Cuckquean Fantasy Short Story Part 3

Hearing the sounds, clearly, of lovemaking coming from our bedroom--the thought of it being "our" bedroom breaking my heart but at the same time stimulating my mind and OMG, I'm dripping all over the floor as I crawl towards OUR bedroom where SHE is fucking my Master. I was hearing it...could I handle seeing it? I'm not I crawled into the room I could see Master f***efully fucking her, her legs up around his shoulders as He was taking her in the somewhat modified missionary position. My nipples were so hard, so I knelt there, her panties still in my mouth, the plug still in my tight little ass, as I watched Master pummel her pussy with his large cock. How I wanted to be the one he was doing that for him, offering my own hungry wet pussy for his cock.

Finally Master came...hard, just as she screamed with one of her many orgasms of the evening. How jealous...not only that she was here, fucking my Master, but that she was experiencing the delightful orgasms that only his magnificent cock could give, whilst I was denied any pleasure, and in fact, had been locked in this chastity for quite some time now, I was so horny, incredibly so. I watched...a tear forming in one of my eyes, both from the pungent aroma of her panties in my mouth and watching my Master pump his seed, his precious seed, into her pussy. I wondered if she were on birth control, as it had not been discussed, at least not while I was around to hear.

Finally they both came down from the high of their orgasm, and lay back, their heads hitting "our" pillows, as they whispered to each other. Their whispering was so slight and I watched, with great fascination and interest, as Master, in particular, was whispering right into Mary's ear, and watching her reactions, somewhat of surprise, somewhat of shock, giggling with that infernal high-pitched girly giggle of hers, smiling and at first seeming not to fully grasp or understand, but then nodding a bit...still looking somewhat uncertain, but she was apparently willing to try whatever Master wanted of her. They had been totally ignoring my presence, but I knew Master was aware of when I had entered the room. I caught His sidelong glance as I had crawled into the room at first, and a smirk on his masterful face as he looked back, quickly, to Mary whilst He was fucking her. He knew, but he ignored me as did she, at least to that point. As they both leaned forward now, Master seemed to be encouraging her to do something, but she was giggling and said she wasn't sure she could do it, but then with a smile and a laugh, she made that sound....that sound...with her mouth that I knew so well when Master did it to, was He really going to allow her to do that to me????!! If I wasn't already mortified, I was completely so now, as she reared back her lovely head and with one movement spit right into my face. She giggled, and did it again, moving in closer this time. I think I noticed something in her demeanor changed from that she looked at me, studying me a bit, with her spittle dripping from my nose, my lips, smeared on my forehead a bit, from my chin. She still had that playful gleam in her eyes that she had right from the first, but now something a little harder, like it was not going to be easier to do what Master wanted her to just taking her spittle abuse like that without lifting a finger to stop it or wipe it from my face or complain...seemed to flick a switch on for her.

Master reminded me at that moment, as both laughed at bit at my humiliating state and predicament, that she was now my Goddess and I was do as she asked. She moved around behind me and slowly slipped the plug from my tight ass. She told me to spit out her panties, saying "they've been in your dirty mouth now, so you can keep them, here clean this too", as she slipped the plug towards my, now empty, mouth and past my lips, having me clean the plug that had been in there for quite some time now. As I did so, Mary leaned in close to me, whispering in my ear "I want your Master to fuck me again, but I have already had him in my mouth and my jaw is a bit sore now. Fluff him for me, slut". Mary had really taken to her role with me, and all I could do is slip the plug, now drenched with my mouth's saliva, and say "yes, Goddess", crawling over to Master now, as he leaned forward more allowing me to access his cock from my kneeling position next to the bed. I was actually grateful to be allowed this, as my tongue worked over his magnificent cock, the cock that previously had been all mine, now covered with her juices. Not a bad taste, but still humiliating, as I deep throated him a bit, but not too much as the goal was just to make him rock hard for her....was I really thinking that, OMG....not to make him cum, but it made my face a mass of saliva, from her spit still there, to my own from sucking on the plug and now on His cock. Hard as a rock now, His hand moved to it, to keep stroking to maintain that as He now ordered me to get her ready...she was on all fours now as I looked over to her at the foot of the bed, and her ass was spread open by her fingers. Master said, "I'm taking her anal cherry tonight, slut. Get her nice and wet for it". I couldn't believe it, He wanted me to lick her asshole!!! And not just lick it, but really get in there and make it so wet and ready and lubed with my saliva so that He could take her anal virginity. God....but I did as I was told. The taste...was interesting...I'd never done this before with a woman, only with humiliating, but so arousing to just be their assistant, a fluffer for both of them. Their slave.

When she was ready, Master had me give him another swallow or two, before He moved into position behind her and took her there for the very first time in her life. I just knelt again and watched with lust, with jealousy, with arousal. I had never, ever, been so turned on in my entire life, with all that had gone before and was going on now. Master, the skillful lover that He is, took her just long enough to bring them both off again. As they laid back, my role was to clean them both with my tongue and I did so. They pretty much ignored me as I did so, just whispering to each other. Through their whisperings, I realized she had a boyfriend, she didn't mention that before!!! Master was making a date with her for next Friday, and she said that she already had one set with her boy friend, but she would gladly break it because she couldn't resist Master's cock. That made me so jealous as well, but also even more aroused to think that this might be happening again next weekend. But, not only that, but that she was cuckolding someone too! Well, not that he was aware of it, it was more like cheating, but still, the thought was quite exciting.

Finally, this night, one of the most exciting of my life, came to a close, with Mary dressing to leave, and as she did so, gave Master a big sloppy kiss, saying "Until next week, Big Boy. Text me". "Oh...and here is the key back for slut's chastity. But...would you be kind enough to not let her out until morning? I want to keep the thought that I was the only one to have you tonight." Master, to my disappointment, as I was bursting to cum like never before, laughed at that, agreed and told her she had a really wicked mind, which he admired. They parted, and Master, finally paying me more attention than usual, patted the place next to him on the bed. He laughed and told me I could sl**p next to him, but in the "wet spot". Just making me feel even more humiliated...I was honestly a little hurt and even though extremely aroused, a little afraid. Well, Master, being the wonderful, loving, intuitive man that He is, must have sensed this, that perhaps for a first time, this was pretty extreme for me, even though we'd shared such extreme fantasies together. And he hugged me, warmly , having me snuggle up to him, showing me with his kind words whispered in my ear, and his tender caresses on my shoulders, back, arms and legs, that he loved me so dearly , reassured me that I was his heart, his life, and his girl. And would be, always. Though I was so frustrated sexually, I felt calmer and more relaxed and with a soft smile on my lips, completely spooned by the strength of my Master, I drifted off in his arms to a sweet and restful sl**p, with the promise of making love, as Master promised, when we awaken in the morning.
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