Cuckquean Fantasy Short Story Part 2

She could hear them approach...their footsteps, and she heard laughter. She could only imagine the evening they had together. An evening she paid for through her work. She labored so that her Master could have fun with another woman. He didn't need the money, really, but it turned her on so much to give it to him, to surrender it for his pleasures. Whilst she cleaned, tidied up the place, prepared it for them. Whilst she could not cum. Whilst she had to be in this cage, butt plug in place, cock gag in place, chastity in place, on all fours, like an a****l.

They entered, and she could hear the gasp from Mary. Mary knew they were into BDSM and a D/s lifestyle, but it wasn't something she was used to, so it surprised her to see the pet in that cage like that. Master brought her over to the cage and told her not to worry about the little pet, she is nothing. Just an annoyance , he said. The words bit into her heart, but she was so wet. She could not deny that. He ordered her to remove the cock gag, and she did, and he had Mary put her foot on the cage.

"Greet your new Goddess with reverence. Kiss the bottoms of her heels and lick them clean". She was SO mortified to do this...but she obeyed. Mary giggled as she put her high heeled encased foot on the cage, pressed against it, so the pet could lick it...her tongue, so wet, and shiny with lust, as she licked...and then lapped at the bottom of the shoe, no idea where it had been, what she had stepped in, her only thought was to please her Master, to obey. God, she was dripping, as Mary replaced one foot with the other to have her clean that shoe as well. Master chuckled, but then moved behind Mary---dammit she was so sexy, in that tight dress that looked like it was molded on her curvaceous body. So sexy, big breasts, but not too big, and curvy hips, just like Master liked, he liked his woman to be full figured. Her ass was so appealing in that tight dress, and Master moved behind her now, and slowly slipped his fingers under that dress...fingering Mary, making her moan as the pet licked the bottoms of her dirty shoes. He was making her wet. They danced like that for a while, just moving into each other, she could see that Master was nuzzling Mary's soft neck, kissing it, nibbling on her earlobe and touching her in so many intimate places. She knew Mary would be ready for his magnificent cock, she was so hot and the pet was so jealous. Burning with jealousy, but dripping her wetness all over the cage...

Finally Master removed Mary's panties, and moved her away from the cage. He tossed them to me, they were silky and soaked with my new Goddess' juices. He ordered me to put them in my mouth and suckle on them whilst I listened to them upstairs. Mary giggled as I obediently placed them into my mouth. They, but the circumstances led me to feel so humiliated, so embarrassed, I blushed as I shoved them into my eager and wet mouth. Both of them looking at me. Especially Mary. With those big blue eyes of hers. God, I found her so sexy, but I hated her at the same time.

Master laughed a bit as well, took Mary in his arms, and guided her towards the stairs. He said to me "I've given Mary the keys to your chastity. She'll decide when or if you will be let out of that.". I shuddered with humiliation and fear...she might never let me out. OMG.

With that, Master and Mary ignored me completely and slowly made their way up the stairs. Master, kindly, left the door open, as you could hear so much in this place, sounds carried so well and he knew that. I could listen quite well from downstairs in my cage, as they whispered to each other for a while, and I could hear some rustling and then a bit quiet, just my Master moaning and I could imagine that Mary was taking his large cock in her mouth. I wondered if she could deep throat it like I took me a while to do that for him, he is so big and thick. I wondered if she was able to take him entirely, or had to lick up and down the magnificent shaft. I wish I could see...I felt so lonely down there. Then...I heard some more moving around and then I heard female moans. I knew Master must be using her now for his pleasure...her other holes. My new Goddess. I hated her. I despised her. I lusted for her. I lusted for my Master to use her for his pleasure. God. I'm so messed up. I'm dripping wet. I'm soaking wet as I taste her pussy juices on my tongue from these panties wedged into my naughty mouth. I am naughty. I begged Master to do this for me, and now...look at me. And what if he falls for her? She's gorgeous, sexy, and though I can't see, I can hear that they seem to enjoy each other sexually. And she spent time with Master at dinner. I'm so messed up. God...and suddenly as if a thunder bolt from the heavens, I heard Master's voice call to me, telling me to release myself from the cage and come up to the bedroom and kneel at the foot of the bed....OMG. (to be continued)
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