasn't an asshole about it, not at all. But he was just straight to the point, not much small talk, very direct. It was somewhat dominant, but not overtly so, not to the point where it might have caused me to retreat. But also a tone and a way of speaking that made me want to submit even more. Difficult to put into words, but I wanted to do whatever he asked of me, even if it wasn't all about my lust for, and adoration of, Jaime.

I hated that he knew so much though. Dammit. I even cursed Jaime a bit. But I took it back, quickly. I SO wanted to please her. And, in an odd, perverted, way, I wanted to please Tom also. I am not gay, at least I don't think I am? But..something about him, and every time I ran into him or saw him at school, I saw him in a different light. I had always been intimidated by other guys, but now...I viewed him as...really superior in some way. I figured he was so much better hung than me, that went without saying, I'm sure. But something else about it too, something I couldn't quite pinpoint, but was definitely part of all of this.

I didn't hesitate in my musings too long, and logged in to find her wishlist, which I had bookmarked. There it was. Some really racy and sexy lingerie! I quickly added those pieces to my cart...but then noticed just as I was doing that, and refreshed her page, she added some shoes to that as well! I couldn't resist! How could I afford all this, as it was ongoing and also pay for that date, the 40 dollars on top of it all! My job didn't pay that well, so I had to start dipping into my college fund, hoping my parents wouldn't notice. I hope they wouldn't, because I'd never be able to explain it! Sheesh!

Jaime, and now, Tom, had me by the balls, figuratively speaking! I went up to Tom the next day and handed him the two twenty dollar bills. He was standing with some other jock-types, and I felt completely intimidated by the entire situation, so lowly in front of these hunk types. He just smiled, almost a smirk, but not quite, did not say "thank you", just nodded in my direction and then resumed his conversation with his friends. As I walked away, I could hear some mild laughter, and had a feeling I was the focus of that. Jaime was down the hall with a group of her friends, but as I walked by, she didn't even glance in my direction. I tried not to stare too long, but she and her friends looked so sexy, and I had the deepest hope that she might, even for a second, glance my way, so I couldn't help staring as long as I did at her and her friends. How I wished she would just a second, a micro-second...glance my way. But no. Not even that. I tried listening to their conversation, stopping at the water cooler nearby, but it was all about boys and makeup and clothing, nothing about me, or anything to do with me.

Defeated, I walked along. Deflated, I had no choice but to just get focused on the next class, and try to restrain my thoughts about all that was going on with me and with Jaime. I didn't hear from them at all up to the date night. And didn't that night either, but I could think of nothing else that night, knowing they were going out, and wondering what they were doing, as Tom I'm sure got to eventually enjoy being with Jaime. Being masterful with her. Being with her. Whilst I sat at home, sniffing her socks, jerking off to thoughts of her. Alone.

[[[Would you like to read more of this story?? Please let me know and any suggestions would be really welcome too, thank you!!! And thank you for reading!!!]]]
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11 days ago
Poor boy. He's really becoming a pussified beta-male and he doesn't even know it.
Thanks to Jamie, in time, he'll become a loyal and addicted paypig.
1 month ago
3 months ago
Dude this series is pretty unique, I really dig it! Hope you keep it up with some more installments, would love to see where it goes.
6 months ago
are you working on a part 4?
6 months ago
please, when will there be a new installment?
7 months ago
more please!
7 months ago
Thanks!! I have an idea where to go with it, just need to focus and write it out!
7 months ago
Yes...I definitely want to read more.