Here I am again?

The stranger sits on his easy chair laid back and relaxed. I didn't get enough of a look at his face to remember it. The television is playing some sports news show. The only other sounds in the room are my sucking sounds and little high pitched whimpers and chokes. The man hasn't made a sound since I came in.

I've been kneeling here for almost a half hour watching his bushy crotch move closer and farther from my nose in rhythm. When I started he smelled very musky almost dirty really, but now i just smell my own saliva mixed with his juice. My arms are rested up over his legs for support and my neck and jaw are starting to ache.

I feel kind of like I woke up from a strange dream but it is still going on. Why am I doing this? Why do I?

The man browses the different channels and takes a sip of his drink as if he totally unconcerned that I am sucking his cock. That it is the most natural thing in the world. but hes rock hard and I take him in my throat in long slow strokes and then back to the tip. I have the urge to look up at him and get some kind of reassurance that I am doing a good job, but I feel that somehow I would be interrupting him if I made him notice me.

The only sign that he even acknowledges me are the little drops of precum i squeeze out from time to time when my jaw really starts to ache. Then I'll move down to his balls and try to catch my breath. But before too long I slip him back in my mouth and continue bobbing on his meat. I want to please him.

I'm not really desperate for him to cum like I see in some movies where the girl starts shagging it like crazy saying come on. Its more that I'm in cocksucking mode and if its taking this long its meant to be and this is really what I wanted. To do exactly what he wanted me to do.

He had told me in the email that he had cum earlier that morning so it might take him a while but I was welcome to go over and blow him that afternoon. His cock was a nice size just bigger than average and just looked really good in the pic he sent. It looked very good now as well.

My lips could feel the texture of his shaft as they slipped along it. I could feel that he was alive right under the skin as if it had a life of its own. He may not have been talking to me but his cock sure was. The little jumps, getting a little softer and then suddenly rock hard again. I could feel it pulsing as if to a beat when I held it in my throat for a while.

The television suddenly turned off or seemed to at least and now the only sounds were being made by me. There was a soft squeaking of the springs in the chair as I worked on him. It was like going through the tunnel on the freeway where they have rumble strips and there is that almost hypnotic rhythmic sound.

This really got me going for some reason and I started going a lot faster. The aching springs kept up in a kind of crescendo. Now the TV came back on. He had started a movie. I could hear a girl in the background in a porno movie moaning in a rhythm and I slowed to match her rhythm.

It was so natural and sexy. I wanted to get him off so bad. No matter how my jaw ached I just didn't stop. No matter how I gagged I didn't stop.

After so long of him just sitting there while I worked it was kind of a shock when he went into action. He grabbed my head and started pumping my mouth and seconds later he gave out one big moan and started cumming.

It was worth it and know I remembered why I suck cock. His cream filled my mouth so slick and cummy. I tried to look up at him but he held my head down for like a minute or 2 afterwards. Just held my head steady and down on him.

He finally said the only word he said to me that day.


I'm not sure why but that turned me on too. Made me feel so submissive. I didn't even look up at him I just meekly thanked him and crawled over to the door and then left.

I sent him an email after thanking him again for the sweet cumload and mouth fuckin and we might do it again sometime.
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3 years ago
wonderful story! perfectly describes the submissive thrill of unreciprocated cocksucking.