True story

I was over at my buddy from work house watchn wrestling on ppv and drinkn beer I didn't think anything would ever happen since we were coworkers who happened to like pro wrestling. Well about half way through the show we got to bsn about diffrent shit and the subject of sex just came up. He was telln me how he hated that his girlfriend won't blow him I told him I know the feeln they get stuck up when it comes to suckn dick. After a couple more beers he said jokenly I might have to get u to suck it I looked at him and said whip it out. He laughed and said don't temp me I opened my mouth and said go for it big boy. I thought he was just k**dn but then he pulled his dick out. Looked at him and asked him if he was serious he grabed the back of my head pulled me towards him. I went down and started strokn him till he got hard I sucked the head a little till he started moanin then I took him all the way in my mouth suckn him hard and fast. He kept moanin as I sucked and stroked him. I love the way a dick feels in my mouth and I wanted to swallow his come but then he asked if he could fuck my ass and there was no way I was goin to say no so I told him yes but only if called me a bitch, slut and faggot. I live when I'm called names. I pulled off my shorts and he got some lube and rubbed it on my asshole. I bent over the couch and he slowly pushed it in. I let out a moan and he said u like that bitch I said please fuck me hard. He immediatley started pounded my ass over and over the whole time calln me names and slappn my ass. After about 30 min or so he said he was goin to come I told him to pull out and shoot it on my face. When he came he covered my whole face. I felt like I was in heaven. He asked if we could do it again some time and and I told him anytime he wanted. After that we would spent our lunch breaks suckn each other off and everytime he wanted my ass I would gladly bend over for him no matter where we were at. Unfortunatley he got fired and we lost contact but I had fun while it lasted.
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2 years ago
I had a friend that I would drop to my knees for whenever he said suck my cock. And it was always tasteful
3 years ago
great tale, thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Had a few straight guys myself.
3 years ago
4 years ago
great story sound like something I've done thanks