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Naming Names: Users Who Believe in Censorship

If you are like me, you enjoy to explore the fantastic videos on XHamster. Part of that experience to is drill down into the comments section. I read comments for three reasons:

1) For users to give me a heads up if the video sucks or is awesome and;
2) To be part of the community of users who love to jack off and watch these great vids.
3) The connect with fellow "hobbyists".

As I explained in my previous post, there are some people who use comments to preach a holier-than-thou attitude and make threats to get videos banned. They hide behind a veneer of Western morality and "protecting the innocent" although they clearly are two-faced for being on a porn site.

The motives? Very obvious. They fell in love with a webcam girl or had their hearts broken by a whore. Others believe everything they see and read on TV, the newspaper, or WWW and think that EVERY amateur Asian woman is a "slave".

Anyway, here is a brief listing of confirmed users who have complained about video content about the "exploitation of Asians" like whiny bitches. Feel free to check out their profiles and flag their profiles or judgmental comments:

1) Beenthere
2) fae_35
3) ShannonCranst
4) French4you
5) Mediteraneanman
6) JoelVic

Feel free to post below and call out the other pathetic pieces of trash, and remember to engage them with debates by calling their shit out or just flag them.

Posted by beenwhere 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Total Exposure. I like your style. Charge them whiny losers up! lol
1 year ago
Mr Beenthere is complaining I blocked him. I posted 3 reply's on his page. He calls that stalking. I wonder how many of his own posting are stalking. Most of his comments are straight on the person and uses abuse of girls for that as a reason. The real reason could be found in the fact that beenthere has a very tiny prick and westerns girls laugh at him. And Asian girls giggle as soon as he drops his pants. And it seems his brain averages the size of his needle. Pathetic.
1 year ago
Fully agree with your comment. These users need subscribe to sites where morals are daily subject. This a porn site. I hope that content makers start to be aware and notify the site owner for some proper action. I have blocked some of these idiots.
2 years ago


"sad about what these poor asians will do for greencards and money isnt it? fatass slob with short dick abusing her because shes powerless!"