hot trimes in tainyards

i was a 14 cyer old k** the first time i got fucked by a bigt black cock he was a homeless man. i used to cut through the rock island trrain yeards to get to my freinds house. i was a warm spring NIGHT and i justr got done smking a joint, i didnt know it was only the first joint i smoked that day. he caaugh me walking betweeen the rowsw of boxcars. i thought he was a rqIL ROAD GUYU AT FIRST. THEN HE SHOWED ME HE WAS DRINKING A bottloe of wine. i thought he was ok then. he reaxched out and grabbed me by the haIR. THEN HE TOLD ME I WAS GOING TO BE HIS BITCH FOR THE NIGHT THEN HE REACHED OUT AND GRAQBED MY NIPPLE IT HURT BUT I WAS IN SHOCK AND STILL HIGH FROM THE JOINT I SMOKED. HE SAID FOLLOW ME OR I WILL MAQKE ROUGH. I DIDNOT KNJOW WHAT HE MEANT. I LEARNED FAST THOUGH. HE LED ME INTO THE WOODS NEXT TO THE TRAACKS. AND TOLD ME TO TRAKE OFF MY C.LOTHES, I SAID NO WAY . HE THN SLAPPEED MY FACE AND SAID ARE YIU GOING TO DO AS I SAY? I WAS A BIT SCARED BUT SAID YES AS I GOT NAKED. HE SAID OK FAR IS FAIR AND GOT NAKED TOO. HE HAD A BIG UNCIRCUMSIED COCK. HE SAW ME ST6ARING AND SAID YOU EAQVR4 BEEN FUCKEDE BOY I ADMITEE THAT I HAD WAQS A VIGIN HE SAID WELL OL JAKE IS GOING TO FUCK YOU. I GOT KINDA TURNED ON BEING NAKED IN THE WOOD WITH HIM AND LOOKING AT HIS BIG BLACK COCK HE SAID IF Y9U ARE NICE IT WONT HURT BUT IF YIU ARE BAD I WILL HURT YOU BAD. HE THEN PINCHED MY NIPPLES AGQIN HARDER THEN BEFORE AND SAID YIYU GERT MY POINT BITCH I NOODDED YES I DID. GOOD BITCH HE Said. i like you8ng honky bitchwes like you i dont ge4t maany out here so iaM GOINGTO MAke up for lost time. he then told me to bernd over he waantedto see hwt he was going to br fucking laster so didas i was told getiing tuirned on by all the loss of contreol he stuck a finger up my virgin asshole and i whimpered so he shaved in aNOTHER FINGER. I WAS GETTIN AS SCARED AS I WAS 5TURNED ON. HE SAID TIME TO SUCK MY NIGGR COCK BITCH AND GRABBED MY HEAD AND SHOVED ME DOWN TILL I WAS LOOKING AT HIS HUGER COCK HE SAID OPEN YOUR MOUTYH BITCH SSO I DID AND HE SAID LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING TO FUCK YOU SO I LOKKED AT HIS HUGE COCK AND THOUGHT IF HE TRIES TO STICK THAT IN MY ASS IT WILL KILL ME. SO I OPEN MY MKOUTH WIDE AND STARTED TO LICK IT.HE THEN SHOVED IT INTO MY MOUTH AND SAID STAT SUCKING BITGCH SO I DID IT WAS LIKE TRYING TO SUCK AN ARM IT WS SO BIG . HE THEN TOLD ME IF I MAADE HIM CUM HE MIGHT NOT FUCK ME IN THE ASS. SO I TOK THER LESSE4R OF TWO EVILS AND STARTED TO TRY GETTING HIM OFF. HE SAID NOW YIUR GETTING IT. BUT YIOU MIGHT GET IT LATER ANYWAY. THAT DIDNT SOUND All that encourasging. biut ikept at him make him cum. it tok awhile but his breathi9ng got heaveyer nad he staarted topump into my face. then he pushed deeper and my mouth was fullof his cum. it was so salty i aalmost threw up then i sw3alowed jaKE SAID GOOD BITCH NOW I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU ANY WAY
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4 years ago
Wow some lifetime experences are not tobe forgotten. that was hot i would have let him fuck my ass anyway it would have been worth it thanks
4 years ago
that was good i would have suck his cock and let him fuck my pussy and my ass well thats the breaks