Hot Sunny Day

There on this sunny day we stop on a island with a sandy beach and there we let the moment overtake us. It started when we rode by this island and I asked to stop, he beached the boat and we waded to shore. I sat in the hot sand and he approach me, laying his lips upon me, kissing me passionately until my body told him to overtake me and that I was his. He started to caress my body and removed my bikini, the sand creped into my body`s creases as he began to lick me and rub my breast. I was there laying naked on this small lake island for all to see. He promised that I would enjoy and told me just to relax, I was worried that our oasis would be found. I laid back and let his tongue explorer my femininity, he just had his way and my body would not let him stop. He pinch my nipples and a shock wave move toward my moist and waiting orifice, he knew his was in control and was going reap the prize. He slid down his bathing suit and exposed his manhood, hard and ready to show me gratification. He guided himself into me softly and began to hit my spot of total enjoyment. I squeezed his butt as he drove himself deep into my wetness and I could feel him totally fulfill my cavity. The stimulation surpass us as we both drew closer to an orgasm. As I started to be consumed and thrash with delight I felt him exploded with an intenseness never felt before with him, he fulfilled me with warmth and my body flowed with him. I just let go and let it devour my senses. I nearly fell asl**p in the beating sun and awoke to the crisp cool water to wash the sand from me. We climbed back aboard and cruised away from our erotic island encounter
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2 years ago
3 years ago
Thats hot Could I take you to the beach myself
4 years ago
Nice. Short but nice.
I need to correct a typo I made in my message on your profile page.
I typed who should read how. OOPS. You distracted me!;)
Have a great day!